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An agent that promotes recovery from injury or ailment; a medicine. See medicate ]. Switch to new thesaurus. Empfangsfrequenz Prostamol - a drug combination found in some over-the-counter headache remedies aspirin and phenacetin and caffeine. Atromid-Sclofibrate - a drug trade name Atromid-S that reduces lipids in the blood serum; Empfangsfrequenz Prostamol to treat some cardiovascular diseases.

An Empfangsfrequenz Prostamol used to restore health: cureelixirmedicationmedicinenostrumphysicremedy. A substance used in the treatment of disease: drugmedicationmedicinepharmaceutical.

Empfangsfrequenz Prostamol in? References in classic literature? He had heard Miss Ophelia speak often of a cough, that all her medicaments could not cure; and even now that fervent cheek and little hand were burning with hectic fever; and yet the thought that Eva's words suggested had never come to him till now. Empfangsfrequenz Prostamol in context. I had the prisoner taken from the rack and placed upon his bed, and medicaments applied to his hurts, and wine given him to drink.

And the conception wrought out Empfangsfrequenz Prostamol Bichat, with his detailed study of the different tissues, acted necessarily on medical questions as the turning of gas-light would act on a dim, oil-lit street, showing new connections and hitherto hidden facts of structure which must be taken into account in considering the symptoms of maladies and the action of medicaments.

But results which depend on human conscience and intelligence work slowly, and now at the end ofmost medical practice was still strutting or shambling along the old paths, and there was still scientific work to be done which might have seemed to be a direct sequence of Bichat's. Our worshipful friend Rappaccini, as I have heard, tinctures his medicaments with odors richer than those of Araby.

She was made to take pony-riding, or piano-exercise, or any other sort Empfangsfrequenz Prostamol bodily medicamentaccording as my Lady Southdown saw Empfangsfrequenz Prostamol and her ladyship would have kept her daughter in pinafores up to her present age of six-and-twenty, but that they were thrown off when Lady Jane was presented to Queen Charlotte. In those times, also, spermaceti was exceedingly scarce, not being used for light, but only Empfangsfrequenz Prostamol an ointment and medicament.

It was only to be had from the druggists as you nowadays buy an Empfangsfrequenz Prostamol of rhubarb. Depuis plusieurs mois, les penuries de medicaments sont de plus en plus frequentes. Penurie de produits pharmaceutiques:L'angoisse des patients et des professionnels de la sante. Elle a insiste sur son engagement a Empfangsfrequenz Prostamol a reduire les delais d'attribution des AMM a un an au lieu de trois ans pour permettre aux laboratoires de commercialiser leurs medicaments et promouvoir ainsi le taux Empfangsfrequenz Prostamol couverture et l'acces de tous aux medicaments.

Les AMM desormais octroyees dans des delais ne depassant pas un an. Doukkali a tenu a rassurer les citoyens sur la stabilite du marche national apres sa realimentation en quantites Empfangsfrequenz Prostamol et suffisantes de ce medicament ces derniers jours, notant que le marche a ete approvisionne jeudi d'environ mille nouvelles boites de ce medicamentsqui viennent Empfangsfrequenz Prostamol aux mille autres importees entre le 15 juillet et le 08 aout.

Une importante quantite de Empfangsfrequenz Prostamol contrefaits a ete saisie, lors d'une operation menee conjointement, vendredi, par la direction de la Pharmacie, du Medicament et des Laboratoires DPML et celle de la Police Empfangsfrequenz Prostamol stupefiants et des drogues DPSD dans la commune d'Abobo, au Nord du district autonome d'Abidjan. En faisant de la lutte contre les Empfangsfrequenz Prostamol medicaments son cheval de bataille, le gouvernement beninois envisage d'assurer la fiabilite du medicament en corrigeant les insuffisances du mecanisme actuellement deploye par la Centrale d'achat des medicaments essentiels et consommables medicaux CAMEprecise-t-on.

Vers la mise en place d'un systeme d'information pharmaceutique integre au Benin. Slovakia reported a higher consumption of Empfangsfrequenz Prostamol than reality. The fact that Slovakia has been reporting higher consumption than reality of medicaments for OECD statistics could have negatively impacted ordinary patients.

Experts: Due to faulty Empfangsfrequenz Prostamol, Slovaks have probably paid more for medicaments. Dictionary browser? Full browser?