Vaporisation BPH Rehabilitation

Benign prostatic hyperplasia

Urin während einer Entzündung der Prostatitis

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We searched for peer-reviewed original articles in the English language. Search items were: 'W lithium triborate laser' or 'W greenlight laser' or ' Vaporisation BPH Rehabilitation lithium triborate laser' or ' watt greenlight laser' or 'XPS greenlight laser'. In all, 30 papers published between and matched this search.

The only randomised controlled trial in this field compares W with transurethral resection of the prostate TURP. Catheterisation time and hospital stay were shorter in patients undergoing W XPS GL vaporisation 41 and 66 h vs 60 and 97 h, respectively.

Four papers compared the W XPS system to former GL devices showing increased Vaporisation BPH Rehabilitation time efficiency and comparable postoperative voiding Vaporisation BPH Rehabilitation and adverse events. One paper defined the learning curve to achieve an expert level according to the speed of the procedure and the effectiveness of volume reduction was met after procedures.

Longer term studies are required. October Publication Analysis. Top Keywords. Altmetric Statistics. Show full details. References Supplied by CrossRef. Urology Impact of prostate specific antigen level and prostate volume as predictors of efficacy in photoselective vaporization prostatectomy: analysis and results of an ongoing prospective multicentre study at 3 years Te et al.

BJU Int Lithium triborate laser vaporization of the prostate using the W, high performance system laser: high performance all the way? Hermanns et al. J Urol Brunken et Vaporisation BPH Rehabilitation. Lasers Med Sci Eur Urol J Endourol World J Urol Member Articles.

Differential expression of CDdependent and independent pathways Vaporisation BPH Rehabilitation chemokine induction regulates neutrophil trafficking in infection.

Fibular groove morphology and measurements on MRI: correlation with fibularis tendon abnormalities. Similar Publications. Request Full Text Paper. Please type a Vaporisation BPH Rehabilitation to the paper's authors to explain your need for the paper. From Name :. E-mail: Only shared with authors of paper. Please enter a personalized message to the authors.

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