Radical Prostatectomy (Prostate Cancer Surgery)

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PSA prostate specific antigen tumor marker a primary prostate Prostatatumormarker marker. If the total PSA is higher that the upper normal limit and the index is greater than 0. If the total PSA is higher than the upper normal limit and the index is lower than 0. Tumor markers are Prostatatumormarker determined in blood, urine or tissue samples using Prostatatumormarker laboratory methods. Tumor markers should be determined when a person is healthy.

Determining tumor marker levels may be performed during the diagnosis; Prostatatumormarker, during or Prostatatumormarker completion of a therapy; and periodically, to determine possible tumor recurrence.

If a tumor marker is determined in order to examine the effectiveness of a therapy or to see if there was worsening of the underlying disease or tumor recurrence, its levels should be determined periodically in certain intervals to see if its levels increase Prostatatumormarker reduce. Screening tests are the tests which enable us to make Prostatatumormarker diagnosis before symptoms occur.

Detecting a tumor Prostatatumormarker an early stage is very important because it indicates that the Prostatatumormarker has not spread yet and that there is no metastasis, and that Prostatatumormarker treatment is Prostatatumormarker and more successful. In order for a test to be valid in terms of screening, it must have high specificity and sensitivity. Most tumor markers do not Prostatatumormarker sufficient specificity or necessary sensitivity to use them for the screening of malignant diseases.

Prostatatumormarker markers can not be used to diagnose cancer. The best Prostatatumormarker for diagnosing a malignant disease is BIOPSY taking a sample of tumor tissue, followed by various histopathological techniques which Prostatatumormarker used for proving the presence of tumor cells Prostatatumormarker can be seen under a microscope.

In case a Prostatatumormarker process has well advanced at the moment of discovering the tumor, determination of tumor markers can be used to detect a primary tumor i. For example, if a woman has a malignant tumor which permeates the entire abdomen and pelvis, and has an increased CAit is likely that the tumor is of ovarian origin even in the case when a surgeon is Prostatatumormarker to distinguish what the original place of the cancer is. This is crucial for deciding on the protocol and type of therapy.

Alfa-feto protein AFP is an example of a tumor marker which can help in the Prostatatumormarker of liver cancer. The level of Prostatatumormarker tumor marker may be increased in various liver diseases, but Prostatatumormarker it reaches a certain high level, the doctor may be pretty Prostatatumormarker that this is a malignant process.

Some types of Prostatatumormarker tumors grow and spread faster than other. Even within a tumor of the same tissue origin, specific types are more aggressive, or have a tendency to grow and show metastasis spreading to Prostatatumormarker surrounding and distant tissuesProstatatumormarker also less sensitive to specific therapeutic procedures and protocols.

Prostatatumormarker of the patients with such high levels of tumor markers should start more aggressively and with higher doses of chemotherapy drugs and radiation. One of the major roles of determining the concentration of tumor markers Prostatatumormarker monitoring success of applied treatment procedures particularly with advanced malignancy.

If a tumor marker is determined before and after a treatment, and at Prostatatumormarker same time Prostatatumormarker was a significant decrease in its Prostatatumormarker, this means that the applied treatment protocol was very successful. All other procedures for treatment assessment such as X-ray, magnetic resonance imaging, scanner, Prostatatumormarker. On the other hand, Prostatatumormarker the applied treatment Prostatatumormarker tumor marker levels, this Prostatatumormarker a sign of inadequate treatment and it must be modified.

The only exception Prostatatumormarker the case of enormous sensitivity to specific chemotherapy drugs, when the drug destroys in a short time Prostatatumormarker large number of malignant cells and causes release of huge amounts of markers in the blood, leading to a SHORT-TERM increase in its levels. Yes, they can. Tumor markers can be used to detect recurrent tumors after completion of a Prostatatumormarker even when there are Prostatatumormarker no signs or symptoms of it.

This may be done even before the tumor is proved with imaging techniques. This usually refers to the following tumor markers:. In such cases, periodic, serial determination of tumor markers has greater significance than individual and random performance Prostatatumormarker the Prostatatumormarker analyses.

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