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Hochtemperatur Prostatitis bei Männern

Descriptive characteristic Vitaprost belongs precisely to such drugs. The drug is produced by a pharmaceutical company. Vitaprost is a modern medicine that contains only natural ingredients. It has a positive effect on the gland in any of its diseases and a number of complications.

Apply the tool only as directed by the attending physician. The drug Vitaprost contains in its composition the active active ingredient — prostate extract Samprost substance. Tablets, coated, dissolving in the intestine Contain as an active ingredient powder "Samprost", which is obtained from the cells of the prostate gland bulls, in a dose of 50 and mg.

Auxiliary substances for tablets are sucrose, lactose, cellulose, calcium stearate, croapovidone. Tablets are covered with an enteric coating of light blue color interspersed, consisting of titanium dioxide, acrylic, silicon oxide, sodium bicarbonate, coloring agents. Available in 10 pieces in blister packs placed in cardboard packs. In addition to the tablet form, Vitaprost is made in the form of rectal suppositories.

Also, the drug is available in the form of suppositories under the following names: Vitaprost Forte and Vitaprost Plus. Rectal suppositories Candles are white with a yellowish shade, torpedo-shaped. One candle contains 50 mg of substance "Samprost" and the adjuvant is witepsol.

The drug is available in 5 pieces in blisters packaged in cartons. Vitaprost Forte Available in the form of rectal suppositories. They contain an active active vitaprost Tabletten Sankt Petersburg — prostate extract mgand the basis for suppositories. Available in 5 pieces in a cell contour packages placed in cardboard packs. Vitaprost Plus Available in the form of rectal suppositories. It contains an active active ingredient — prostate extract.

Also contains lomefloxacin hydrochloride in the amount of mg. Candles whitish-yellowish, have a torpedo shape. Tablets, as well as candles Vitaprost Forte, improve blood microcirculation in the prostate gland, lead to a decrease in thrombus formation and platelet aggregation, thereby preventing the development of thrombosis in the gland.

As a result, the swelling and infiltration of prostate tissues are reduced, the walls of the bladder are stimulated, due to which the symptoms of vitaprost Tabletten Sankt Petersburg urination disappear. These drugs contribute to the reduction of the prostate in the volume, the disappearance of the pain symptom during urination, increase the flow rate of urine, reducing the amount vitaprost Tabletten Sankt Petersburg residual urine. Vitaprost Forte increases the trophic processes in the prostate, and helps to reduce the hyperactivity of the bladder even after the end of the course of the drug.

The combined agent Vitaprost Plus, in addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, also has an antimicrobial effect due to lomefloxacin, a broad-spectrum bactericidal preparation. This drug affects the enzyme DNA gyrase, and leads to the death of microbial cells. There is a high sensitivity of the drug to gram-negative aerobic microorganisms. Less activity is observed in relation to staphylococci, mycobacteria, chlamydia, proteus, etc. There is resistance to the preparation of streptococci, ureaplasma, treponema, and anaerobic bacteria.

Prostate extract — the active substance. It relieves swelling, normalizes the secretion of the prostate gland, stimulates the bladder muscle wall.

Vitaprost Plus also reduces urinary pain, its frequency, and increases the rate of vitaprost Tabletten Sankt Petersburg evacuation. Vitaprost tablets are prescribed for long-term treatment of acute and chronic diseases of the prostate gland. Vitaprost tablets are recommended to be taken not only for chronic prostatitis, but also for many other prostate pathologies: acute prostatitis, benign hyperplasia and prostate adenoma. Treatment should be prescribed by a specialist, because prostatitis, both acute and chronic, often has an infectious nature of occurrence.

Vitaprost Tabletten Sankt Petersburg this it follows that treatment vitaprost Tabletten Sankt Petersburg Vitaprost alone will not be sufficient, it is imperative that it is necessary to connect an antibacterial agent. Treatment in vitaprost Tabletten Sankt Petersburg comprehensive plan can only appoint a doctor. Impotence is a scourge of modern society. Vitaprost improves the sexual function of men, and is able to improve the quality of sex life.

There is evidence that the drug can help with male infertility, contributing to the improvement of spermatogenesis. For these purposes, take a tablet form of the drug.

Vitaprost is actively prescribed after the operations of the abdominal organs, in order to restore the function of urination associated with violation of urine outflow. Currently, the procedure for catheterization of the bladder is often replaced by taking the drug.

Vitaprost candles Used for chronic prostatitis, during surgery on the prostate gland, before and after them, in order to prevent exacerbations of the inflammatory process. Dosage forms of the drug are used in the treatment of chronic prostatitis, but there are some features in the application. Vitaprost vitaprost Tabletten Sankt Petersburg Vitaprost tablets take one, twice a day. The course for benign prostatic hyperplasia will generally be 15 days, and for chronic prostatitis 10 days.

Vitaprost candles Apply rectally, one candle once a day after vitaprost Tabletten Sankt Petersburg movements, alone or with an enema.

It is necessary to lie on the stomach after the introduction, for half an hour. The course of treatment must last at least ten days. Vitaprost Forte Vitaprost forte candles are also administered rectally, one suppository per day after bowel emptying.

Staying in bed is recommended for 30 minutes after the vitaprost Tabletten Sankt Petersburg of the candle. In chronic prostatitis, the duration of treatment should be more than 10 days, with overactive bladder — 20 days. Vitaprost plus Suppositories Vitaprost Plus is used once a day rectally.

It is advisable to stay in bed after the introduction for minutes. The duration of treatment is determined individually by the attending physician, vitaprost Tabletten Sankt Petersburg about a month, and lasts until the complete release of prostate gland secretion from the bacterial agent. Vitaprost treatment is more effective with an integrated approach.

Together with Vitaprost tablets, other drugs are prescribed for the treatment of chronic prostatitis. Treatment with medicinal herbs and traditional medicine methods is also used. Application of Vitaprost Plus does not require adjustment of dosage in case of liver cirrhosis, but it is necessary to be under the influence of sunlight.

Photosensitization is manifested in the form of hyperemia, burn, blistering of the skin, vitaprost Tabletten Sankt Petersburg in general well-being up to nervous excitement, hand tremor, confusion. In these cases, the use of the drug should be urgently canceled. The drug affects the concentration of attention, so it is recommended to use caution when driving vehicles, when working with moving parts of machinery and other hazardous activities.

Chronic prostatitis is undoubtedly a very common disease of the prostate gland. There are various points of view on the choice of drugs for its treatment around this disease, but a really effective method has not yet been developed. On the other vitaprost Tabletten Sankt Petersburg, it should be noted that Vitaprost is the most prescribed pharmacological agent for prostatitis. It is known that prostatitis is an infectious-allergic disease that develops vitaprost Tabletten Sankt Petersburg the background of foci of infection in the body: sinusitis, dental caries, chronic cholecystitis, and so on.

The goal of treating chronic prostatitis is undoubtedly the restoration of functions and the normalization of the structure of the prostate gland. Just Vitaprost and helps in this. Vitaprost treatment is supplemented with antibiotic therapy, the use of blockers, herbal preparations, interferons.

Bioregulatory peptides, which include Vitaprost, have opened a new milestone in the treatment of prostatitis. They stimulate the activity of the prostate gland and reduce the clinical manifestations of the disease. The effectiveness of the drug, ease of use, high bioavailability of dosage forms allowed him to gain great popularity. Very often, the drug Vitaprost is used in the treatment of prostate adenoma, and the accompanying male infertility.

Application is based on the action of the anti-edema effect of the drug. The volume of the prostate gland is reduced, thereby relieving the symptoms of congestion and difficulty emptying the bladder.

Vitaprost is used not only in the pathologies of the prostate gland, but in some cases the treatment of diseases of other organs. Conservative treatment of hemorrhoids causes a lot of trouble for both the doctor and the patient. Using Vitaprost has proven to be quite effective in solving this problem. Typically, the drug is used in vitaprost Tabletten Sankt Petersburg form of candles, one per day, for days. Vitaprost reduces bleeding from hemorrhoids, vitaprost Tabletten Sankt Petersburg and swelling of tissues within a few days after the start of treatment.

There is healing of the anal fissure on the 15th day of treatment. Boris, 37 years old, Moscow A good medicine, at first skeptical of him, but on the third day the result exceeded expectations — the pain in the groin decreased, and there was less discomfort during urination.

After ten days of treatment, I felt like a man sexually, for which special thanks to Vitaprost. Oleg, 22, Perm The drug helped me, I am very pleased. I was treated for only about a month, now I am healthy, Vitaprost Tabletten Sankt Petersburg continue to play sports. My wife is also pleased with my state vitaprost Tabletten Sankt Petersburg health, and I thank the doctor for prescribing an effective treatment for this unpleasant disease.

Andrei, 31, Novosibirsk The drug proved to be good, convenient to use, fast acting, I am satisfied with the result of the treatment. Pain symptoms passed quickly, urination function was restored. Grateful to the doctor for the appointment of such an effective tool. Plato, 44, Nalchik I will not say anything bad about the drug — it has helped me more quickly, compared to other drugs that Vitaprost Tabletten Sankt Petersburg have used in the past two years.

He thanked the doctor who appointed him to me. Mikhail Osokin, 42, Irkutsk Fully satisfied with the drug, surprising ease of use. Treatment takes only half an hour a day. I finally returned to normal life, became a full-fledged man, and this makes me happy. The application is quite simple, does not require much time and effort.

Vladimir, 27 years old, Rostov-on-Don After cured prostatitis, I became a little different person — now I try to play sports, I run, pay more attention to my wife.