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Was ist eine Prostatabiopsie trephine

Note: This review is based off a sample which was sent for testing. The official retail product may differ slightly. Since discovering the pleasures of Prostate stimulation, I am always looking out for something new and different.

There is a simple black matte outer slip which just features the product ProstataMassager Nexus revo Stealth 6500 Rubel. Underneath that is a black keepsake box, which again just features the product name. Underneath that is a storage bag, USB cable and a magnetic charge point. There is also an instruction manual. So onto the Revo. This gorgeous little toy is made from a mixture of silky smooth skin-safe silicone, with an ABS plastic base.

It is shaped like a standard prostate toy, with the insertable prostate stimulator, and a curved base at the bottom that acts as a perineum stimulator. This section is covered in lots of pleasurable little bumps. The base of the toy also vibrates, so as it rests against the perineum, it will provide some deep rumbly sensations outside, whilst the rotations work on the inside. There are 6 vibration speeds, ranging from standard continuous vibrations to various pulses and waves.

So far, so good. The Revo is extremely simple to use. When you are ready to go. Slather yourself and the Revo with a good water-based anal lube and gently insert the soft silicone shaft.

After carefully inserting, and making sure the soft nubs were resting on my perineum, I just lay there for a few moments to get used to the sensation. Then I picked up the little remote control, and got down to some serious fun. To turn on the Revo, you need to hold the Power button down for a few seconds, until you see a little red light flash at the top of the remote. A second, quick press will turn it on. This will turn the Revo on to its lowest Rotation ProstataMassager Nexus revo Stealth 6500 Rubel Vibrating setting.

To turn off ProstataMassager Nexus revo Stealth 6500 Rubel Revo — simply hold the power button down for a few seconds, and it will turn off. Immediately, the tip was working out my prostate like it had never been touched before.

This was a completely different sensation to something like a standard vibrating massager. It really did feel like a finger was gently circling my prostate. Immediately, I had Goosebumps. It was like discovering anal for the first time. So now I had to work my way through the different settings.

So I moved it up to the second speed of rotations oh my… I could already feel my toes beginning to curl and moved to the second speed of vibrations. It got very intense, very fast! So much so, I was literally shaking all over the bed — but no matter what I did, there was no relenting of vibrations — whatever position I was in, it continued to probe and poke my prostate.

I had to go to the third speed, in the name of science; I moved it to the highest vibration setting. By now, I was completely covered in sweat but alas; I did not achieve a prostate orgasm. On this setting, I personally did find it just too intense. However, after giving myself time to calm down, I started again, and this time kept it on the first rotation speed, and the second vibration speed. But all this good stuff has to come with a downside, right? This was a feature that I was not made aware of in the instruction booklet, and apparently it was complete dumb of me to not play around with the buttons on the remote — I just followed the instructions in the booklet I received with this SAMPLE product.

But as I am ProstataMassager Nexus revo Stealth 6500 Rubel man of integrity, I ProstataMassager Nexus revo Stealth 6500 Rubel my hands up and say yeah, I made a cock up. The Revo is only splash-proof, so great care must be taken when cleaning it. I would recommend either using some toy wipes, or use a soft cloth with some warm water and toy cleaner. Well what can ProstataMassager Nexus revo Stealth 6500 Rubel say, really?

Compared to some of the other prostate toys I have tried Especially the Rosa — this really is a great little toy, that offers something a little bit different to just your standard vibrating toy. But it ProstataMassager Nexus revo Stealth 6500 Rubel great, is certainly powerful and the remote control function means that you really can have lots of fun with this in the bedroom. Why not combine this with a Remote Control Love Egg — you could give each other pleasure without even having to be in the same room?

Food for thought…. If it was, then it would indeed get a solid 10 out of If you would like to order one, you can get one from ProstataMassager Nexus revo Stealth 6500 Rubel and your purchase helps keep this blog running!

Order here! Visiting from the US? I followed the instructions and nothing happens. Nvm, the remote started working after I reseated the battery. Works now, thanks!! This is the first thing I checked once I got the toy unboxed. Upon further investigation, you are indeed correct — the review will be updated accordingly to reflect this new information. The function still appears to be exactly the same.

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