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Rektale Zäpfchen mit Prostatakrebs

All iLive content is medically Medical Center vitaprost or fact checked to ensure as much factual accuracy as possible.

We have strict sourcing guidelines and only link to reputable media sites, academic research institutions and, whenever possible, medically peer reviewed studies. Note that the numbers in parentheses [1], [2], etc. If the course of adequate antibiotic therapy was unsuccessful, no other antibiotics should be prescribed. In this case, good results can be obtained if we start to carry out pathogenetic treatment of chronic Medical Center vitaprost.

If patients have obstructive symptoms clinical or confirmed by uroflowmetrythe appointment of a-adrenoblockers is indicated. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed with a pronounced inflammation, finasteride - with an increase in the prostate, pentosan polysulfate hemoclar with predominance of pain in the bladder and primary irrational impairment of urination.

Phytotherapy is also useful in a number of patients. In an extreme case, with persistent preservation of complaints, transurethral microwave thermotherapy is permissible. Surgical aids are shown only in the development of complications, such as stenosis of the neck of the bladder, stricture of the Medical Center vitaprost. Types of therapy for chronic prostatitis and chronic pelvic pain syndrome, with at least some evidence base or theoretical background 1PCN was developed in order of priority.

Patients on chronic prostatitis of category III B chronic pelvic pain Medical Center vitaprostaccording to Medical Center vitaprost NIH classification, or Medical Center vitaprost degenerative prostatitis prostatosisaccording to the classification given in this book, are extremely difficult to treat. The main goal of the treatment is the relief of symptoms, for which analgesics, a-adrenergic blockers, muscle relaxants, tricyclic antidepressants are used simultaneously or sequentially.

Classes with a psychotherapist, pelvic massage and other types of maintenance conservative therapy diet, lifestyle changes often alleviate the suffering of patients.

It should be considered promising herbal medicine, for example, the use of prostanorm, tadenana. The experience of using these drugs has shown their high effectiveness both in the complex therapy of patients for chronic prostatitis of infectious nature, and in the form of monotherapy with non-infectious prostatitis.

Each tadenan tablet contains 50 mg of African plum bark extract, which maintains the secretory activity of prostate cells, normalizes urination, regulates the sensitivity of the muscles of the bladder to different impulses, has anti-inflammatory, anti-sclerotic and decongesting action.

The efficacy of the drug in chronic prostatitis was evaluated based on observation of 26 patients with non-infectious chronic prostatitis. The main clinical manifestations pain in the perineum, above the womb, in the groin, in the scrotum, strangury, nocturia, pollakiuria, weakening of the urine stream, erectile dysfunction were taken into account on a three-point scale 0 - no sign, 1 - moderately expressed, 2 - strongly pronounced. Prior to treatment, pain syndrome, dysuria and sexual weakness showed, on average, with a strength of 1.

In laboratory studies of secretion of the prostate, leukocyte counts are important as a sign of inflammation and lecithin grains - as Medical Center vitaprost sign of the functional activity of the gland. The leukocytes were counted in the native preparation, based on the Medical Center vitaprost number of cells in the field of vision.

Lecithin grains were also taken into account on a three-point scale. When admitted to the hospital, the patients on average found At the end of treatment in the main group of patients, the number of leukocytes decreased almost 3-fold average Medical Center vitaprost maximum and average urinary flow rates also increased after a two-month course of tadenan intake.

All patients without exception had a decrease in IPSS scores on average from TRUZI initially recorded in all patients a violation of the echo structure of the prostate gland; repeated pictures were identical. However, both ultrasound and LDF confirmed the beneficial effect of tadenan on microcirculation in the Medical Center vitaprost, a decrease in stagnation sites was noted.

There was no negative effect of tadenan on the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the ejaculate, which allows us to confidently recommend it to patients of reproductive age. A certain niche in the pathogenetic treatment of patients with chronic prostatitis belongs to the pumpkin.

It contains the pumpkin seed oil, is available in the form of capsules, oils for oral administration and in the form of rectal suppositories. The active substance is a complex of biologically active substances from pumpkin seeds carotenoids, tocopherols, phospholipids, sterols, phosphatides, flavonoids, vitamins B1, B2, C, PP, saturated, unsaturated and polyunsaturated Medical Center vitaprost acids.

The drug has a pronounced antioxidant effect, inhibits LPO in biological membranes. The direct effect on Medical Center vitaprost structure of epithelial tissues ensures the normalization of differentiation and functions of the epithelium, reduces edema and improves microcirculation, stimulates metabolic processes in tissues, inhibits the proliferation of Medical Center vitaprost cells in adenoma of the prostate gland, reduces the severity of inflammation, and Medical Center vitaprost a bacteriostatic effect.

The drug has hepatoprotective, reparative, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, metabolic and anti-atherosclerotic effects. Hepatoprotective action is caused by membrane-stabilizing properties and is manifested in delaying damage to hepatocyte membranes and accelerating their recovery.

Normalizes metabolism, reduces inflammation, slows the development of connective tissue and accelerates the regeneration of the parenchyma of the damaged liver. Eliminates dysuric Medical Center vitaprost in prostatic hypertrophy, reduces pain syndrome in patients with prostatitis, increases potency, activates the body's immune systems.

Dosage and Medical Center vitaprost for prostate adenoma and chronic prostatitis: capsules 3 times per day or rectally 1 suppository times per day. Duration of treatment from 10 days to 3 months or short courses for days each month for 6 months.

Of particular practical interest is the prostate extract prostatilen - a peptide preparation Medical Center vitaprost by acid extraction from the prostate of animals. The drug refers to a new class of biological regulators - cytomedines. To Medical Center vitaprost same class of drugs is samprost - the active substance Medical Center vitaprost - a complex of water-soluble biologically active peptides isolated from the prostate gland in sexually mature bull-calves.

Vitaprost application in rectal suppositories allows to deliver the active pathogenetic substance directly to the diseased organ along the lymphatic pathways. It reduces puffiness of the Medical Center vitaprost gland and leukocyte infiltration of the interstitial tissue, in addition, it helps to reduce thrombus formation and has antiaggregatory activity.

Tkachuk et al. The authors concluded that the duration of treatment with vitaprost in this disease should be at least days, and not days, as was recommended earlier. With long-term treatment, not only Medical Center vitaprost, but also Medical Center vitaprost results are improved. The most pronounced effect of vitaprost is improvement of microcirculation in the prostate, which allows to reduce edema of the prostate, reduce the main clinical manifestations of the disease pain, urination disorders and improve the function of the prostate gland.

This is accompanied by an improvement in the biochemical properties of the ejaculate and increased motility of the spermatozoa. Vitaprost corrects pathological changes in the system of hemocoagulation and immunity. At present, there is a form of vitamin-plus-plus preparation containing mg of lomefloxacin along with mg of the main active ingredient.

Vitaprost-plus should be preferred in patients with an infectious prostatitis; rectal administration of Medical Center vitaprost antibiotic simultaneously with suppositories vitaprost allows to significantly increase its concentration in the lesion and thereby ensure a faster and complete death of the pathogen. In extremely rare cases, when the patient can not use suppositories irritable bowel syndrome, expressed hemorrhoids, postoperative conditions, etc. At present, the problem of hypovitaminosis has acquired a new meaning.

On the passed stages of evolution, people consumed a variety of food and received a lot of physical activity. Today, refined Medical Center vitaprost in combination with hypodynamia leads at times to serious metabolic disorders. Spirichev believes that the vitamin deficiency has the character of polyhypovitaminosis, is accompanied by a lack of trace elements and is observed not only in winter Medical Center vitaprost spring, but also in the summer-autumn period, i.

Is a constant factor. For the normal operation of the male reproductive system, among other things, zinc is absolutely essential, which in large quantities must be contained in the sperm and secretion of the prostate, and selenium is an important component of the antioxidant system. Zinc selectively Medical Center vitaprost in the prostate, this is a specific component of its secretion. It is believed that it is the spermatozoa - the storage of zinc, necessary for the normal flow of all phases of the fragmentation of a fertilized egg, until it is fixed in the uterine cavity.

The so-called zinc-peptide complex serves as an antibacterial factor in the prostate. With chronic prostatitis and prostate cancer, the concentration of zinc in the secretion of the prostate gland is Medical Center vitaprost. Accordingly, the use of zinc preparations leads to an increase in the concentration and mobility of spermatozoa, increases the effectiveness of treatment of patients with chronic prostatitis.

The role of selenium is more diverse. This Medical Center vitaprost is a component of the catalytic center of the main enzyme of the antioxidant system glutathione peroxidase Medical Center vitaprost, which ensures the inactivation of free forms of oxygen.

Selenium has a pronounced protective action against spermatozoa and ensures their mobility. Deficiency of selenium helps to damage cell membranes due to activation of LPO. Efremov et Medical Center vitaprost. The authors found the best clinical results in the group of patients taking Selzinc.

In addition, according to ultrasound, there Medical Center vitaprost an improvement in the state of the prostate and seminal vesicles, a decrease in their volume as a result of a decrease.

The severity of irritative symptoms and the improvement of the drainage function of the prostate gland, as Medical Center vitaprost as a reduction in the swelling of the gland and restoration of the drainage function of the seminal vesicles. Chronic prostatitis, especially of autoimmune origin, is accompanied by significant changes in the rheological properties of Medical Center vitaprost blood, so in the pathogenetic treatment of patients with chronic prostatitis, drugs that improve them are shown.

A study was conducted in three groups of patients. Patients of the first group received classical basic treatment, including antibacterial drugs, vitamin therapy, tissue therapy, prostate massage, physiotherapy. In the second group, drugs were additionally prescribed that improved the rheological properties of blood [dextran reopoliglyukinpentoxifylline trentaland escin escuzan ].

Patients of the Medical Center vitaprost group were treated with unconventional methods starvation, homeopathy, acupuncture, phytotherapy in combination with the baseline. In the analysis of clinical symptoms Medical Center vitaprost laboratory indicators, 43 patients of the first group found that before treatment dysuric phenomena occurred in 16 of them The pains were localized mainly in the lower abdomen and inguinal regions in 14 people In digital examination of the prostate, an increase in the size of the prostate was diagnosed in 33 patients Its consistency was basically dense-elastic 28 patients, Painfulness during palpation was noted by 24 people All patients underwent basic conservative treatment of chronic prostatitis: antibiotic therapy taking into account the Medical Center vitaprost of Medical Center vitaprost examination within days; non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamin therapy, tissue therapy; physiotherapy with Luch-4, prostate massage according to indications times, after 24 hours.

After days after the beginning of treatment, the following changes in clinical symptoms and laboratory indicators were noted: Medical Center vitaprost phenomena decreased by 1. The size of the gland normalized in 15 patients Pain during palpation decreased by times. In the analysis of the secretion of the prostate, the number of leukocytes decreased by 1. The study of hemorheology and hemostasis showed no significant improvement in blood rheology, and thrombinemia rates even increased.

The viscosity of blood after treatment remained significantly above normal, the viscosity of the plasma also did not change.

However, the rigidity of red blood cells, slightly Medical Center vitaprost, became unreliable above the control Medical Center vitaprost. Against the background of treatment the stimulated aggregation of red blood cells was normalized, and their spontaneous aggregation did not change reliably. The level of hematocrit remained high before and after treatment. Medical Center vitaprost change in hemostasis consisted of a slight increase in hypocoagulation along the internal way of coagulation against the background of treatment of patients for chronic prostatitis.

Prothrombin time and the amount of fibrinogen did not change and were within the normal range. The amount of RFMK significantly increased by 1. Medical Center vitaprost in the amount of antithrombin III and platelets were insignificant.

Thus, classical treatment, including antibacterial drugs, vitamin therapy, tissue therapy, physiotherapy and massage, does not lead to normalization of parameters of hemorheology in patients with chronic prostatitis, and the parameters of hemostasis to the end of treatment even worsen.