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A one-day voucher will allow you to visit all the facilities of the museum complex located on Palace Square Main Museum Complex and General Staff building. To enter the General Staff Building, you must use the general entrance for visitors from the Palace Square. Validity - 1 day from the moment of the first pass. To enter the rest of the exhibition facilities, use the general entrance for visitors, including:.

For example, if your second day of visiting falls on one of the days listed above, you can visit the museum on the day following the museum day off: respectively, on Tuesdays; January 2; May 10th. You can purchase electronic entrance vouchers for organizing visits to the museum in the "Museum Visit" section. Vouchers are paid using a credit card online. Any type of voucher gives the right to visit prostagut kaufen St. Petersburg exhibit object only once during one day. By purchasing vouchers for organizing visits to the museum, you can add to each order two free vouchers for children under 16 years of age.

To receive a free voucher indicated in the order you must:. After passing the prostagut kaufen St. Petersburg post, go to the cashier next to the turnstiles. Present to the cashier the voucher and a document proving your identity surname, name and patronymic indicated in the voucher must coincide with the surname, name and patronymic in the document. Present to the cashier any document confirming the age of the child. Please note that at present, entry vouchers can only be purchased with a validity period until December 31, prostagut kaufen St.

Petersburg Entrance vouchers purchased after January 1, are valid for ninety days from the date of order and payment. You can print the vouchers received by e-mail or save electronically on a mobile device. A two-day voucher prostagut kaufen St.

Petersburg valid prostagut kaufen St. Petersburg two consecutive days prostagut kaufen St. Petersburg Monday, January 1 and May 9 - these days the museum is closed. Go through the security checkpoint at the entrance and follow the turnstiles if you do not have a free children's voucher in prostagut kaufen St. Petersburg order. A free children's voucher for children under 16 years of ageif ordered when purchasing a voucher, can only be obtained at the voucher office of the museum at the time of the visit: you must contact the Internet voucher office of the Main Museum Complex or the voucher office of another exhibition object you are visiting, exact information to find the cash desk, contact the administrator of the entrance areaand give the order number.

You must have any document with you confirming the age of the child. To go to the museum, attach the barcode on the voucher to the reader on the turnstile printed or electronic version of the barcode. Please note: all vouchers from one order must be used at one visit to the museum, i. Cancellation and Refunds of vouchers. To cancel the order you need to send an email to the email address of the Support Service at service hermitageshop.

For online vouchers, the following cancellation policy applies:. The cost of processing an order includes, inter alia, commissions of banks and payment systems. To redeem complimentary tickets for children under 16 the quantity must be noted in the order, max.

Your cart is empty. Featured products. The State Hermitage Guide. The Art of Japan in the Meiji Period prostagut kaufen St. Petersburg. Woman in the Garden. By Claude Monet. The Return of the Prodigal Son. By Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn. Roses in a Vase. By Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Winter Landscape. By Wassily Kandinsky. Roses and Jasmine in a Delft Vase. Black Square. Prostagut kaufen St. Petersburg Kazimir Malevich.

Sculpture Bronze Marble. Crouching Boy. By Michelangelo. Big Figurine. Eternal Spring. By Auguste Rodin. Age of Bronze.

By Etienne-Maurice Falconet. Small Figurine. Table Clock "Pompadour". Vase "Empire style". Lacquer Box "Saint-Petersburg. The Hermitage" Kholuy. Bonbon Dish "Tulip". Big Kerchief "Lilac Bush". Tie "Bush". Sleeping mask "Peacock Clock. Colorful Dreams. Batik "Port Manech. Notebook "Peacock Clock. The Tale of Time. Memory Game. Hermitage Masterpieces. Pillow-toy "Peacock Clock.

Favorite Toy. Amber Amber jewelry Amber Ware Amber boxes. Amber Tea Set "Robin". Amber Box "A Paradise Apple". Tea Box with a Spoon. Easter Egg "Cone". Easter Egg "Arrow". Easter Egg "Lilies of the Valley". Sale Collections Best sellers. Sale Collections Bestsellers New arrivals. The Hotel "Hermitage". Tickets Due to technical problems, ticket sales will be available within a few hours. Dear customers!

See map. I agree with terms and conditions. Children under 16 Max. Two-day entrance voucher to the Hermitage museum and its branches. Using vouchers Please note prostagut kaufen St. Petersburg at prostagut kaufen St. Petersburg, entry vouchers can only be purchased with a validity period until December 31, Cancellation and Refunds of vouchers If your plans have changed, you can cancel the order.

Information To redeem complimentary tickets for children under 16 the quantity must be noted in the order, max. Connect with us Subscribe for newsletter. Customer Service: a. Email: service hermitageshop.

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