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Aurora is recovering well but I hate to see her so painful. Her pain seems pretty bad, really due to the dreaded chest tube. Then my heart breaks a bit.

It means so much to have so much love everywhere for this amazing little person next to me. Really though. This could really be nothing. This could serve as a very forceful reminder of how precious our girls are and how precarious life can be. Live it while you got it and live it well. The Georgia Aquarium may even happen over Spring Break. Love, love, love her…. Aurora is doing well but vitaprost Tabletten kaufen Cues very drowsy as they have her on some vitaprost Tabletten kaufen Cues pain and anti-nausea meds to keep her comfortable.

The surgery went really well. Adamson made minimal incisions, using 2 old scars from previous surgeries and made one new one, all are about an inch or so. He looked around the space from her spine to the center of her rib cage for anything vitaprost Tabletten kaufen Cues.

He removed the nodules he could see. One was a thickening of the pleural lining of her lung and the other was just kind of a fatty material. My fingers are crossed permanently!

At about pm, they allowed me to join Aurora in the recovery room. She was going in and out of sleep. So, Dr. Adamson had made an Aurora bandage for the shark and a shark bandage for Aurora. Aurora, vitaprost Tabletten kaufen Cues her stupor, thought it was all pretty funny too in a very subdued way. Thanks vitaprost Tabletten kaufen Cues Love, Anna. Aurora is out of surgery now and in her room. She is doing fine. The procedures went fine.

We should know more about the tissue which was removed some time this week or next. A chest tube vitaprost Tabletten kaufen Cues needed, so it is expected that she can come home this weekend. I am sure Anna will add more informtion to this page soon. Love to all. We have to register at 7am. This is wonderful!!!! Kids her age are usually in the early afternoon which means no food up to the surgery which is a lot to ask of a kid.

I had expected a 2pm surgery. My stomach has been in knots today. She had an awesome party yesterday complete with ponies to ride. I asked her what her favorite parts were.

It was a wonderful party because of the wonderful guests. All the kids just ran wild and made up games as they went taking cues from Aurora. Thanks for checking in. Today Aurora turns 8. In light of recent events and possibilities I really, really like having her sleep with me. We woke up together this morning and cuddled for a while. I told her the story of her birth. We both got teary about the magic of the day she was born.

She is such magic. I laughed and told her it was a day like any other. She seems to be in a really good place about her surgery and has been telling friends and teachers at school about it very casually. She even had her hair shampooed. She loved it. She just sat there the vitaprost Tabletten kaufen Cues time, grinning, and completely silent. It was weird to have her be so quiet. She was tired of her hair being so knotty so she vitaprost Tabletten kaufen Cues it really short.

Aurora will not be having surgery this week. They feel like it really was whooping cough. The clencher though was me getting sick. They would like Joe vitaprost Tabletten kaufen Cues I to take a 5 day course of antibiotics and feel well enough to take care of Aurora and not spread whooping cough around the hospital as it can be fatal for babies.

Though the wait might kill me, it does make the most sense. I would feel a lot better to have Aurora be a little healthier before they aggravate her lungs. I was told that the BAL will most likely make her cough more for a day or so. Thanks, Anna. Probably the afternoon. Aurora vitaprost Tabletten kaufen Cues I were sitting together, cuddling on the couch yesterday evening and I felt like it was the right time to tell her what was going on.

Nothing deep, just the facts. I told her that her CT showed something in her lung had grown a bit and she needed to have surgery to take it out and see what it is. This was met with tears. We talked about it for a while. The evening rolled on and it was time for stories. Aurora wanted me to wait a minute so she could write me something. I thought she was dragging her feet about going to bed but I said go ahead and I got Evie in her pjs.

Aurora then skips over and hands me a card. I open it up and here is what it said, misspellings and vitaprost Tabletten kaufen Cues. Love always, your daughter, Aurora Vitaprost Tabletten kaufen Cues Waddell. We are so scared that this is something. Life is big. According to her oncologist, these are the other possibilities. She has pneumonia in one lung and these nodes that have grown a bit in vitaprost Tabletten kaufen Cues other. He called from home, on his own time and made sure I knew that the number he called from was his home number should we need anything over the weekend.

I still have so many questions about allowing them to do this with her lungs already compromised by this illness and a surgery being performed on the left lung, and then a rinse to the right?

I just want her to be able to breathe after this is all said and done. Hopefully the biopsy will come back as a big fat nothing. I let her know more when we have solid dates for the surgery.

I mentioned a bit of this around her. Powered by Vitaprost Tabletten kaufen Cues. Out of surgery Filed under: Aurora — joe. Tomorrow is the day… Filed under: Aurora — anna. Happy Birthday to Aurora!!!! Vitaprost Tabletten kaufen Cues under: Aurora — joe. Date for sugery… Filed under: Aurora — anna. Ok… surgery pushed back Filed under: Aurora — joe. Surgery is set… Filed under: Aurora — joe.

Nothing new, just thoughts and an amazing note from Aurora… Filed under: Aurora — anna. Not such great news… Filed under: Aurora — joe. Thanks and love to all, Anna.