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Read on and find out what sets EAU19 apart this year! Record-breaking numbers The number of submitted abstracts for EAU19 and the acceptance rate surpassed those of previous congresses.

The congress will deliver contemporary technologies and updates for diverse procedures. It will showcase the surgical approaches and strategies of highlyexperienced surgeons and how they tackle conventional BPH Chirurgie in Rostov-on-Don complex cases.

The session will commence with updates on the status, recovery and possible complications of patients who were treated during the live surgeries at EAU18 in Copenhagen last year. The top endourology. The session will also focus on imaging five topics with the highest acceptance rates for EAU19 BPH Chirurgie in Rostov-on-Don, as well as new instruments and include BPH Chirurgie in Rostov-on-Don Urology; Prostate Cancer Basic devices that improve ergonomic design during the research: Novel therapies ; Infectious BPH Chirurgie in Rostov-on-Don New laparoscopic and robot-assisted cases.

In addition, Experimental Technologies and Techniques; and the latest digital advancements for flexible endoscopy Geriatric Urology. Similar to the concept of a endoscopic combined intrarenal surgery; percutaneous guided museum tour, members of the Scientific nephrolithotripsy; flexible single-use ureteroscopic Congress Office SCO and other internationallylithotripsy; and robot-assisted radical prostatectomy known experts will lead and inform delegates.

The with nerve-sparing to name a few. Andreas Johannes. ESU Course Metabolic workup and non-surgical management of urinary stone disease 16 March, will address the common findings on dietary and metabolic workup.

The course will highlight treatment options medical and non-medical for metabolic abnormalities to prevent BPH Chirurgie in Rostov-on-Don recurrence. Industry sessions EAU19 will also feature 17 Industry Sessions supported by leading organisations and manufacturers in the European healthcare sphere.

These sessions will comprise of topics such as real-time solutions and best drugs for overactive bladder; new alternatives to treat urinary tract infections; individualised care; management of non-metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer and many more. These sessions take place throughout the congress days so keep an eye on the scientific programme for those BPH Chirurgie in Rostov-on-Don presentations and demonstrations.

A full plenary session at EAU18 in Copenhagen. We expect to welcome even more visitors in Barcelona this year. BPH Chirurgie in Rostov-on-Don DE and Assoc. The Specialty Session will take place on 17 March from to The first and second rounds are held online and consist of multiple-choice questions.

The top three participants from the second round will receive a free registration to EAU The audience can also participate by competing anonymously using voting pads. The third-place winner and the audience member with the highest score will receive a full one-year access to over 60, items of quality scientific content via UROsource. The prize for second place is the fourvolume set of Campbell-Walsh Urology 11th edition with easy online access to video clips included.

Young urologists can also show off their skills during the ultimate endoscopic test, the UROlympics. The competition will determine which participants are the most dextrous on endoscopic stations. Starting BPH Chirurgie in Rostov-on-Don 16 March, they will have the opportunity to set their score during endoscopic tasks provided. At the end of the day, the fastest contender will be proclaimed the most skilled. The top three qualifiers will compete for first place.

Aside from BPH Chirurgie in Rostov-on-Don coveted UROlympics titles, the winners will receive educational funds which can be used for EAU events e. A visit to BPH Chirurgie in Rostov-on-Don would never be complete BPH Chirurgie in Rostov-on-Don seeing this iconic architectural wonder.

With BPH Chirurgie in Rostov-on-Don year history, this World Heritage site is the largest Art Nouveau complex in the world with its 27 buildings interconnected by underground tunnels. Perhaps Barcelona as host city of EAU19 BPH Chirurgie in Rostov-on-Don more than an active, well-thought-of choice the second time around, possibly serendipitous.

Join us in Barcelona and explore the Scientific Programme at www. European Urology Today. The investigators randomised 1, patients with stones of 10 mm or less to receive either 0. By all accounts, this was an impressively negative trial. The investigators randomized patients with stones of 10 mm or less located in BPH Chirurgie in Rostov-on-Don distal ureter to either MET with 0. Like in the previous study, the investigators found no statistical difference in the number of patients who experienced stone passage at 28 days.

In conclusion, the results of the present study need to be placed in the context of the entire body of evidence from other well-designed, placebo-controlled trials.

The study also makes an important contribution to the debate as to whether we should place our trust in MET in the treatment of ureteral stones. Treatment of symptomatic ureteral stones still represents the most common condition in daily urological practice.

Most of the small stones will pass spontaneously. Two main factors, the stone size and location, could influence the stone passage. Medical expulsive therapy MET is aimed at promoting spontaneous passage of ureteral stones and reducing the stone expulsion time after lithotripsy. Cornford, Liverpool GB Prof.

Hakenberg, Rostock DE Prof. Meria, Paris BPH Chirurgie in Rostov-on-Don Dr. Ploussard, Toulouse FR Prof. Rassweiler, Heilbronn DE Prof. Reich, Munich DE Dr. Sanguedolce, Barcelona ES Dr.

Keizer, Arnhem NL H. The comments of the reviewers are their own and not necessarily endorsed by the EAU or the Editorial Board. The EAU does not accept liability for the consequences of inaccurate statements or data. Despite of utmost care the EAU and their Communication Office cannot accept responsibility for errors or omissions.

Urolithiasis in the Emergency Department trial in Prevalence of kidney stones in China: an ultrasonography which investigators randomly assigned emergency based cross-sectional study. BJU Int The investigators failed to 2. Medical expulsive therapy for ureteric stones: Analysing the evidence from systematic reviews respect to time to stone passage, return to work time, analgesic use, hospitalisation, need for surgery, or and meta-analysis of powered double-blinded randomised controlled trials.

Arab J Urol ;— A plethora of research in this field supports the clinical use of MET for ureteral stones management with increasing stone passage, shortening time to passage and alleviating pain3. BPH Chirurgie in Rostov-on-Don, the last bit of evidence comes from a study presented at the 33rd Annual Congress of the EAU and is not yet available in manuscript. The study collected data from 4, patients admitted with acute ureteric colic. The results showed that in patients with acute ureteric colic who are suitable for initial conservative management, MET use has no benefit in spontaneous stone passage, regardless of stone size BPH Chirurgie in Rostov-on-Don stone position and should not be routinely prescribed.

Any benefit from tamsulosin for urolithiasis is small and fleeting. Benefits for larger stones In contrast to the above findings, however, a multicentre randomised controlled trial conducted from China revealed that BPH Chirurgie in Rostov-on-Don use benefits distal ureteral stones in facilitating stone passage and relieving renal colic8.

Based on the results of a high-quality compared to placebo. Usefulness MET However, despite the multitude of published studies, the debate remains about the usefulness of MET for conservative management of ureteral stones, as most of the research is riddled with bias and confounding factors.

Alpha blockers for treatment of ureteric stones: systematic review and meta-analysis. BMJ ;i Silodosin versus tamsulosin for medical expulsive treatment of ureteral stones: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Medical expulsive therapy in adults with ureteric colic: a multicentre, randomised, placebo-controlled trial.

The Lancet ;—9. Ann Emerg Med ;— Eur Urol The results of the study have been published in European Urology in The study is the largest to date and has randomised 3, patients. Of equal importance are the methodological safeguards BPH Chirurgie in Rostov-on-Don bias that the investigators put in place, including concealed random allocation stratified by BPH Chirurgie in Rostov-on-Don size, low rates of attrition, blinding of patients and outcome assessors, and an intention-to-treat analysis.

In the present study. Conclusion In summary, the variety in the design of various trials may explain the discrepancies found. On the one hand, given the low-risk profile of these drugs, urologists may still consider MET in selected stone patients. On the other hand, urologists have BPH Chirurgie in Rostov-on-Don balance this judgment with the knowledge that several well-designed trials have shown no benefit, and that meta-analysis may be exaggerating the treatment effect.

Wirth Editor-in-Chief. EAU Setting the BPH Chirurgie in Rostov-on-Don for urology in Poster viewing will take place from These sessions will see pro and con presentations on areas within the EAU Guidelines which have highly conflicting evidence. The Cup will consist of three rounds.

The first and second rounds will take place online based on multiple-choice questions. Dimitrios Deligiannis of Greece — can you beat him? In addition to this exciting programme of events, the Guidelines Office will also have a presence at the EAU19 exhibition.

We would encourage everybody to please stop by the EAU Publications booth and meet our dedicated Guidelines Office staff, who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the many activities of the Guidelines Office. The MET landmark study. Review Workshop at the end of November The intensive two-day event saw established Guidelines Panel members, experienced associates and newer recruits participate in a packed programme of events, which featured presentations from the faculty in the morning and practical sessions in the afternoon.

The training covered topics such as the development of a search strategy, abstract and full text screening, data abstraction, and data analysis and interpretation. The Guidelines Office Chairman, Prof. The training workshop was coordinated by the Guidelines Office Methods Committee.