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We are already seeing the crucial role of digital-based learning programmes which offer distinct advantages in a region as far-reaching and diverse Vaporisation der Prostata St. Petersburg Europe. New training systems need to be continually developed, updated or be made responsive to the technologies of today or in the future. This is a constant challenge for educators and mentors and in surgery, skills refinement and training certainly have a crucial role in reducing morbidity and complication rates.

The initial six laparoscopic training stations were gradually expanded to 15, and seven more endoscopic training stations were eventually added, three for TUR, and four stations for URS. Q: What are your goals for the European School of Urology? Nijmegen, The Netherlands. The e-BLUS programme and exams, which systematically assess the laparoscopic skills of trainee surgeons, are now being offered and introduced in several countries.

Q: What is your role in the ESU board? Q: In a high-pressure career as a specialised surgeon and educator, how do you find time for family and recreational activities? One needs to re-charge every now and then after a week or days of constant work.

I am happily married and the proud father of a six-year-old girl. In my free time I enjoy my Vaporisation der Prostata St. Petersburg bike and recreative shooting. Vaporisation der Prostata St. Petersburg emerging trends, onco-urology issues such as prostate, kidney and bladder malignancies will be Fulfilling its core goals, the 31st Annual EAU Vaporisation der Prostata St. Petersburg examined. Session during Plenary Session 4 on Tuesday which The SCO Vaporisation der Prostata St.

Petersburg tasked to organise a complex agenda of four will provide an incisive overview of the challenges Plenary Sessions, 19 Thematic Sessions and around 91 ahead and Vaporisation der Prostata St.

Petersburg directions in the next three years. Poster sessions which present 1, abstracts. Aside from the Plenary and Thematic Sessions, participants can look forward to a dynamic meeting of Complementing the compact programme are the various urological specialists from around Vaporisation der Prostata St. Petersburg world, specialised meetings of the EAU Section Office with representing 12 international and regional groups, eight meetings organised by the various Section during the Urology Beyond Europe sessions to be Offices, ranging from paediatric, reconstructive, held on the opening day, 11 March.

Running concurrently on the same day is the 6th International transplant to andrology, to name a few. In a span of almost five days, the range of issues up for discussion is extensive, requiring participants to. Aside from taking into account the demands and needs of modern medicine and contemporary urology, Stenzl noted that insights and knowledge to be gained by congress participants from the annual event will prepare them for future developments. Re-evaluating and restructuring our Assocation Changes in the EAU structure to reflect new policies for the future Prof.

Following on from a Vaporisation der Prostata St. Petersburg session held over a year ago, the Executive has set in motion a Vaporisation der Prostata St. Petersburg of changes which are aimed to provide the best service to members and, consequently, to our patients.

This article reviews Vaporisation der Prostata St. Petersburg changes that we have made, which reflect our altered policies relating to our activities.

The Strategy Planning Office has been extremely successfully run by Prof. Didier Jacqmin and his colleagues, Drs. Buntrock, H. Hashim, and Prof. Malavaud and Ass. The subject D. Jacqmin of strategy planning is inextricably linked with other EAU activities and with this in mind, and after extensive discussion, we do not feel that a separate office dealing with this is the most effective way of progressing our aims.

This will give the opportunity for more EAU members, involved in the various offices, to directly contribute to our strategy planning activities via the EAU Board and Executive, and the discussions we Vaporisation der Prostata St.

Petersburg there and, subsequently, at the board meetings of the various offices. As you know, the EAU is going from strength to strength, thanks to all of the hard work and support of the membership. In particular I would like to thank the members of all of the various offices for all that they have done and are continuing to do.

I would strongly encourage members to review our website to access the benefits that are available to them and to get more involved in EAU activities. Those that are already involved will then inevitably, based on their level and degree of involvement, be in a strong position to become more involved in our activities. Gains and strategies Prof. Dirk Schultheiss has led another office which has made an enormous contribution to the EAU, namely the History Office.

As the membership will know, this has been an extremely productive office, which over the last. The International Relations Office will also cease to exist. I was involved in chairing this office before my appointment to the Executive 18 months ago, Vaporisation der Prostata St.

Petersburg Prof. In this context, the Executive and Board will be taking a more active role in discussing this with advice from a number of EAU members who will be co-opted on to an advisory board. I would also like to acknowledge the enormous work and support that has been provided by other members of the association who are now finishing their term as chairmen of offices.

Luis MartinezPineiro has made an enormous contribution as. Chairman of the Section Office and without doubt will continue to advise the association in the future. Martinez-Pineiro has a number of other key roles which he wants to devote more time to, and I would like to formally acknowledge his hard L. Martinezwork and contributions. Prior to Pineiro leading the Section Office, he had a pivotal role in establishing the Residents Office when he served as chairman.

Following the initial publication of Vaporisation der Prostata St. Petersburg Historia Urologia Europaeae there have been a number of monographs that have been produced by the office, including the latest monograph which will be released at the Annual EAU Congress in Munich. This office has been very important in cataloguing and promoting the historical basis for urology within Europe.

Schultheiss has served for 12 years and will continue to have an active role in the History Office. We are committed to supporting the highest standard of clinical and research practice in urology and are committed to increasing and strengthening our links with national associations in Europe and worldwide.

A major emphasis of our activities is within continental Europe. The Regional Office was founded many years ago by Prof. Michael Marberger, and his successor Prof. Bob Djavan as Chairman of this office has done an excellent job in further developing Vaporisation der Prostata St. Petersburg activities with the established regional boards. The activities of the Regional Office, as set out nearly two decades ago, have proved to be very successful and we want Vaporisation der Prostata St.

Petersburg further develop these activities in direct association with the regional national societies. There is clearly no single model which fits all needs. The situation as it existed 15 years ago, is clearly not the situation either politically, economically or academically, as today. With this in mind, the Regional Office RO activities will be restructured. Djavan has done an excellent job and will support this process. The RO, with its current structure will be dissolved in Munich.

I and the Executive members will seek advice B. Djavan and guidance from the various national societies involved as to how we can work more closely and effectively with their organisations.

Cornford, Liverpool GB Prof. Hakenberg, Rostock DE Prof. Meria, Paris FR Dr. Ploussard, Toulouse FR Prof. Rassweiler, Heilbronn DE Prof. Reich, Munich DE Dr.

Sanguedolce, London GB Dr. Keizer, Arnhem NL H. Lurvink, Arnhem NL J. Whilst the RO meetings have proved to be very successful, the penetration they have to all of the members of the societies, particularly junior members, tends to be limited by the regional location of the meeting, and in the current structure significant costs are incurred.

There are suggestions Vaporisation der Prostata St. Petersburg offer specific schemes that are tailored to a cluster of countries to provide the same level of commitment that the EAU has done in the past, and the existing annual regional meetings CEM and SEEM may serve a role in further developing these ideas.

We are aiming, by using the same resources, to try to increase the penetration of the EAU activities to the members of the societies without in any way acting to the detriment of our ongoing activities or Vaporisation der Prostata St.

Petersburg reduce our commitment to Vaporisation der Prostata St. Petersburg urological societies within Europe. I would urge members of the Executives of these associations to provide feedback to me with regards the way they feel matters should develop.

I look forward to discussing this with them at the Regional Office Executive board meetings in Munich and at the National Societies Vaporisation der Prostata St. Petersburg in Noordwijk. In relation to our European and international activities, we are also strengthening our involvement at the European Commission level with a number of initiatives underway in Brussels, and relating to both oncological and non-oncological practices, legislative issues, and development of research and practice development proposals.

If you have any Vaporisation der Prostata St. Petersburg or suggestions relating to this, I would be most grateful if you could either contact me or Michelle Battye m. The comments of the reviewers Vaporisation der Prostata St. Petersburg their own and not necessarily endorsed by the EAU or the Editorial Board. The EAU does not accept liability for the consequences of inaccurate statements or data. Despite of utmost care the EAU and their Communication Office cannot accept responsibility for errors or omissions.

I welcome our new chairmen, namely Prof. Jens Rassweiler who is the new chair of the Section Office and Prof. Phillip Van Kerrebroeck who will lead the History Office. It is their strong commitment and all of the other members which make our association what it is today.

I acknowledge the hard work and support that has been provided to the activities of the Strategy Planning Office by Prof. Didier Jacqmin, the History Office by Prof. Dirk Schultheiss, the Section Office by Prof.

Bob Djavan who will be leaving their positions as chairs in Munich. Some products or part numbers may not be available in all markets. Contact Vaporisation der Prostata St.

Petersburg local Cook representative or Customer Service for details. I very much look forward to meeting up with you, along with my colleagues on the Executive and Board in Munich. I know we can count on your strong support for future EAU activities. With best wishes and kind regards, Chris. The number of patients needed to treat to prevent one recurrence was 8. In their guidelines, the American Urological Association also supported the use of an immediate postoperative instillation in patients with small volume, low grade pTa tumors3.

After the original publication of these guidelines, several additional RCTs assessing the efficacy of an immediate instillation were carried out, some of which questioned its efficacy, especially in intermediate risk patients4. One review even called for an immediate instillation to be abandoned5.

In order to take into account these additional RCTs, two new literature based meta-analyses were undertaken, however they could not adequately answer the question of which patients benefited from The Guidelines Office Vaporisation der Prostata St. Petersburg is pleased to announce that an immediate instillation of chemotherapy after it will facilitate two European School of Urology TURBT