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What is benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and how is it treated?

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Enlarged prostate surgery unfortunately has real risks BPH Chirurgie Tscheboksary side effects that are often downplayed or minimized by urologists making you the guinea pig with very possible impotence and incontinence as a result. Furthermore, you will often have to repeat the operation later on as your prostate continues to grow because BPH Chirurgie Tscheboksary real causes of this prostate disease have not been addressed by radical surgeries.

The surgery consists of passing a flexible instrument up your penis and into the prostate gland to shave off pieces of the prostate. The bloody pieces are removed allowing BPH Chirurgie Tscheboksary space for the urethra tube to pass urine from your bladder. The operation is done under anesthesia You will have to wear a catheter for some time while you heal, and then it can be removed.

If you are very lucky you may well have an improved urinary function and few side effects after enlarged prostate surgery. Unfortunately, that is not the case overall.

If BPH Chirurgie Tscheboksary think that BPH operations are harmless, think again. In my experience, side effects are not fully explained and are minimized. Because doctors:. If they do know of alternative options, they could risk losing their medical license by offering those alternative treatments.

With TURP, an instrument called a resectoscope is inserted through the penis to remove the excess tissue. It is less traumatic than open forms of surgery. Other risks: impotence, incontinence, blood loss, and urinary tract infection. This procedure is now available using lasers. This BPH surgery procedure is open surgery BPH Chirurgie Tscheboksary while the patient is under general anesthesia.

This BPH Chirurgie Tscheboksary should not be confused with a radical prostatectomy, in which the entire prostate gland is removed for men with prostate cancer. Read these industry-funded sites that explain all the different procedures in greater depth. All of these procedures have serious potential side effects that can impact your life as much as or more than your existing BPH Chirurgie Tscheboksary.

Doctors downplay the side effects of enlarged prostate BPH Chirurgie Tscheboksary, as they have a vested interest in the procedures AND are not informed about any alternative methods. Do not be BPH Chirurgie Tscheboksary if your doctor dismisses alternative BPH Chirurgie Tscheboksary as useless. Conclusion: get castrated Too bad there are other side effects like no more sex.

Doctors can now remove parts of the prostate during nonsurgical day procedures, which means no overnight stay, in a clinic or hospital. Thin tubes are inserted through the urethra to deliver controlled heat to small areas of the prostate. A gel may be applied to the urethra to prevent pain or discomfort. Several transurethral procedures sticking a catheter instrument up your penis are available for BPH:.

These procedures will often be highly advertised and promoted especially in the U. This non-surgical procedure is the safest bet with limited risk and often very positive benefits.

Read BPH Chirurgie Tscheboksary here: Prostatic Artery Embolization. If your symptoms are manageable, you may choose to live with them rather than take pills every day or have enlarged prostate surgery.

With watchful waiting, you can be ready to choose a treatment as soon as you need it. My take on what to do about enlarged prostate surgery The risks: time, as it does not change fast but you can quickly stop your extreme symptoms by stopping the things that trigger a prostate attack.

Watchful waiting is often advised by urologists to see if your prostate symptoms improve so do not rush your enlarged prostate surgery.

The side effects are what kept me away. And my symptoms have declined dramatically by prolonging my waiting! Learn how to manage your symptoms and reduce them by Personal Testing all your food and supplement inputs. This is the place to post them because I get them immediately. I like to share them and the answers I provide so others can BPH Chirurgie Tscheboksary too. Your email is kept completely confidential.

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I had an enlarged prostate causing serious urinary frequency. After my surgery, my urine frequency is even worse. My … Going for 3rd plasma button in 5 years Flow seems good but told that I should have tissue taken out sooner rather than later. I have tried different things recommended to help to no avail.

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