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Die beste Medizin für die Prävention von Prostatitis

Brief description and active components of candles from prostatitis With prostatitis, vitaprost in Ukraine suppositories suppositories are almost always used, which affect not only the prostate gland, but also the rectal mucosa. Candles have a local effect, as they are inserted into the rectum, through which wall they penetrate directly to the prostate gland.

Due to the local action, almost the entire volume of the active substance is in the vitaprost in Ukraine of the pelvis, where it exerts its therapeutic effects, while vitaprost in Ukraine penetrating into the systemic circulation and, thereby, without affecting other organs and tissues. That is why candles are an excellent dosage form for the delivery of active substances to the male prostate gland, as a result of which they are used very widely. However, vitaprost in Ukraine doctors believe that suppositories are ineffective for the treatment of prostatitis, since they are not inserted into the prostate, but into the rectum, and the active components are not able to penetrate the rather dense intestinal wall.

Such an opinion has the right to life, but you should know that it is based on theoretical calculations, which are often refuted by practice. Thus, in practice, it was found that various microorganisms that make up the intestinal microflora can penetrate through the dense vitaprost in Ukraine wall, penetrating into the female vagina or male urethra.

Therefore, paradoxically, but in practice, the dense intestinal wall can be vitaprost in Ukraine permeable not only for the active substances of candles, but also for microorganisms. Thus, it can not be unequivocally stated that suppositories for the treatment of prostatitis are completely ineffective. Since prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland in men, candles with anti-inflammatory, resolving, analgesic, antispasmodic and antibacterial action are used to treat it.

Candles may contain various vitaprost in Ukraine ingredients that have the indicated therapeutic effects. Moreover, the composition of candles can include both chemicals for example, diclofenac, Voltaren, Longidase, etc. In candles for prostatitis, active substances of the NSAID group non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugspropolis and other bee products, as well as cattle prostate extract are most often used.

In addition, many candles contain vitamins that have a fortifying effect on the entire body. According to the mechanism of action, candles are similar to microclysters, they simply use fats and oils as auxiliary components, and not water. Most often the main auxiliary component of candles for prostatitis is coconut oil or petrolatum, which provide rapid absorption of active substances and their even distribution over the surface of the lower part of the rectum.

For maximum therapeutic effect, suppositories should be inserted into the rectum after a bowel movement and pushed deep enough for the entire length of the index finger. So that the candle does not move in the intestine, after its introduction, it is necessary to vitaprost in Ukraine down for minutes. Propolis vitaprost in Ukraine a beekeeping product that has a variety of therapeutic effects, such as:. These effects of propolis can be used for the treatment of prostatitis in the composition of rectal suppositories.

And propolis candles are among the most effective and widely used for prostatitis. Currently on the pharmaceutical market there are the following candles with propolis used in the treatment of prostatitis:. Drug Prostopin is available in vitaprost in Ukraine single dosage form — it is rectal suppositoriesthat is, suppository plugs for the rectum.

Candles have a torpedo shape with one blunt vitaprost in Ukraine the other pointed end. The surface vitaprost in Ukraine the suppository is smooth, painted yellow with small inclusions of white, grayish and brownish shades.

On a cut the candle is homogeneous, without bubbles, voids, lumps and irregularities. Suppositories Prostotopin packed in cardboard boxes, 15 pieces each. The composition of candles as the active ingredients vitaprost in Ukraine the following bee products:. The number of active ingredients is indicated per candle. That is, each suppository Prostotopin contains mg of royal jelly, mg of mountain honey, mg of pollen each, mg of propolis, and 80 mg of pollen.

As auxiliary components Prostotopin candles contain beeswax, anhydrous lanolin and cocoa butter. This photo shows the appearance of the packaging and candles Prostopin.

Prostotopin candles have a general tonic, adaptogenic, tonic, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect, due to the properties of the active components of the drug. Since the active components of suppositories represent a whole complex of biologically active substances that have a wide range of different therapeutic effects that reinforce each other, the success and high efficiency of the therapy for urological and proctological diseases are literally predetermined.

The anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effects of Prostopin suppositories are mainly topical, since their introduction into the rectum causes the absorption of the active components in the pelvic area.

Accordingly, the candles act mainly on the organs of the urogenital tract, the rectum and other tissues located in the pelvis. Absorption of active substances into the systemic circulation is insignificant, but, nevertheless, sufficient to have a general strengthening and tonic effect.

Propolis in the composition of the candles it contributes to the strengthening of local immunity, relieves pain, reduces the vitaprost in Ukraine and activity of the inflammatory process in the pelvic organs rectum, urethra, prostate and bladderpromotes tissue healing, and also has a detrimental effect on fungi and bacteria that can cause intestinal dysbiosis or infectious diseases. Antimicrobial activity of propolis is higher than that of some antibiotics.

Royal jelly improves metabolism and increases the amount of nutrients delivered to the foci of inflammation. This strengthens local immunity, improves potency and sperm quality, and prevents the formation of tumors in the pelvic organs.

Mountain honey Suppresses inflammation and pain, improves local immunity, and also accelerates the healing process and restoration of the normal structure of tissues that were vitaprost in Ukraine in the inflammatory process. Due to this vitaprost in Ukraine, the tissues of the pelvic organs quickly restore their structure and begin to function normally. Perga and obnozhka have a vitaprost in Ukraine anti-inflammatory effect and, in addition, have a detrimental effect on various pathogenic microorganisms, which are the cause of infectious and inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs.

Thanks to these effects, suppositories promote the rapid recovery and relief of inflammatory diseases of the rectum, prostate, urethra and bladder in men and women. Candles are very effective in sluggish chronic inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs, since they contribute to the relief of inflammation and, accordingly, reduce the volume and size vitaprost in Ukraine the pathological focus. Suppositories Prostopin shown for use as part of complex therapy the following conditions and urological or proctological diseases of the pelvic organs:.

When the above diseases suppositories Prostotopin include in the complex therapy as a means to significantly increase its effectiveness, promoting healing vitaprost in Ukraine relief of inflammatory processes.

In addition, suppositories Prostotopin can be used as a tonic and tonic under the following conditions:. General provisions. Suppositories Prostotopin injected deep into the rectum at night, before going to bed. Before inserting the candle, it is necessary to empty the intestines, and thoroughly wash the anus area with warm or cool water and soap. If the defecation does not occur naturally, it is necessary to do an enema. In addition, to ensure regular bowel movements, you can take laxatives of mild action, such as Dufalac, Senade, etc.

To introduce a candle, you must take a comfortable posture, for example, leaning on your knees and elbows, or lying on your back and lifting your knees bent to the chest. After that you should gently use your index finger to push the candle into the anus.

At the same time, it is necessary to push the candle as far as possible with your finger. To facilitate the insertion, you can moisten the finger and the skin of the anus with plain clean water.

After the introduction of the suppository should be in bed and not get up. For the treatment of various urological and proctological diseases of the pelvic organs, one suppository of Prostopin is administered per day, in the evening, before going to bed, for 15 to vitaprost in Ukraine days.

After 2 — 3 months, the course of therapy can be vitaprost in Ukraine. As a tonic and tonic drug candles administered one piece per day, in the evening, before going to bed, for 10 — 15 days.

Every 3 — 4 months, such courses of suppository use Prostotopin can be repeated. Overdose Suppositories Prostotopin was not recorded even once during the entire period of observation of the clinical use of the drug. Influence on the ability to control mechanisms.

Suppositories do not affect the work of the central nervous system, and therefore, against the background of their use, a person can engage in any type of activity, including those requiring high reaction rates vitaprost in Ukraine concentration. Interaction with other drugs. Prostopin candles do not have significant clinical interactions with medications taken by mouth, injected or used externally. Therefore, Prostopin can be used in combination with any pills, injections and ointments applied to the skin.

However, suppositories can interact with various drugs, also injected into the rectum. Therefore, it is recommended not vitaprost in Ukraine use Prostotopin with this category of drugs.

Suppositories Vitaprost in Ukraine is most often used specifically for the treatment of prostatitis and hemorrhoids. When using candles against the background of exacerbation of hemorrhoids, the drug quickly relieves pain, reduces the severity of inflammation and contributes to the rapid reduction of hemorrhoids.

Periodic use of candles during remission during hemorrhoids improves blood flow in the veins of the colon, strengthens the vascular wall, stops inflammation and normalizes the elasticity of tissues, which prevents exacerbations and with regular courses of therapy promotes the transition of hemorrhoids to a lighter stage, for example, from II to I and t dd.

Prostopin candles for exacerbation of prostatitis quickly vitaprost in Ukraine pain, reduce the severity and activity of the inflammatory process, facilitate urination, and also improve the quality of sperm and erection. Periodic use of candles in periods of remission of prostatitis vitaprost in Ukraine prevent exacerbations and improves the general condition of the prostate vitaprost in Ukraine.

During periods of exacerbations of hemorrhoids or prostatitis, candles are used in the usual way — they are introduced into the rectum once vitaprost in Ukraine day, in the evening, for days. During periods of remission, periodic preventive courses of therapy are carried out every 1.

In addition, if a person feels that there will soon be an aggravation of hemorrhoids or prostatitis, you can begin to enter into the rectum one candle per day. In this case, the aggravation may not develop, and if it vitaprost in Ukraine show up, it will be relatively easy.

If a person starts using Prostotopin against the background of a feeling of an approaching exacerbation, then candles should be administered within 15 to 30 days in the usual dosage one piece per day. Any drug, including Prostopin, has analogue drugs, divided into two types — synonyms and, in fact, analogues. Synonyms include medicines containing the same active ingredients. And analogs include drugs containing various active substances, but with almost the same therapeutic activity.

Unfortunately, in the pharmaceutical market of the CIS countries there are no preparations synonyms of Prostopin, but vitaprost in Ukraine are analogues, including those containing beekeeping products vitaprost in Ukraine active ingredients. So, the following drugs are related to analogues of Prostotopin suppositories containing beekeeping products:. Prostotopin analogues, effective in the treatment of prostate adenoma vitaprost in Ukraine inflammatory diseases of the rectum and urinary organs in men, include the following vitaprost in Ukraine.

Also in the reviews it is indicated that in the presence of chronic diseases of the pelvic organs for example, prostatitis, cystitis, etc. That is, if suppositories Prostotopin are administered for several days after the episode of hypothermia, the exacerbation of chronic disease will not develop.

This property of the drug is also popular with people and is its undoubted advantage. Negative reviews of Prostotopin, as a rule, are due to the absence of the expected therapeutic effect. So, people vitaprost in Ukraine that the candles would help to recover quickly, which, of vitaprost in Ukraine, did not happen, and as a result disappointment ensued, expressed in a negative review about Prostotopin.

Prostopin suppositories are produced by a single pharmaceutical company, and therefore, fluctuations in the cost of the drug in different pharmacies are due to reasons unrelated to the quality of the drug for example, the value of the trade margin, the cost of storage vitaprost in Ukraine transportation, rental of premises, payment of utilities, etc.

Therefore, you can purchase the drug at the lowest cost among those represented in the pharmacy chains of the city. The cost of suppositories Prostotopin in pharmacies in various cities of Russia and Ukraine ranges within the following limits:.

When buying, you need to pay attention to the shelf life, which is 2 years from the date of manufacture. Store suppositories should vitaprost in Ukraine at a temperature of 2 — 12 o C, that is, in the refrigerator, because at a higher temperature, they lose their properties. NSAIDs have analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effects, and when they are introduced into the rectum in the form of candles, the vitaprost in Ukraine are absorbed into the systemic circulation and act on the entire body.

That is why suppositories with diclofenac, indomethacin, Voltaren and other NSAIDs are intended for the treatment of various inflammatory diseases and pain associated with them, but prostatitis is not included in this list of indications.