ProstataMassager Nexus revo Stealth re005

Nexus Revo Stealth VS L'Amourose Rosa Comparison

Der periphere Teil der Prostata

Nov So I decided to do a comparison video here to show you. The rest of the video still stands. It features 2 motors, one at the tip of the shaft, which ProstataMassager Nexus revo Stealth re005 the stimulation to the prostate and one in the base that provides external stimulation to the perineum.

The Revo Stealth is your classic prostate massager shape. It features a curved shaft with a bulbous tip and has an extended perineal arm. You can ProstataMassager Nexus revo Stealth re005 to have either both motors going — or just the top or bottom. You can even have it alternating between the two. The Revo Stealth has 6 vibration modes in the base and 2 rotation speeds in the shaft. Edit: Since writing and recording this video guide, it has come to my attention that the REVO can indeed, be operated with either just vibrations or just rotations.

If you check out the original reviewI have provided more information. There are 3 buttons: minus, pattern and plus. The Revo is operated via Remote Control. You need to turn the Revo on via the grey button on the base and then you can use the remote control — which has buttons for the rotation and vibrations.

Both toys are covered in ProstataMassager Nexus revo Stealth re005 medical grade silicone so are completely body safe. They also both have bases made from ABS plastic.

The Nexus Revo is splashproof, whilst the Rosa is fully waterproof. This means you can take the Rosa into the bath or shower for some aquatic fun. It also makes the Rosa much easier to clean, where as the Revo you need to be a bit more careful.

The Rosa ProstataMassager Nexus revo Stealth re005 a charging dock and has a regular 3-pin wall plug. The Nexus Revo has a magnetic charger, which can be charged via USB — so you can plug it straight into your laptop, or if you have any of those USB Plugs like the ones you get with your iPhones — then you can charge it via the wall that way.

Inside the box for the Rosa, ProstataMassager Nexus revo Stealth re005 get the Toy, the charging base, wall plug, Warranty Card, Instruction Manual and a velvet storage bag. Inside the box for the Revo, you get the Toy, the remote control, USB ProstataMassager Nexus revo Stealth re005 cable, Instruction manual and a storage bag.

You also get a small sample of water-based lube. Both of these toys are exceptional, however comparing them is a little difficult as they both do different things, and therefore I see ProstataMassager Nexus revo Stealth re005 as 2 completely different toys in their own different leagues. I do like the Revo though — the uniqueness of the rotation sets it apart from almost all other prostate toys — it really does feel like someone is using their finger to massage my prostate.

The rotation function is so amazing, that the vibrations as well makes it incredibly intense, and instead of just turning it down, I have to turn it off.

The Rosa is just my personal preference. The vibrations are much deeper and rumblier the vibrations on the REVO, whilst feel good, only provide surface buzz externally and I personally prefer internal vibration. The choice is up to you! If you have enjoyed the blog, and the review, and you are thinking of buying the Rosa or the Revo, please consider buying from the links below — these affiliate links help keep the blog running, and it all helps!

Good point! Yes, I have now updated this article to reflect the new information, and re-assessed my original thoughts. The only person who can really answer that is you! Prostate stimulation and orgasms derived from it will vary from person to person. Some will find it really easy to achieve the super-O, for others — it takes weeks, months — even years to achieve — and sadly, some may never! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Sex Toy Reviews… from a Cis Male perspective. About Disclosure Advertise Contact. Guides Archive. The Materials Both toys are covered in smooth medical grade silicone so are completely body safe. Charging The Rosa has a charging dock and has a regular 3-pin wall plug. So which is best?

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