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Zu Zwecken einer Isolierung oder Reinigung ist auch die Verwendung pharmazeutisch nicht akzeptabler Salze möglich, beispielsweise von Picraten oder Perchloraten. For purposes of isolation or purification, also the use of non-pharmaceutically acceptable salts is possible, for example Picraten or perchlorates.

However, only the pharmaceutically acceptable salts or the free compound are used therapeutically if appropriate in the form Stufe Prostatatumoren pharmaceutical compositionsso that these are preferred. In Anbetracht der engen Verwandtschaft zwischen der neuen Verbindung in freier Stufe Prostatatumoren und in Form ihrer Salze unter Einschluss Stufe Prostatatumoren als Zwischenprodukte verwendbaren Salze, beispielsweise zur Reinigung und Identifikation der neuen Verbindung, ist eine Bezugnahme Stufe Prostatatumoren die freie Verbindung vorliegend aber so zu verstehen, dass davon auch die entsprechenden Salze, falls geeignet und zweckdienlich, umfasst werden.

In view of the close relationship between the novel compound in free form and in the form of their salts, including the usable as intermediates salts, for example, for purification and identification of the new connection, a reference to the free compound is present but to be understood that it also the corresponding salts, as appropriate and expedient comprises. Die Stufe Prostatatumoren von Proteinen ist seit langem bekannt als eine wesentliche Stufe bei der Differenzierung und Teilung und Zellen.

The phosphorylation of proteins is known as an essential step in the differentiation and division of cells, and for a long time. Among the tyrosine kinases Stufe Prostatatumoren PDGF receptor derived from platelets growth factor. PDGF is a very commonly occurring growth factor, which plays an important role both in normal growth and in pathological cell proliferation, as for example, to see at a carcinogenesis and in diseases of the smooth muscle cells Stufe Prostatatumoren blood vessels, such as atherosclerosis and thrombosis.

Andrejauskas-Buchdunger und U. Regenass, Cancer Research 52, Seiten bis Andrejauskas-Buchdunger and U. Regenass, Cancer Research 52, pages Dies kann gezeigt werden bei einem Tyrosinkinaseinhibitionsassay unter Verwendung einer cytoplasmatischen Kinasedomäne von c-Kit. This can be shown in a Tyrosinkinaseinhibitionsassay using a cytoplasmic kinase domain of c-Kit. This assay is performed as follows: The Baculovirusdonorvektor pFbacG01 Stufe Prostatatumoren is used to generate a recombinant baculovirus that expresses the amino acid region amino acids of the cytoplasmic kinase domains of human c-Kit.

Die Herstellung der Viren, die Expression von Proteinen in Sf9 Zellen und die Reinigung der GST-fusionierten Proteine werden wie folgt durchgeführt: The production of the viruses, the expression of proteins in Sf9 cells and the purification of the GST-fused proteins are Stufe Prostatatumoren as follows:. Produktion des Virus: Production of the virus:. Kolonien Stufe Prostatatumoren eine Insertion der Fusionssequenz in das virale Genom durchgeführt durch die Stufe Prostatatumoren sind blau.

Colonies without insertion of the fusion sequence into the viral genome carried by the bacteria are blue. Single white colonies are picked and viral DNA bacmid is isolated from the bacteria by conventional purification methods for plasmids. Von der transfektierten Zellkultur wird ein Virus enthaltendes Medium gesammelt und zur Infektion zwecks Erhöhung des Titers verwendet.

From the transfected cell culture a virus is collected containing media and used to infect the purpose of increasing the titer. A virus-containing medium obtained after two rounds of infection is used for protein expression in a Stufe Prostatatumoren scale.

Cell pellets of 10 to 20, cm 2 plates, are resuspended in 50 ml ice-cold lysis buffer 25 mM Tris-HCl, pH 7. The centrifuged cell lysate is loaded onto a 2 ml glutathione-sepharose column Stufe Prostatatumoren and washed three times with 10 Stufe Prostatatumoren of 25 mM Tris-HCl, pH 7. Kinaseassay: Kinase Assay:. Tyrosinproteinkinaseassays with purified GST c-Kit are carried out in a final volume of The assay 30 ul is min in well Stufe Prostatatumoren at ambient temperature for 20 under conditions as they are described below, executed and terminated by addition of After examining all samples, a Stufe Prostatatumoren is applied and rinsed each well with ul 0.

Then, by removal of the membranes and washing Stufe Prostatatumoren times on a shaker with 1. The IC 50 values are calculated by linear regression analysis of the percentage inhibition Stufe Prostatatumoren each compound in each case as a double test at four concentrations usually Stufe Prostatatumoren.

Inhibition of the autophosphorylation of the SCF receptor can be measured using, for example, MO7e cells, namely a human promegakaryocytischen leukemia cell line which depends on SCF for proliferation. Identische Mengen an Zelllysaten werden Stufe Prostatatumoren durch sogenanntes Western-Blot unter Verwendung von Antiphosphotyrosinantikörpern analysiert Buchdunger et al.

Sci USA Stufe Prostatatumoren, Seiten bis Identical quantities of cell lysates are also so-called Western blot using antiphosphotyrosine antibodies analyzed Buchdunger et al. Sci USA 92, pages Die Inhibition von v-Abl Tyrosinkinase lässt sich durch Verfahren bestimmen, wie sie beispielsweise von N. Lydon et al. The inhibition of v-Abl Stufe Prostatatumoren kinase can be determined by methods such as, for example, of N. Test der Aktivität gegen c-Abl Proteintyrosinkinase.

Test for activity against c-Abl protein Stufe Prostatatumoren kinase. Biol Chempages Stufe Prostatatumoren After application of all samples, the vacuum is turned on and rinsed with each hole ul 0. Then, the membranes removed and 4 4 times and washed on a shaker with 0. Aktivitätstest gegen Bcr-Abl. Activity Test against Bcr-Abl. Die Zellen exprimieren das Fusionsprotein Bcr-Abl mit einer konstituierenden Abl Kinase und proliferieren unabhängig Stufe Prostatatumoren Wachstumsfaktor. The cells express the fusion Bcr-Abl protein with a constituent Stufe Prostatatumoren kinase and proliferate growth factor independent of a.

Nach Auftauen werden die Zellen während maximal 10 bis 12 Passagen für die Experimente verwendet. After thawing, the cells are used during maximally 10 to 12 passages for the experiments. For Zellularassays compounds are dissolved in DMSO and diluted with complete medium to yield a starting concentration of 10 uM, followed by 3-fold serial dilutions are prepared in complete medium. Each provided with 50 ul hole at triple compounds of test compound is added in triplicate to the cells.

Als Kontrolle werden unbehandelte Zellen verwendet. As a control, untreated cells are used. Then, the cell pellets by addition of Für alle Inkubationsstufen werden die Platten Stufe Prostatatumoren Plattenversiegelern Costar bedeckt.

Finally, the plates are washed a further 3 times with Stufe Prostatatumoren buffer and once with deionized water before they are added to The activity of the compound on the Bcr-Abl kinase Stufe Prostatatumoren is expressed Stufe Prostatatumoren the percentage reduction of the Bcr-Abl phosphorylation.

The IC 50 values and IC 90 values are determined from the dose response curves by graphical extrapolation. Die Aktivität von Verbindungen auf die MT mutante Bcr-Abl Kinaseaktivität wird wie oben beschrieben bestimmt, mit der Ausnahme, dass hierbei 32Dcl3 Zellen verwendet werden, die mit mutantem Bcr-Abl anstelle von p Bcr-Abl transfektiert worden sind.

The activity of compounds on the MT mutant Bcr-Abl kinase Stufe Prostatatumoren is determined as described above, with the exception that in this case 32Dcl3 cells are used which have been transfected with mutant Bcr-Abl in place of p Bcr-Abl. Recombinant c-Raf-1 Stufe Prostatatumoren is obtained by triple infection of Sf21 cells with GST-c-Raf-1 recombinant baculovirus together with v-Src and v-Ras recombinant baculoviruses that are required for active c-Raf-1 kinase production Williams et al, PNAS Zur Rekrutierung von c-Raf-1 auf die Zellmembran wird aktives Ras v-Ras benötigt, wobei v-Src zur Phosphorylierung von c-Raf-1 für eine vollständige Aktivierung notwendig ist.

To recruit c-Raf-1 to the cell membrane active Ras v-Ras Stufe Prostatatumoren required, where v-Src is necessary to phosphorylate c-Raf-1 for complete activation. Cells are added in amounts of 2. Die Zellen werden während 1 h bei Raumtemperatur inkubiert und dann mit 15 ml Medium versetzt. The cells are incubated for 1 h at room temperature and then added with 15 ml Stufe Prostatatumoren. The cell pellet is washed once with ice-cold PBS and lysed with 0.

Eine komplette Lyse von Zellen ergibt sich nach 10 min auf Eis unter gelegentlicher Pipettierung. A complete lysis of cells obtained after 10 min Stufe Prostatatumoren ice with occasional Stufe Prostatatumoren. The c-Raf-1 is purified from cell lysates using a ul column packed with Glutathione Sepharose 4B beads and resuspended in ice cold PBS per 2.

Then transfer the bound GST-c-Raf-1 with beads in a column. Die Säule wird einmal mit Lysepuffer und zweimal mit eiskalter Trisgepufferter Kochsalzlösung gewaschen. The column is washed once with lysis buffer and twice with ice cold Tris buffered saline. After addition of ice-cold buffer Stufe Prostatatumoren column flow is stopped to allow for disruption of the interaction of GST-c-Raf-1 with glutathione sepharose beads. Sodann werden Fraktionen 1 ml in vorgekühlten Röhrchen gesammelt.

Then, fractions 1 ml Stufe Prostatatumoren collected in pre-cooled tubes. Using 1 kappa B as a substrate for the c-Raf-1 kinase. LysS bacteria containing the 1 kappa B plasmid are grown to an OD of 0. Thereafter, the solution on Ni agarose Novagen was added and washed the manual by Novagen accordingly. Then, elution of 1 KB from the column is carried out using an Stufe Prostatatumoren buffer 0. Der hierzu benötigte Assay wird während 60 min bei Umgebungstemperatur in Platten mit 96 Stufe Prostatatumoren durchgeführt.

The assay required for this purpose is carried out for Stufe Prostatatumoren min at ambient temperature in well plates. After application of all samples, the vacuum is connected and each well washed with ul 0. Then, the membranes removed and then washed 4 times on a shaker with 0.

Hypoxie-aktivierte Prodrugs eignen sich besonders zur Anwendung bei solidem Tumorgewebe oder im Gehirn. Hypoxia-activated prodrugs are particularly Stufe Prostatatumoren for use in solid tumor tissue or in Stufe Prostatatumoren brain. Hypotoxische Zellen können für eine Therapie mit nicht toxischen, Hypoxie-aktivierten Prodrugs angewandt werden. Hypo Toxic cells can Stufe Prostatatumoren applied for therapy with non-toxic, hypoxia-activated prodrugs.

Konsequenzen Stufe Prostatatumoren diesen weniger ausgeprägten Efflux sind Consequences for this less pronounced efflux are. Verapamil wird wie folgt bestimmt. The flux of compounds by Caco-2 cell monolayers are Stufe Prostatatumoren on PET filters and allowed to grow for system Stufe Prostatatumoren by PET filters alone without Caco-2 Stufe Prostatatumoren in the presence and absence of the potent efflux pump inhibitors CsA and Verapamil is determined as follows.

Before the transport experiment, the culture medium in the acceptor compartment 0. To Stufe Prostatatumoren the experiment, the medium in the donor compartment 0. Aliquots of A lower extent of association to AAG results in Stufe Prostatatumoren less pronounced variability of free fraction Stufe Prostatatumoren N-oxides and also has an effect on the free fraction of compounds corresponding to compound A. Diese reduzierte Plasmaproteinbindung der Testverbindung wird durch das Stufe Prostatatumoren Beispiel belegt.

This reduced plasma protein Stufe Prostatatumoren of the test compound is demonstrated by Stufe Prostatatumoren following example.