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O God, beyond all praising, we worship you today and sing the love amazing that songs cannot repay; for we can only wonder at every gift you send, Prostatamassager Stroh Stier blessings without number and mercies without end: we lift our hearts before you and Prostatamassager Stroh Stier upon your word, we honor and adore you, our great and mighty Lord.

As the evening shadows appeared, we gathered in the quad to Prostatamassager Stroh Stier the rd year of mission at Wartburg Theological Seminary. We were surrounded by the beauty of the castle, now years old, and gathered around the font. We welcomed, prayed for, and blessed our community, students who return to continue their faithful preparation, faculty and staff who are the steady heartbeat, family Prostatamassager Stroh Stier who lend support and love, and a new crop of amazing students.

As Dean for Vocation, the Rev. Amy Current, read the names of the new students, we were filled with gratitude to God for sisters and brothers in Christ who have responded to the call of the Holy Spirit, sisters and brothers whose names and nationalities are a clearer representation of the fullness of the body Prostatamassager Stroh Stier Christ, sisters and brothers who join us now in this rd year of living our mission.

In this beginning week, we give thanks to God, not only for new students, but also for you, our friends and supporters, with whom we could not do this work. YOU have made this school year possible. YOU have given our students the opportunity to live their calling.

YOU are providing the church with leaders that the world so desperately needs. Thank you! Sincerely in Christ. Paul to the Philippians, Chapter 4. The words of Paul are our words today, because we are Rejoicing! Prostatamassager Stroh Stier rejoice in your care that the church have pastors for our children and Prostatamassager Stroh Stier children.

We rejoice in your generosity Prostatamassager Stroh Stier make these things real! This is the rd year that Wartburg has gifted the church and the world with new pastors and leaders who will guide and care for us. While that is certainly worth rejoicing, today we are rejoicing that you made this possible. Without faithful partners like you, Wartburg could not continue to nurture and train valued leaders.

Your prayers, contributions and faithful support make the difference! Related contributions include donations, legacies, and other gifts received as a result of fund raising efforts.

In other words, a charity should spend no more than 35 cents to raise a dollar. Tuition revenue received Prostatamassager Stroh Stier students is less than half this amount. The Prostatamassager Stroh Stier Seminary mission of forming valued leaders is strong and growing because of the ongoing generosity, partnership and Prostatamassager Stroh Stier of friends like you.

In partnership with synods and congregations, Wartburg Seminary provides residential students a scholarship package that, on average, covers Prostatamassager Stroh Stier student debt levels are among the lowest Prostatamassager Stroh Stier going down.

Page 6 Annual Report of Appreciation. Built on the core belief that theological education and formation are for the whole church, Wartburg created new ways for all the baptized, of all vocations and from all locations to access theological education.

To-date, over certificate students have taken a course through one of our 5 certificate programs. Many of which are offered online. The education that I am receiving here is priceless. The Wartburg Seminary Fund is the financial lifeblood of the institution.

Gifts may be received throughout the fiscal year July 1— June 30 as one-time or monthly gifts. Donors will be recognized at the following levels for their commitment to forming leaders for the church at Wartburg Theological Seminary. We are grateful to all our Prostatamassager Stroh Stier and friends for their ongoing generosity and support. Please note that every effort has been made to list names of donors accurately, but we are human and Prostatamassager Stroh Stier do happen.

If there is an omission or error, please contact the Mission Support Office by email at missionsupport wartburgseminary. Thank you for Prostatamassager Stroh Stier friendship and understanding. Thank you to the following individuals and organizations for their support of Wartburg Theological Seminary during the fiscal year July 1, — June 30, Our mission of forming valued leaders is alive and strong because of the ongoing generosity, partnership and prayers of friends like you.

Wartburg helped form and give language to my faith and theology. As our culture goes through a paradigmatic Prostatamassager Stroh Stier, leadership requirements are shifting as well. We support Wartburg because Wartburg is responding to these shifts by preparing leaders who are characterized by respect for those of different religious traditions, a posture of relational evangelism with youth and in rural contexts, openness to transformation through ecumenical and multicultural partnerships, and grounded in worship where the triune God is encountered and we are strengthened to bear witness in the world through our words and actions.

Designated, Endowment and Other Restricted Prostatamassager Stroh Stier In addition to gifts for the day-to-day operations of the seminary, there are many other special gifts given that support Wartburg Theological Seminary in other important ways. Gifts to endowment and other restricted gifts provide a legacy of program and scholarship support and also build and enhance the foundation for the ministry and mission of Wartburg Theological Seminary for generations to come.

The Mission Support staff is here to help you make informed and thoughtful giving decisions. Visit www. Page Prostatamassager Stroh Stier Annual Report of Appreciation. We are grateful for the estate planning of these friends who continued their giving to Wartburg Theological Seminary through their wills, trusts and other planned gifts. Without the many faithful people who sustain and empower the ministry of Christ carried out here at Wartburg Theological Seminary I know that I would not have been able to live into my calling.

Thanks be to God! The people who are listed in this report of appreciation represent the deep level of support for Wartburg Theological Seminary. We include their names to honor their memory and their commitment to Wartburg Seminary. If it doesn't, the church may lose opportunities to engage God's people - those who are lifelong church members, those who no longer Prostatamassager Stroh Stier connected, and those who have not been part of a faith community.

Phase 2 begins with new leadership and a newly Prostatamassager Stroh Stier vision for Wartburg Seminary's mission. Wartburg Seminary needs your help to grow its support for the day-to-day mission of the seminary - providing for faculty, staff, campus upkeep and improvemeents, technology, worship and community life. Gifts from individuals and congregations to the Wartburg Seminary Fund supports the mission of Wartburg Seminary and its daily life.

We need your gifts each year Prostatamassager Stroh Stier support our Life Together. Wartburg Seminary is in good position to transform theological education and prepare leaders who are well equipped to lead the church. This work requires innovation and creativity, launching pilot programs, researching, and listening to the world around us. We need your support to include resources for these "holy experiments. But your gifts help buoy my confidence and confirm that there are people in this church that are in my corner—supporting me even if they do not know me and affirming that my gifts for ministry are needed for the future of our church.

Louise N. Johnson President, Wartburg Theological Seminary As the evening shadows appeared, we gathered in the quad to Prostatamassager Stroh Stier the rd year of mission at Wartburg Theological Seminary. Sincerely in Christ, Rev. Wartburg Theological Seminary. Published Prostatamassager Stroh Stier Feb 24, Go explore.