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Den BioPorto tilpligtes til Phadia at betale kr. Neutrofiler spiller en vigtig rolle i kroppens Prostatasekretanalysestudie. I forbindelse med en inflammation sker der bl. Hvis aminosyresekvensen er den samme for forskellige isolerede proteiner, betyder det, at proteinerne er identiske.

Patentet har prioritet Prostatasekretanalysestudie den Per Venge er angivet som opfinder. The use of human neutrophil lipocalin HNL as a diagnostic marker Prostatasekretanalysestudie human diseases, in particular for the diagnosis of inflammation, such as inflammation caused by a bacterial infection.

The use Prostatasekretanalysestudie to claim 1, characterised in that HNL Prostatasekretanalysestudie measured and the found value is used to discriminate between bacterial Prostatasekretanalysestudie viral infections. The international search report referred to Blood, Vol. Kjeldsen et al. As it is well known that the activation of neutrophils is Prostatasekretanalysestudie related to inflammatory events in the human body, Prostatasekretanalysestudie above cited statement and its reference to an ELISA assay for NGAL are considered to make Prostatasekretanalysestudie use of HNL as a general diagnostic marker for inflammation obvious to a person skilled in the art.

Claim 1 therefore lacks an inventive step. The further three documents that were cited in the search report Blood, Vol. Prostatasekretanalysestudie and J Prostatasekretanalysestudie.

The use of HNL for discrimination Prostatasekretanalysestudie viral and bacterial infections according to claimshowever, is novel and is considered to involve an inventive step to the extent the claims do refer to this use. D2 discloses the isolation and primary structure of NGAL. The solution Prostatasekretanalysestudie in claim 1 and as dependant thereon can be considered inventive for the following reasons:. None of the known prior Prostatasekretanalysestudie documents D1-D2 even suggests the possibility to use the lipocalin level Prostatasekretanalysestudie a sample as an indication of a state of disease.

Prostatasekretanalysestudie, raised values of the lipocalin level in a Prostatasekretanalysestudie sample appear to be specific for infections of bacterial origin Prostatasekretanalysestudie, p. Den indledende isolering af HNL er blevet publiceret Venge et al. Leukocyte Prostatasekretanalysestudie.

Supplement I Som angivet i det eksperimentelle afsnit menes det imidlertid, at immunoassays er Prostatasekretanalysestudie mest foretrukne metoder. Proteintoppene i chromatogrammet blev samlet som angivet i figuren puljerne 1, 2, 3 og 4 og koncentreret ved anvendelse af et YMfilter.

Se figur 2. Det isoelektriske punkt for det isolerede HNL var ca. Automatiseret aminosyresekvensanalyse Wilhelm et al. Che' 1. Den N-terminale Prostatasekretanalysestudie og fire trypsinfragmenter omfattende 62 aminosyrer af HNL blev analyseret. Patienter med to positive bakteriekulturer blev inkluderet. HNL-niveauet i sera var signifikant korreleret med niveauet i plasma. Deres niveau faldt gradvis. Efter behandling med de passende antibiotika Prostatasekretanalysestudie HNL-niveauerne.

HNL-niveauerne i sera og plasma steg ikke under virusinfektioner. Ved dette niveau var specificiteten imidlertid klart uacceptabel. Allen m.

I artiklen var bl. Per Venge m. Prostatasekretanalysestudie new protein isolated from the Prostatasekretanalysestudie granules of human neutrophils. The neutrophil contains in its granules a number Prostatasekretanalysestudie proteins some Prostatasekretanalysestudie which have Prostatasekretanalysestudie characterized in detail Prostatasekretanalysestudie as cathepsin G, elastase, myeloperoxidase, lactoferrin etc.

Upon separation. One Prostatasekretanalysestudie the major secondary granule proteins is a 40 kD protein. The characteristics of this protein is described in Prostatasekretanalysestudie communication. Methods: Granules were obtained from normal human buffy coat cells. Prostatasekretanalysestudie of the Prostatasekretanalysestudie kD-protein was accomplished by a combination of gelfiltration and ion-exchange chromatography using the FPLC-system.

Polyclonal antibodies were raised in rabbits. A specific double antibody radioimmunoassay was developed. Immunohistochemical staining of cells was made using the PAP-technique.

Results: The 40 kD-protein was purified to homogeneity. After reduction one major band was found at 25 kD. The Prostatasekretanalysestudie was made up by three isoproteins with Prostatasekretanalysestudie different Ip.

The specific Prostatasekretanalysestudie origin was confirmed by immunohistochemical staining of blood cells and the localization to the secondary granule population of neutrophils by radioimmunoassay of separated granules. The N-terminal amino-acid sequence showed no homologies to known proteins. Conclusion: The kD protein is a two-chain protein specifically localized Prostatasekretanalysestudie the secondary granules of human neutrophils.

Its function is presently unknown. I november fik Lars Kjeldsen, Borregaard m. I januar fik Per Venge udgivet artiklen "Soluble markers of allergic inflammation" bilag 9 i tidsskriftet Allergy, 49, p.

The neutrophil granulocyte contains several granule proteins, Prostatasekretanalysestudie are secreted in the extracellular environment Prostatasekretanalysestudie may therefore serve as markers of neutrophil activity in vivo Table Prostatasekretanalysestudie. These proteins are contained in different subpopulations Prostatasekretanalysestudie granules and may therefore reflect sligthly different aspects of Prostatasekretanalysestudie activation.

Lactoferrin is an Prostatasekretanalysestudie more sensitive marker of neutrophil activation than any of the Prostatasekretanalysestudie granule proteins. However, lactoferrin suffers from the drawback that measurements are unsuitable in materials other than blood, since lactoferrin, in addition, Prostatasekretanalysestudie produced by most exocrine glands. To circumvent Prostatasekretanalysestudie problem, we have recently purified a new protein from the secondary granules of human neutrophils; i.

In preliminary clinical Prostatasekretanalysestudie the kDa protein showed results very similar to those of lactoferrin Prostatasekretanalysestudie blood. The kDa protein may therefore be an ideal marker of neutrophil activation in Prostatasekretanalysestudie biologic material from man. Measurements Prostatasekretanalysestudie MPO in local fluid from the lung and Prostatasekretanalysestudie the nose of patients with allergy have shown variable levels with no clear relation to Prostatasekretanalysestudie clinical situation of the patients.

Overall, the levels are higher the higher in the respiratory tract they are measured. The highest levels are seen in the nose. I februar fik Lars Kjeldsen, Borregaard m. This was confirmed by immunogold double-labeling of frozen Prostatasekretanalysestudie sections of neutrophils that showed a high Prostatasekretanalysestudie of colocalization of NGAL and lactoferrin, Prostatasekretanalysestudie by exocytosis experiments, which showed lactoferrin, vitamin Bbinding protein, and NGAL to be similarly released upon stimulation.

This protein was purified and its amino acid sequence determined. NGAL can be purified in both at monomeric and dimeric form. Furthermore, western blotting of a postnuclear supernatant of neu-trophils, Prostatasekretanalysestudie under nonreducing conditions, showed that Prostatasekretanalysestudie exists mainly in forms not associated with gelatinase, namely as the monomeric and homodimeric forms in Prostatasekretanalysestudie to Prostatasekretanalysestudie kD form.

This assay has enabled us to determine the subcellular localization of NGAL in human neutrophils. We found that NGAL colocalizes completely Prostatasekretanalysestudie lactoferrin when measured in subcellular fractions. Allen et al have previously published the amino-terminal amino acid Prostatasekretanalysestudie of a kD protein, which was shown to bind a radioiodinated photoactivatable derivative of FMLPK.

For the in vitro determination of human NGAL in Prostatasekretanalysestudie fluids e. For research use only. NGAL was originally isolated from the supernatant of activated human neutrophils, but it Prostatasekretanalysestudie also expressed Prostatasekretanalysestudie a low level in other human tissues including Prostatasekretanalysestudie kidney, prostate and epithella of Prostatasekretanalysestudie respiratory and alimentary tracts. NGAL is released from the secondary granules of activated neutrophils and Prostatasekretanalysestudie levels rise in inflammatory or infective conditions, especially in bacterial infections.

Thus the level of NGAL in plasma or serum has been proposed Prostatasekretanalysestudie a marker of infection. However, as levels of NGAL may also be raised Prostatasekretanalysestudie neoplastic conditions and renal disorders independently of any infective process, this proposed application should be treated Prostatasekretanalysestudie caution.

NGAL may also be raised in infections in patients with an uncountably low number of neutrophils due to leukemia Prostatasekretanalysestudie treated leukemia, showing that the source of the raised NGAL in infections is not only the neutrophils. Indeed, serum NGAL levels correlate very poorly with the neutrophil count in patients with varying degrees of infection or Prostatasekretanalysestudie AntibodyShop data. NGAL as a potential diagnostic Prostatasekretanalysestudie.

The finding of a raised urinary or Prostatasekretanalysestudie level of NGAL cannot be independently diagnostic of any single pathology.

As stated above, a variety of independent pathologies Prostatasekretanalysestudie associated with raised levels of urinary or plasma NGAL. For this reason the present kit is presented for research use only.

The finding of a raised urinary, plasma or serum level of NGAL Prostatasekretanalysestudie be independently diagnostic of any single pathology. As stated in the Introduction, Prostatasekretanalysestudie variety of independent pathologies are associated Prostatasekretanalysestudie raised levels of urinary or plasma NGAL.

Physicians must Prostatasekretanalysestudie the significance of any raised NGAL level in the light of each patient's clinical features. Am Soc Nephrol bilag 32 og "Compartmentalization of neutrophils in the kidney and lung following Prostatasekretanalysestudie ischemic kidney Prostatasekretanalysestudie, Alaa S. Awas m. Venge: "Soluble markers of allergic inflammation" bilag 9 omtaler det kDa protein "the kDa protein"som er specifikt for neutrofiler.

Venge et al: "The kD protein. A Prostatasekretanalysestudie protein isolated from the secondary granules of human neutrophils" bilag 10 omtaler et kDa protein specifikt for neutrofiler.

Venge: "Soluble markers of allergic inflammation" bilag Prostatasekretanalysestudie og artiklen af P. Prostatasekretanalysestudie i artiklen "Soluble markers Prostatasekretanalysestudie allergic inflammation" bilag 9 side 4, 1. Leucocyte Biol.