Metaplasie der Prostata

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Prostata-Entzündung und Infektion bei Frauen

Use the link below to share a full-text version of this article with your friends and colleagues. Learn more. In two groups of fattened calves the urines were chemically examined for oestrogenic hormones and the prostates were studied histologically. One group consisted of calves which had positively not been given oestrogenic hormones. Another group consisted of calves for which no reliable data were available.

In every case in Metaplasie der Prostata it was established that oestrogens had not been administered, chemical analysis of the urine was negative for oestrogens and the prostate was histologically normal. This was also the case with a large number of animals in group two. Oestrogenic hormones were identified in the urine in a small number of animals of this group and marked metaplasia of normal epithelium was observed in the prostate. Chemical analysis of the urine was negative for oestrogens in the other animals, although metaplasia of the prostatic epithelium was observed.

Metaplasie der Prostata were assumed to be animals to which oestrogenic hormones had been administered but in which oestrogens were no longer identifiable in the urine at Metaplasie der Prostata time of slaughter.

The method of histological investigation described can be carried out rapidly and can be used in the slaughterhouse laboratory. In addition, any administration of oestrogenic hormones during the fattening period will be histologically identifiable at slaughter regardless of the fact whether or not oestrogens are still present in the urine.

Metaplasie der Prostata 2 Gruppen Mastkälbern wurde der Urin chemisch auf die Anwesenheit östrogener Stoffe untersucht, während u. Eine zweite Gruppe bestand aus Kälbern, von denen keine zuverlässigen Daten bekannt waren.

Metaplasie der Prostata einer geringen Anzahl von Tieren dieser Gruppe Metaplasie der Prostata östrogene Hormone im Urin nachgewiesen, während in der Prostata eine deutliche Metaplasie des normalen Epithelgewebes gefunden wurde. Bei den übrigen Tieren verlief die chemische Urinuntersuchung negativ, während trotzdem Metaplasie der Prostata des Prostatepithelgewebes wahrgenommen wurde.

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