Finger in den Po: Zum Orgasmus Dank der Prostata

Wie man eine Ernte Prostatasekret machen

Jump to content. Arena Junkies was shut down on July Prostata-Orgasmus, You're viewing an archive of this page from at Thank you all for your support! Prostata-Orgasmus get in touch via the Curse help desk if you need any support using this archive. Posted 04 June - Prostata-Orgasmus. How to reach prostate orgasm. Relax and breathe deeply then start by stroking your anus like if it was the clitoris of your gf.

It is the most difficult step because it is on your psychology that you Prostata-Orgasmus have to work. Relax and breathe deeply then start by stroking your anus like if it was the clitoris of your gf, do this during mn. Do not insert fingers the first time!!! Just make sure that you upload the x-ray pictures of whatever that you shove up your ass that gets stuck.

There are plenty examples out-there. Posted 05 June - AM. Posted 05 June - Prostata-Orgasmus. Curse Help Battle. A man's guide to prostate orgasm Started by glonglonJun 04 PM. Page 1 of 2 Prostata-Orgasmus 2 Next. Posted Prostata-Orgasmus June - PM Prostata-Orgasmus to reach prostate orgasm Introduction Prostata-Orgasmus Prostate orgasms are way more Prostata-Orgasmus than ejaculatory orgasms and very similar to women's orgasm. I recommend every man to try it.

Step 1 : Prostata-Orgasmus horny First, you need to be horny, so watch a pr0n movie or think about nasty stuff. You will then perhaps be tempted Prostata-Orgasmus go further Lubricate your finger well and bring it right at the entrance of your anus. Prostata-Orgasmus to caress all around.

The anus will then close and you will feel like Prostata-Orgasmus finger sucked. Always keep Prostata-Orgasmus deep breath and be relaxed, it will Prostata-Orgasmus hurt. Do not be afraid to touch shit, it is kept well away, in the colon. The rectum is often empty of feces, so do not be afraid of it!

As the anus relaxes, go a little deeper your finger Prostata-Orgasmus gently until it fits completely. Prostata-Orgasmus he gets backdon't moveyou will feel a very strange sensation. Discomfort first : Prostata-Orgasmus anus will close hard on your finger. It's really impressive the first time. Resist the urge to stand out. Let your body get used to this unusual Prostata-Orgasmus. Then a feeling Prostata-Orgasmus envy to poop : Your brain is not used to Prostata-Orgasmus stuff yet so It Prostata-Orgasmus register this as if it's a turd that wants to go out.

Do not pay attention! You're not going to shit. It's just an interpretation of your brain. You Prostata-Orgasmus not feel much the first time but it's a HUGE victory. The hardest part is done, you have defeated your moral and Prostata-Orgasmus block. Step 4 Prostata-Orgasmus Looking for Prostata-Orgasmus prostate I grant you, it looks like a surgical examination.

Try not to see it as this. Say that you explore your anatomy. It's your body, you have the right to do what you want with it.

So listen to the sensations inside your rectum. Prostata-Orgasmus rectum is as sensitive as a woman's vagina, there are many nerve endings if Prostata-Orgasmus even more. At Prostata-Orgasmus you will not feel much.

It's like a muscle that must be Prostata-Orgasmus. You Prostata-Orgasmus feel that your finger is in a vacuum. And Prostata-Orgasmus, there is room in there! Bend your finger uplike saying to Prostata-Orgasmus : " Come here. Gently caress but not with the nail, it can be unpleasant. Press gently, then you feel like a nut about 2 -3cm of the anus, so no need to push the finger too.

When you feel it, press it gently. You will feel like an Prostata-Orgasmus to pee. Again, do not pay attention, it is an interpretation of your brain Prostata-Orgasmus does not know how to interpret it otherwise. Gently caress there and press it like the clit lady, with love You will still Prostata-Orgasmus feel much this time. But patience, the next step will be more interesting. Step 5 Prostata-Orgasmus Muscle Training Now that Prostata-Orgasmus discovered your prostate, training can begin.

Because yes, you must exercise your body to these new sensations. Prostate orgasm will not come just like that.

Prostata-Orgasmus for this, you must learn to control a small technical contraction. As women who must retrain their perineum after childbirthyou will do the same. Try getting your perineum.

It is not easy at first, because it is not a muscle we used to use voluntarily. Then contract Prostata-Orgasmus anus as if you take away from pooping. This, it will be Prostata-Orgasmus easier, you'll feel your anus and perineum back contract.

You can do these Prostata-Orgasmus anywheresittinglyingstanding. Squeeze Prostata-Orgasmus to 10 seconds until you feel that it is taut without it make you suffer and release slowly. Repeat this several times.

These exercises are also very beneficial to improve erection then why deny it. You will say : " Why does it serve for the prostate? Well go to step 6 Step 6 : The prostate orgasm Now, Prostata-Orgasmus have defeated your moral and physical block, you also Prostata-Orgasmus how to Prostata-Orgasmus your finger into the anus and you also practiced perineal Prostata-Orgasmus.

Your anus will press heavily your finger Prostata-Orgasmus most importantly, you will have a Prostata-Orgasmus better feel Prostata-Orgasmus your prostate on your finger. Continue to gently massage Prostata-Orgasmus contraction or gently press it, vary fun. You will feel it harden. Release … Release. Release … The first signs : You will feel these contractions spread beyond your genitals then pelvis, legs.

The muscles of your thighs will contract alone. Do not fight, let your Prostata-Orgasmus react and breathe deeply. Breathing is very important too. It helps you relax and Prostata-Orgasmus a better feel of your body. These muscle contractions are sometimes like tremors. Let your body respond. Prostata-Orgasmus you reach orgasm, these contractions when you contract the perineum will spread to your legs and throughout your body as tremors.

This is the first time don't panic. It's Prostata-Orgasmus taking slight convulsions. Go on, do not stop, you 'll miss the best otherwise. You should be able Prostata-Orgasmus experience several orgasms in a row. And Prostata-Orgasmus will be more powerful. Don't look for similar feelings to ejaculation, it's very different. Optionally, if you have an advanced experience with prostate orgasms you can buy Prostata-Orgasmus prostate Prostata-Orgasmus.

Hope you enjoyed reading this Prostata-Orgasmus. Have fun. Regards, glonglon. Posted 04 June - PM Prostate orgasm Prostata-Orgasmus not gay. For it to be Prostata-Orgasmus, you must acquire another person who is gay. I'm able to locate my prostate Prostata-Orgasmus the outside. Readjust your Prostata-Orgasmus and push sligtly inside, it'll sit there ready Prostata-Orgasmus be stimulated.

Posted 04 June - PM what the fuck.