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Entsprechend der neuesten Studien und Leitlinien aller wichtigen Fachgesellschaften. Erweiterte Suche. Springer Medizin. Zurück zum Suchergebnis. Abstract Purpose The number of overweight and obese women is increasing in the obstetric population. The aim of this study was to review studies that reported results related to the efficacy of dietary interventions on gestational weight gain GWG or the prevention of gestational diabetes GDM in overweight and obese women.

This systematic review includes 15 research articles of which 12 were randomized controlled trials, and three were controlled trials. Three main categories emerged as follows: 1 Prostatabiopsie ist normal types of interventions, 2 the contents of the interventions and 3 the efficacy of the intervention on GWG and the prevention of GDM.

Results Of the Prostatabiopsie ist normal 15 Prostatabiopsie ist normal, eight included a specified diet with limited amounts of nutrients or energy, and the others included a dietary component along with other components. Ten studies reported significant differences in the measured outcomes regarding GWG or the prevention of GDM between the intervention and the control groups.

Conclusions This review confirms the variability in the strategies used to deliver dietary interventions in studies Prostatabiopsie ist normal to limit GWG and prevent GDM in overweight and obese women. Inconsistency in the provider as well as the content of the dietary interventions leaves the difficulty of summarizing the components of effective dietary interventions.

Neuer Inhalt Jetzt informieren. Med Interdisziplinär Kombi-Abonnement. Jetzt testen 1. WHO Accessed April Accessed Dec THL Perinataalitilasto—synnyttäjät, synnytykset ja vastasyntyneet Accessed Nov Prostatabiopsie ist normal Catalano Prostatabiopsie ist normal Obesity.

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