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New software improves tavanik Prostatabehandlung As with a concave mirror, the ultrasound is foc used on the c entre of the tumour and destroys the malignant c ells there.

The f irst issue of the Prostate Newsletter was published some while tavanik Prostatabehandlung now, and a second issue is due. We were surprised at the feedback — we receive numerous inquiries and subscription requests ev ery day.

With over postal subscribers and more than email subscribers, almost of which are f rom English-speaking countries, we can riv al a trade journal. The high access figures f or the website also underline a growing desire f or competent, specialist information about minimally inv asiv e prostate therapy. We tavanik Prostatabehandlung happy to meet this demand and hope y ou find the information in the second Prostate Newsletter of interest. Deuster The Heidelberg Clinic for Prostate Therapy is regarded tavanik Prostatabehandlung the tavanik Prostatabehandlung clinic throughout Germany that has specialized exclusively in minimally invasive prostate therapy procedures.

For more than six years, a team of urologists led by Dr. Thanks to new software, treatment is now tavanik Prostatabehandlung shorter and less invasive than before. If prostate cancer is diagnosed, one of the f irst questions relates to the right therapy.

Radical surgery, radiation — including with implanted radioactiv e seeds — or hormone therapy are usually offered as conv entional procedures. Radical surgery usually involv es serious side effects — tavanik Prostatabehandlung and impotence are possible. With the Sonablate ultrasound treatment device, therapy is extremely gentle and practically f ree of side effects.

In contrast to networks of medical practices, the Heidelberg Clinic f or Prostate Therapy is a competence centre that deals exclusively with prostate diseases.

An experienced urologist or prostate expert is always av ailable as a contact person f or the patient, around the clock - ev ery day. Treatment with ultrasound is extremely gentle and can also be recommended f or high-risk patients. An ultrasound transducer is inserted in tavanik Prostatabehandlung rectum of the lightly anesthetized patient. This emits tavanik Prostatabehandlung wav es of four megahertz. The tavanik Prostatabehandlung penetrates the tavanik Prostatabehandlung without injury.

The cancerous tissue is mortif ied. The computer-controlled ultrasound focal point moves through the entire tumour. With the new software, the transducer can cover an ev en greater prostate area, reduce the rate of the pulsed ultrasound wav es and f urther reduce the ov erall treatment time. The therapy lasts just a few hours, and the patient can leave the clinic after a short hospital stay.

Since then, more than men hav e successfully undergone this modern, minimally invasive therapy at the clinic. Because a minimally inv asiv e therapy also goes hand in hand with a minimally inv asiv e diagnosis, a procedure is used in partnership with Dr. Kübler's laboratory in Munich - that avoids a prostate biopsy. The method is based on the principle of the polymerase tavanik Prostatabehandlung reaction PCRwhich not only identifies the existence of cancerous cells in the blood, but also determines their number and characteristics.

Tavanik Prostatabehandlung cancer diagnosis e very minteu A patient is diagnosed with cancer almost ev ery minute in Germany: Withnew cases anddeaths per y ear, we have achiev ed a sad record.

The most common cancers among men are prostate cancer PCa with 58, and colon cancer with 37, cases; among women, it is breast cancer tavanik Prostatabehandlung, and colon cancer 36, It's no news to the tavanik Prostatabehandlung at the Clinic for Prostate Therapy that sport and health are closely related, but it is important to inf orm patients of this f act.

For y ears, therefore, the head of tavanik Prostatabehandlung clinic Dr. Deuster left has been promoting the Rhein-Neckar running group www. Dill 2nd left : In they once again successfully completed the v ery demanding Heidelberg half marathon, which is a challenge ev en f or well-prepared tavanik Prostatabehandlung with its Tavanik Prostatabehandlung new high was recently achieved at the Clinic for Prostate Therapy: More than patients suffering from a benign prostate hyperplasia BPH tavanik Prostatabehandlung e now been treated with the greenlight laser.

As a result, the clinic has the most experience in using tavanik Prostatabehandlung gentle greenlight laser in Germany, and probably in the world. Tavanik Prostatabehandlung new Greenlight Power Laser, with watt perf ormance, has been successfully used here since tavanik Prostatabehandlung beginning of tavanik Prostatabehandlung A good patients hav e experienced the new technology, which can be applied for practically any.

Success i n the Hei delberg half mar athon Members of the Clinic for Prostate Therapy after crossing the fi nish line. Jutta Edelmann tavanik Prostatabehandlung been an integral part of the clinic since the early days and has held the organizational reins f or a good 20 y ears.

She is always cheerf ul and her warmth and friendliness are an absolute must in today's hectic clinic lif e. When she goes div ing with her husband and daughter, the destination could be Australia or Cuba but the priority is sun, sea and plenty of opportunity to tavanik Prostatabehandlung the batteries.

Perhaps something will come of the marathon training too — after all, the bosses are setting a good example in that respect. The large roof terrace provides a view across Heidelberg's old town and castle. Telephone and f ax numbers and email address will stay the same.

For y ears, the Heidelberg Clinic for Prostate Therapy has provided exceptional artists from the RhineNeckar region with a podium for their works. Artist Eva Petersen is currently exhibiting her works in the clinic with the theme "A dialog between color and f orm". The exhibition had a high-profile opening. The works will be on show until October 24, and is open on Tavanik Prostatabehandlung from 1 — 5 p. Journal of the Klinik für Prostata-Therapie. A good patients hav e tavanik Prostatabehandlung the new technology, which can be applied for practically any Tavanik Prostatabehandlung i n the Hei delberg half mar athon Members of the Clinic for Prostate Therapy after crossing the fi nish line.

Charming and calm under pressure We're moving Tavanik Prostatabehandlung Edelmann has been an integral part of the clinic since the early days and has held the organizational reins f or a good 20 y ears.

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