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Musings on education governance reform and all that matters to Naga and Bikolandia. IN MY column during the Independence Day week last June, I mentioned the generation and information gaps behind our weak sense of local history.

Historian Jose V. Barrameda, Jr. My friend and colleague Joe Perez of the Bicol Mail lent me his copy for two days and it proved to be a gripping well researched read. Focusing on the exploits of the Tancong Vaca guerillas named after a watershed in Libmanan and Pasacao, also known as Mt. Bernacci in U. To the contrary, what stands out from the entire account is a tough, stubborn, durable and well organized force that refused to lay down their arms like other guerilla units in the aftermath of General Wainwright's surrender on May 6, ; survived the best vitaprost Tablette Preis in Belgorod unleashed by the Japanese Imperial Forces and their local cohorts; and outlasted them during the four-year period notwithstanding losses it sustained along the way.

Moreover, the guerillas -- led by the triumvirate of Juan Miranda, commanding officer, who would later become a congressman of the 2nd District after the war; Leon Aureus, executive officer, who would later become Naga's first postwar city mayor and Bicol Mail founder; and Elias Madrid, finance officer who actually founded the unit -- can lay claim to two key victories vitaprost Tablette Preis in Belgorod the Japs.

One is the successful assault on Naga City in partnership with other guerilla units and Agta bowmen in Camarines Sur and Norte in Maytwo months after the invaders arrived in Bicol.

It led to the short-lived recapture of the provincial capital and the release of American prisoners, a feat emblazoned in the book cover itself. The other is the ambush at Taguilid Pass in Pasacao, which is said to have netted a Japanese general and hero from the just concluded Bataan campaign that ultimately led to Wainwright's surrender.

Mariano Villafuerte and companions, who fled Naga in the aftermath of the May attack in the company of Japanese forces. The Boayes partisans were in Vito, Siruma during that fateful day arranging a sanctuary for their compatriots who have also launched a failed attack on Daet, Camarines Norte, which took place simultaneous vitaprost Tablette Preis in Belgorod the one on Naga.

The Notes to the main text, which could have been improved with better chaptering, actually reveal far more details about the tragic incident, which Barrameda categorized as a war crime given its context. Boayes himself would later figure in many other sordid episodes, including a conflict with Miranda over the latter's bride Constancia Estrada that stretched from the camp of guerilla leader Teofilo Padua in Mt.

Isarog -- Miranda was there for a unification talk, only to be wounded after a surprise Japanese attack -- to the coastal towns of Lagonoy and Parubcan now Presentacionwhere he withdrew to recuperate. It culminated with a potentially bloody confrontation between Miranda and Boayes in the shores of Catanduanes that was only averted by the former's quick hands, enabling him and his two other companions to disarm their opponents.

You're right, it has all the ingredients of an exciting war movie. I hope vitaprost Tablette Preis in Belgorod writes a screenplay of it and have it optioned by Miramax. Joebar could write another book about the guerillas in Bicolandia, which is extremely pulsating and spine tingling. In Sorsogon, for example: it was war, within a war. Two guerilla factions killing each other Vitaprost Tablette Preis in Belgorod vs Lapuz faction. Porfirio Rubirosa. What I heard from military history is that Agta poison arrows were slowly but surely felling Vitaprost Tablette Preis in Belgorod soldiers and the enemy were at a loss in finding vitaprost Tablette Preis in Belgorod antidote.

This was one of the reasons why the captured guerilla leader not sure whom, maybe Vinzons never made it to Fort Santiago alive.

He just "disappeared" along the way. By the way, the antidote to the poison was calamansi--just rub the extract on the wound. Two guerilla factions killing each other was also true in Quezon province. It was between guerilla leaders, Gen. Vera of Lopez, and Gen. Mata of Guinyangan. They were vitaprost Tablette Preis in Belgorod on each other throat rather than the real enemies. Don't you see this as a fatal flaw of Filipinos?

The Japanese occupation forces must have been laughing at us for our stupidity. This fatal flawis one reason why we are still a Third World country wallowing in poverty, while vitaprost Tablette Preis in Belgorod immediate neighbors are already on the road to prosperity. I am also a bicolana, living here in United Vitaprost Tablette Preis in Belgorod.

I am very interested to get a copy of this great book of Mr. Jose V. A remarkable work that imparts lots of lesson about bicolanos patriotism. Anyway, where can I purchase this?

From, Anjelica of UK. Hello Angelika! It's nice to have interest in our Bicol History. He called him 'Manoy Juan'. Our present house my grandparents' in Canaman is about 5 houses from the municipal hall. Story goes, the mayor during that time was my father's godfather, was later beheaded in the middle of the street vitaprost Tablette Preis in Belgorod he was accused as a Japanese collaborator.

Some Japanese soldiers reportedly hang out in my grandparents' house. Courier would be sent to their house to let them know when the guerillas would raid the town and my grandparents and children would go to San Nicolas, a barrio accessible by boat via vitaprost Tablette Preis in Belgorod Bicol River.

Keeping in mind a certain relationship of a godparent to a godchild, and the leader of the guerillas related to me really tears at my heartstrings. Tita Rosales Ventura, Calif. M Kalaw Manila. The book was published by NHI. Tita Rosales: For years, I had been looking for relatives from my father side.

I think, I finally come across. Please email me. Bobby Chicago, IL. I think he is included in that unit. He told us stories about the Tancong Vaca. When we were growing up, we met some of the retired guerillas, he used to process the BackPay's of those guerillas. He was very involved and becomes emotional and takes a lot of pride in this unit. Can you tell us more about it? Cora Cayetano USA. Cool book! Actually I have been lamenting for the lack of historical records and accounts the Bicol REgion has.

What JoeBar did is a very welcome move. In a way, this patches some cloudy days in the evolution of the region. Thanks for sharing. Congratulations to the Bikolanos! Thank you Joe Bar for this extraordinary and truly outstanding and world class book! His survival was a miracle after being being fatally hit in the head by a bullet. The American and Philippine gov'ts awarded him a purple heart medal and other medals for his valor and bravery.

I witnessed that morning when my father coughed out the bullet that struck him and was left embedded in his head for thirty 30 yrs.

Yes, thank God for our Bikolano heroes! Hello everyone! Nice ingredients for a war movie indeed, hehe. Anyway, I am Francisco "Turko" Boayes' grandaughter Please do not spread nasty rumors about my uncle. Elsa from Wisconsin. Turko is a great guerilla leader who is well loved and respected by his fellow guerillas in Camarines Norte.

He will never pick a fight against another guerilla for no reason. I wish both parties are still alive to tell both sides of the story and not through hearsays or rumors. Turko is a very compassionate and loving person and has done a good service to his country. He does not like the limelight and social life.

He is simply an extra ordinary guerilla leader and hero who choose to live an vitaprost Tablette Preis in Belgorod life. And I would to quote what the President said "Ikaw pala si Turko. Matagal na kitang gustong makita" And he gave him a hug of like a long lost friend. Turko is not perfect but deserves to be honored and respected and have the right place in the history of Camarines Norte as its rightful hero during WWII. Visit the Provincial Capitol of Camarines Norte and see for yourself the expression of gratitude of the people of the province.

I know Turko, he is my father. Miranda's book? If you are outside the Phil. Last year I ordered 3 books vitaprost Tablette Preis in Belgorod them and had asked vitaprost Tablette Preis in Belgorod send two books to Japan and one for me here in Chicago. In the Phil. Kalaw St. Ermita Manila. Tel or email: nhi next. Author: V. Barrameda, JR.