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After two days of treatment, I developed side effects to the Cipro muscle and joint pain. I was taken off the Cipro and was put on Augmentin twice a day for 21 days, which I began taking today.

My urologist advised me that if the Augmentin does not work, then there is not a whole lot he can do to improve my condition given that there are no other antibiotics that could be helpful. I just got a PSA done, and I am awaiting the results. Read More.

I went to the doctor and he gave me augmentin and it cleared up for the whole summer but returned the following september of I decided to leave it and see what happened as i'd had a testicular exam and my doctor couldn't see anything worrying.

About 4 months Behandlung von Prostatitis augmentin i went Behandlung von Prostatitis augmentin to the doc and he gave me another course of augmentin, this Behandlung von Prostatitis augmentin not clearing anything.

He then referred me to a urologist. I had Augmentin for complete two weeks and bingo the symptoms had gone, but 3 days later It slowly came back and ruined all my excitement of the victory. I guess I did not Behandlung von Prostatitis augmentin the Augmentin long enough, so after one week research I put myself on heavier regime.

I checked my testicles for any bumps to see what was causing the pain but nothing was there, but i checked on my penis and found that little pimple lookin figures were on the corona of my penis which really freaked me out!!

An ultrasound and urine analysis found nothing. But I was given cipro to take for 2 weeks. A urologist diagnosed me with prostatitis. He ran a seman culture and that also found nothing.

After giving me prostate massages and antibiotics augmentin for 10 days nothing helped and I want to another urologist who ran another urine test.

This time Behandlung von Prostatitis augmentin found enteroccocus and diptheroid bacilli. My boyfriend was prescribed 1 gram of Augmentin twice daily for 3 weeks for acute bacterial prostatitis. He hasn't actually received his urine test results yet though, so not sure what type of bacteria it actually is.

Is this an appropriate treatment? I did this a couple of days later and was prescribed mgs x 2 daily but stopped on the second day because of worrying right thigh and achilles tendon pain.

I then asked my gp for a script for augmentin after doing my own research thinking that all of this discomfort could be from eipidymitis. I am on my now on my Behandlung von Prostatitis augmentin day of taking augmentin and it does feel as though the discomfort behind the right testie is much less after urinating but the pelvic and thigh discomfort is still present.

If the prostatitis Behandlung von Prostatitis augmentin caused by gonorrhea or chlamydia, there is certainly a risk of transmission.

A culture of the urine or prostatic fluid can be considered to determine if there is any bacterial resistance to the antibiotics. A transrectal ultrasound can be done to image the prostate for abscess. Doctors About 2 weeks ago I completed a Behandlung von Prostatitis augmentin week course Cipro followed by a 2 week course of doxy followed by a 2 week course of augmentin for treatment of suspected prostatitis.

Symptoms were pelvic ache, testical ache, microscopic hematuria. I have had these recurrent symptoms every months for the past 4 or so years. I had this crap for 10 years. I was given augmentin but the pain still came back. I was gonna give up. So i am really confused of what can be this that i am having if i tested negative for all stds.

In the time since the exposure, oral and very brief anal, I have been on Augmentin for 10 days, Cipro for 10 days, and Biaxin for 21 days My question is basic I know the persons who I engaged in this activity with, According to him he never came down with anything. Then, 2 days after the occurance Monday I had sex with my girlfriend, then started feeling paranoid that could have something from the unprotected incident I am a person with anxiety as it is, so I started squeezing my penis head trying to see Behandlung von Prostatitis augmentin there was any discharge, which there was not.

I kept on squeezing all the time. Is taking Augmentin for 5 weeks likely to cause other problems? Is it safe to have intercourse? I mean, can this enterococci be passed to my wife and then ping pong? Can you give me an idea of where this enterococci bacteria could have come from?

What are the chances of this Enterococci recurring? Couldn't perform culture because Behandlung von Prostatitis augmentin already started to take augmentin last night. Behandlung von Prostatitis augmentin didn't think I have prostatitis because she think I'm too young for to have that!.

She rather is sure that I do have UTI. Do think doxycycline is the best anti-biotic in my case? I still think that I've prostatitis and would prefer if she prescribed septra as it can cure both UTI and prostititis. Your inputs will be appreciated. I recently had a UTI with prostatitis that took 4 weeks of Cipro plus 3 more weeks of Augmentin and Septra to get rid of it.

Due to an elevated PSA, blood in urine and a palpable Behandlung von Prostatitis augmentin on a lobe of my prostate, I got the complete work up with the 12 biopsies, CAT scan, and cystoscopy.

Apparently all my symptoms were caused by the infection because no cancer was found and all symptoms have since abated. Hello Doctors. First, I wanted to thank you so much for all your help thus far. Handsfield's reassurance has been tremendously helpful in keeping calm.

It's been almost 2 months since my first protected sex exposure and I am still having pain in urination on a scale of 1 to Behandlung von Prostatitis augmentin, I would say the pain is about 2 or 3 and pain in left testicle and perhaps epididymis that has recently gone up Behandlung von Prostatitis augmentin a level 4 or 5 on the pain scale.

I had trouble sleeping last night because of the pain. He said it is likely a stricture or a stone is trying to pass, but i freak out a lot and am worried it could be something else? He wants me to come in and do a cystoscopy next week.

Like i said i got a rocephin yesterday, on top of continuing the doxy will continue for a week and then the full z pak earlier in the week, and augmentin. Like i said i got a rocephin shot Friday, on top Behandlung von Prostatitis augmentin continuing the doxy will continue for a week and then the full z pak earlier in the week, and augmentin.

My question is, after all those antibiotics, especially the rocephin shot yesterday on top of everything else, even if there was an infection it should clear i would think? According to him he never contracted any disease or symptoms from her before and he has been with her since the summer. When I received the oral I was taking augmentin mg for a ear ache. After the oral I started getting paranoid since I am seeing someone and said this was a bad thing to do. Within 3 days or so I started pulling and squeezing my penis head to see if any discharge was coming out since I was feeling tingling on the tip of my penis.

I'm trying arginine but it's still terribly numb I'm a little diabetic, sugars go up to and I had shooting pain all over the pelvis for a month that wasn't cured on cipro, amoxicillin, duricef, amoxicilin. I have a few problems, and I am sorry for typing so much.

I have been to my general doctor Behandlung von Prostatitis augmentin and to a urologist 3 times. I am fairly scared and a bit desperate for information. Brief history: I have been with a girl for almost 6 months, and I really love her. At times we would have sex about 2 or 3 times a day. Her vagina is very tight and she does not get as wet as other women I have been with. Also, about 2 months ago we went camping and both developed symptoms of a UTI.

Two days later I was treated for a sinus infection and was prescribed mg augmentin 2x day for 7 days. Exactly 5 days after the exposure I noted some mild burning and pain at the tip of my penis. I have a history of prostatitis and I believe that's what this was perineum pain, mild tip of penis pain. No pain on urination and no discharge. The symptoms resolved after about 10 days. First of all my Behandlung von Prostatitis augmentin for your work.