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Title : Clinical gyncology, medical and surgical. Year : s. Authors BPH Chirurgie Fotos Keating, John M. John MarieCoe, Henry Clark, Subjects : Women Gynecology. Publisher : Philadelphia, Lippincott. View Book Page : Book Viewer.

About This Book BPH Chirurgie Fotos Catalog Entry. Click here to view book online to see this illustration in context in BPH Chirurgie Fotos browseable online version of this book. BPH Chirurgie Fotos pseudohermaphroditism : periueo-scrotal hypospadias. This is well BPH Chirurgie Fotos in the ease BPH Chirurgie Fotos Carl Lohmann,and, negatively, in the case reported by Bonnet and Petit, of a man withpseudo-scrotal hypospadias, who was educated and clothed as a girl, butwho had nothing feminine in his appearance except his long hair and hisdresses.

He was in the habit of copulating with his female companions. Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability - coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.

Title : Surgery, its principles and practice. Authors : Keen, William W. William Williamsb. Chalmers John Chalmers BPH Chirurgie Fotos,joint ed. Subjects : Surgery General Surgery. Publisher BPH Chirurgie Fotos Philadelphia and London : W. Contributing Library : Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine. BPH Chirurgie Fotos flaps arewell retracted, and the corpus spongiosum, containing the urethra, isdissected from its bed between the corpora cavernosa.

It now remains to establish a groove on the under surface of the glans,or a tunnel may be made through that structure for the reception of thedislocated urethra.

This may be effected by pushing either a trocar or anarrow straight bistoury through the structure of the glans in the direc-tion of the natural channel, dilating BPH Chirurgie Fotos canal thus constructed by meansof forceps.

Or a lateral incision may be made along the edges of theurethral groove, on the under surface of the glans, forming two flaps;the resulting cleft should be sufficiently deep and commodious to ac-commodate the transplanted portion of the urethra. Finally, the edge. A, Lines of incision; B, tunneling for the urethra. The flaps forming the glans are united around the urethra,and the lateral skin-flaps are likewise approximated.

It is well to leavea catheter a demeure in place for a few days. Various modifications of the technic for restoring the penile urethrahave been suggested from time to time. Probably one of the mostsatisfactory methods is that BPH Chirurgie Fotos by Thiersch, and originally em-ployed by him for the relief of epispadias. Before attempting to restore the urethr. Title : Plastic surgery; its principles and practice.

Authors : Davis, John Staige, Subjects : Surgery, Plastic. Publisher BPH Chirurgie Fotos Philadelphia, P. BPH Chirurgie Fotos Library : Columbia University Libraries. Digitizing Sponsor : Open Knowledge Commons. The scrotal defect is shown partially closed. All thesutures are placed before any are tied, small rubber tubes extending thelength of the opposed flaps are inserted on both front and back, and thesutures are tied over them. Through the channel thus formed Bucknallthen passes a small rubber catheter into the bladder through the newlyformed urethra to drain oft the urine.

The stitches areremoved after fourteen days Figs. Second Stage. The penis and newly formed urethra aredissected from the scrotum leaving lateral flaps of scrotal tissue on eachside sufliciently long to cover the raw surface of the penis when they.

Through a short trans-verse incision, just above the abnormal urethral opening, a tunnel is burrowed beneath theskin and through the glans. A pedunculated flap of sufficient length, with its baseat the urethral opening, is raised from the midline of the scrotum, and is sutured, skinsurface inward around a BPH Chirurgie Fotos catheter, a portion of which is inserted in the urethra.

The catheter with the flap attached is then drawn through the tunnel previously made,and the end of the flap is sutured to the new meatus. The catheter may either be left for24 hours, to support the newly formed urethra, or may be removed at once. It is safer todrain the bladder through an external urethrotomy wound with a permanent catheter,than to have the BPH Chirurgie Fotos flow along the new channel, until healing is complete. The flaps and the scrotal defects are closedvriih sutures in the midline.

Bucknall reports good results in three cases. Althoughthis has been the only point in the procedure BPH Chirurgie Fotos which I have experiencedsome feeling of uncertainty, healing has been quite satisfactory in thispart in both my cases. The entire length of the new urethra has now been marked out. All is now readyfor the suturing. The new urethra and the skin of the penis are nowbrought together throughout by a series of sutures.

Each sutureincludes four layers of skin, the needle passing in order through outerskin and urethral skin of one side, then through the urethral skin andouter skin of the other. BPH Chirurgie Fotos need not dwell on the necessity for extremedelicacy and accuracy in the performance of this final step of the opera. Patient 24 years old. The testicles are apparently normal. The scrotum is bifid and the penis which is markedly curved forward, is considerably smallerthan normal.

The perineal por-tion, where the surface is broad, scarcely needs any suturing; the suturesthere will, of course, just miss the mucous membrane. The objection to this operation is that hair will probably grow onthe scrotal skin which is used to form the lower half of the urethra. Itis somewhat difhcult to understand the application of the flaps, butonce understood, it is in my opinion the best met.

Title : Atlas and epitome of gynecology. Authors : Schaeffer, Oskar. Subjects : Women. Publisher : Philadelphia, W. Contributing Library : The Library of Congress. Digitizing Sponsor : The Library of Congress. The following BPH Chirurgie Fotos are of clinical importance BPH Chirurgie Fotos i i. Absence of the uterine appendages. Absence of the uterus. Absence of the entire genital tract, with or with-out— 4. Uterus unicornis : i.

Atresias—which may be cord-like or diaphragmatic—in the cervix corresponding to the internal or externalos ; in the vagina, hymen, or vulva. Congenital rectovaginal or recto vulvar fistulas atre-sia ani vaginalis BPH Chirurgie Fotos hymenalis, cloaca vaginalis, or fistularectovestibularis. Feminine epispadias and hypospadias. Total absence of the uterus and its ap-pendages is very rare, and usually is first discovered atpuberty.

Solid bundles of muscle-fibers BPH Chirurgie Fotos up from. Absenceof the uterus original drawing, from a preparation in the MunichFrauenklinik. The vulva is well BPH Chirurgie Fotos, as a rule, themost striking external defects being a stunted clitoris, ab-sence of the pubic hair, and smallness of the breasts. The ovaries, on the contrary, are BPH Chirurgie Fotos or but par-tially developed. The Fallopian tubes are patulous onlyin their ampullae.

Gym, 37, 2. One portion of the fetal rudiments hadformed this blind pouch, without any attempt at differen-tiation of a cervix. See Fig. Title : Hermaphroditismus beim Menschen. Authors : Neugebauer, Franz Ludwig von, Subjects : Hermaphroditism Medicine. Publisher : Leipzig : Dr. Werner Klinkhardt. January - - siehe Referat: Virchow und Hirsch. Individuum in Port-Glasgow geboren, galt bis zum Jahreals Mädchen, zog sich dann männlich an und arbeitete als Knecht auf dem Lande.

Hypospadiasis peniscrotalis, rechter Hode in einer Schamlefze, linker im Leisten-kanale. Erreur de sexe. Nouveau Montpellier med.

Grashuis, C: De infante hermaphrodito dicto efc Ada Natur. II an.