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Super Beta Prostate: Is It Really a Prostate Problem Game Changer?

Prostatitis Symptome und Behandlung bei Jugendlichen

When it comes to prostate health, all men know they should take it seriously, but how can you tell the products backed by real science from all the fakes out there? Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced uses only clinically tested ingredients at the correct amounts, so that you can feel confident with what you are putting in your body. This means real, dependable prostate support so you can spend more time enjoying your life, instead of in the bathroom.

Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced is the perfect formula for Super Beta Prostata who want to reduce those frequent, frustrating bathroom trips — both during the day and the night. Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced takes prostate health to the next Super Beta Prostata with a special blend called ProstaFendmade Super Beta Prostata of 3 powerful ingredients that each support your prostate in their own unique way. It Super Beta Prostata course contains beta-sitosterol which helps to reduce urges to urinate throughout the day and night- this is the key ingredient that has made our original Super Beta Prostate formula the 1 best selling prostate with over 10 million bottles shipped!

The formula is then balanced Super Beta Prostata reishi mushroom extract and lycopene, that further helps promote a healthy prostate! We are confident that Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced will work for you, Super Beta Prostata its a powerful product backed by real science. We want you to live your life, not spend it Super Beta Prostata to the bathroom. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. While the classic Super Beta Prostate formula has a powerful key Super Beta Prostata to support prostate health, P3 Advanced has THREE key ingredients — each working in a different way to Super Beta Prostata healthy prostate function.

We made this advanced formula for men who want more comprehensive support, and more researched ingredients. Within P3 Advanced is our incredible ProstaFend blend, which takes Super Beta Prostata key ingredients and balances them to perfection.

What makes P3 Advanced different than other products on the market for prostate health? We love Super Beta Prostata this question! When you compare the P3 Advanced formula with others, you may notice a couple of things.

This might include ingredients that are completely ineffective or based on folklore. Two, these brands keep production costs down by only including a little bit of each ingredient. P3 Advanced only has ingredients backed by promising research, and we only use amounts that meet or exceed that research. Beta-Sitosterol is a natural plant sterol found in many fruits Super Beta Prostata vegetables Super Beta Prostata but in relatively low doses. Multiple clinical studies show that beta-sitosterol can reduce common urinary issues, improve urine flow, and reduce urges to urinate.

Lycopene is a carotenoid; a Super Beta Prostata created by plants. Lycopene is most commonly associated with tomatoes, and has a long history of being used to support prostate health. Furthermore, low lycopene levels are associated with an increased risk of lower urinary tract symptoms in older men. P3 Advanced provides 15 mg of lycopene! Reishi mushrooms are most commonly found in East Asia, and have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over two thousand years!

But more important, Super Beta Prostata extract from this mushroom has been show to support healthy prostate function, and it helps reduce urges to urinate.

If you are taking a prescription medication, or you have other concerns, it is recommended you seek the advice of a medical professional before beginning any new health regimen. The suggested dosage for P3 Advanced is two caplets a day. It is recommended you take Super Beta Prostata caplet in the morning and one caplet in the evening.

Remember, this is a nonprescription formula made with ingredients that work WITH your body. Some Super Beta Prostata report relatively quick results and others notice a difference after Super Beta Prostata P3 Advanced for a while. All men over 50 need to think about their prostate. As men age, the prevalence of urinary issues will likely increase. As such, we recommend men over 50 take P3 Advanced every day to help reduce urinary issues, and to continuously support healthy prostate function.

No questions or explanation is required. Steven M. Leamon — August 4, :. John — July 4, :. Douglas Riggins — June 9, :.

Keith Browe — June 14, :. RG — March 7, :. Super Beta Prostata have been using super beta for about 4 years now. It works for me and I Super Beta Prostata get up to go 1 time per night around am which is pretty normal for a 56 year old.

I also noticed a little lift in my time with my wife. I have recommended it to several friends that concur. It may not be a magic bullet, but there is definitely a difference Super Beta Prostata its all natural so cant be a bad thing. My only issue is the cost of the new P3.

Keep up the good work but get your cost down. J Stuart Steele — February 15, :. Mark — January 11, :. I have been using the product of about a month and have been satisfied with the results so far. I will continue to buy the products, nevertheless, I will do so on Amazon because the prices are much better and I get free shipping being a prime member. Thanks for introducing me to your products!! James T Pullen — December 30, :. Joe Walker — November 17, :. Was well into third bottle before the dramatic change took place.

Maybe because I had a kidney stone probably my 30th shortly after I started the product that slowed down my results. I had been on Flomax for 9 months with little or no relief but this stuff has really worked. My problems were going often during the day and occasionally at night, dribbling and feeling like I could not empty my bladder.

All symptoms not completely gone but greatly improved. I have taken the first bottle of Super Beta Advanced P3, and nothing has changed. I will try one more bottle to see if that helps. Joseph McFadden — August 3, :. I was taking the regular formula of super Super Beta Prostata prostate for about two months and notice a major difference in my urination. So I tried the p3 formula for a month and my prostate and urination is almost back to normal. This product worked for me.

Thank you. William Bernstein — July 14, :. Brad Burt — May 6, :. I have been taking Super Beta for over 15 years now. My dad had Protate cancer, etc. And, 3 mg is the dose recommended by all studies. Beta Sit. By the science…the formulation for this product is really first rate. Want to know IF if will work for you? Baring any gastric upset because of the ingredients, you HAVE to take this stuff in the full dosage recommended for years.

This kind Super Beta Prostata nutritional intervention is a life thing. In many cases Beta Sit. But, in ALL cases? You have to use the product in my opinion for at least 3 months making sure you do NOT miss your daily intake.

See what happens? I, by the way, am a real person, not a shill for the corp. Brad Burt. Kenny — March 13, :. Keith Browe — March 19, :. Our Super Saver program Super Beta Prostata a discounted price for setting up on-going automatic shipments of the product.

So for instance, if you order 3 bottle of Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced on the Super Saver program, it will continue to ship our every 3 months.

You will see this info in your cart and on the checkout page before ordering. Ollie A — February 20, :. Keith Browe — February 21, :. The reason we offer a 30 day MBG is because there were positive results shown during the first 30 days of the clinical studies that tested the ingredients… that and a 30 day MBG is our standard guarantee for all products.

With that being said; while one customer may see results in 2 weeks, it may take another customer 6 weeks to experience similar results — so we like to suggest that customers give it Super Beta Prostata days to make their final judgement. Daniel — February 20, :. Dave — Super Beta Prostata 16, :. Hello I tried it for almost a month and started to get pain in my lower stomach so stop taking it and also cancelled my order for the future within the deadline but still they try to take it out of my credit card and I also emailed them like 3 times and got no damm reply but yet they still trying to get off my card.

Terry — February 10, :. Works very good, better tan all other products that I have tried. The p3 is even helping more because I have started 1 super beta in morning and the super beta with p3 at night and it has reduced Super Beta Prostata need down to never needing to get up at all.