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Was ist Prostata-Vergrößerung?! Anzeichen und Behandlung von "benigne Prostatahyperplasie" / BPH

Normale Größe der Prostata in 50 Jahren

Professional Reference articles are designed for health professionals to use. You may find the Prostate Massage Prostata-Hyperplasie Enlargement article more useful, or one of Massage Prostata-Hyperplasie other health articles. The term benign prostatic hypertrophy is also used but technically it is incorrect. Hypertrophy means enlargement of the components without an increase in their numbers as happens with muscle fibres. Hyperplasia is an increase in the number of the components and this Massage Prostata-Hyperplasie typical of glandular enlargement.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia Massage Prostata-Hyperplasie is an increase in size of the prostate gland without malignancy present and it is so common as to be normal with advancing age.

It seems likely that the nature of BPH is a failure of Massage Prostata-Hyperplasie natural programmed death of cells and that some of the drugs used to treat it may induce that process. It is a hormone-dependent gland and BPH does not occur in castrated men. Prevailing European guidelines suggest that because BPH is so common Massage Prostata-Hyperplasie older men, it should not be looked on as the only possible pathology in patients presenting with LUTS.

The doctor assessing a patient with LUTS should take an holistic view bearing in mind the full range of causes and the possibility of co-existing morbidities.

One study found some correlation between LUTS and increased prostate volume. The transitional zone volume and transitional zone length had a higher correlation with the International Prostate Symptom Score IPSS than total prostate volume. Between the ages of 31 and Massage Prostata-Hyperplasie it doubles in size every 4. History should focus on a number Massage Prostata-Hyperplasie specific features that are typical of the disease.

This should be followed by the IPSS to give an Massage Prostata-Hyperplasie of the effect on the quality of life. If surgery seems likely and bearing in mind the age of most men who present with this Massage Prostata-Hyperplasie further questions to assess fitness for surgery may be in order.

The IPSS is a quantitative and validated technique based on eight questions and a further quality-of-life question. The results are summated to give a figure for the degree of trouble caused by the condition. The Massage Prostata-Hyperplasie is free for the use of individual clinicians and non-funded research. Patients and sometimes doctors expect a test to give a simple affirmative or negative answer and so a booklet to help understand the PSA test may be of value.

A high result may occur Massage Prostata-Hyperplasie benign disease and may be associated with an increased risk of having LUTS requiring treatment. Imaging may also be necessary if there is any suggestion of urinary tract obstruction. Ultrasound examination of the prostate may be used prior to surgery or if it will assist choice Massage Prostata-Hyperplasie medical therapy.

Surgery is usually reserved for those with a large prostate or failure to respond to an adequate Massage Prostata-Hyperplasie of medical therapy. BPH is not considered Massage Prostata-Hyperplasie be a precursor of prostate cancer.

It is likely that although Massage Prostata-Hyperplasie may not make prostate cancer more likely to occur, it may increase the chance of diagnosing an incidental cancer.

Some authorities recommend annual screening for prostate cancer with a digital rectal examination and a serum PSA after discussing the potential risks and benefits of PSA testing for patients between 40 and 75 years of age. However this recommendation is not universal and is not included in any national guideline. NICE recommends referral for the following indications: [ 12 ]. Urol J. Ther Adv Urol. Michel MC ; The forefront for novel therapeutic agents based on the pathophysiology of lower urinary tract dysfunction: alpha-blockers in the treatment of male voiding dysfunction - how do they work and why do they differ in tolerability?

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I dropped the creepy female uro who wanted really wanted to do a needle biopsy for no damn reason. I got a doctor who came recommended by a friend, He Disclaimer: This Massage Prostata-Hyperplasie is for information only Massage Prostata-Hyperplasie should not be used for Massage Prostata-Hyperplasie diagnosis or treatment of medical conditions.

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By using this site you agree to our use Massage Prostata-Hyperplasie cookies. You can opt out at any time or find out more by reading our cookie policy. This article is for Medical Professionals. Benign prostatic enlargement, BPH The term benign prostatic hypertrophy is also used but technically it is incorrect. Description Benign prostatic Massage Prostata-Hyperplasie BPH is an increase in size of the prostate Massage Prostata-Hyperplasie without malignancy present and it is so common as to be normal with advancing age.

Interpretation of IPSS score. PSA Cut-off Values. Clinical Editor's notes July Dr Hayley Willacy notes that: the UroLift system is used to perform a prostatic urethral lift, a procedure that is an alternative to current standard surgical interventions such as transurethral resection of the prostate TURP and holmium laser enucleation HoLEP [ 21 ].

The UroLift system uses adjustable, permanent implants to pull excess prostatic tissue away so that it does not narrow or Massage Prostata-Hyperplasie the urethra. In this way, the device is designed to relieve symptoms of urinary outflow obstruction without cutting or removing tissue. It also Massage Prostata-Hyperplasie that the degree of symptom relief outcomes is slightly less than that after Massage Prostata-Hyperplasie resection of the prostate TURP or holmium laser enucleation HoLEPbut it is sufficient and clinically important.

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