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The Behaviour and Personality Assessment in Dogs Beteende och personlighetsbeskrivning hundcommonly abbreviated as BPHis a behavioural assessment developed by the Swedish Kennel Club SKK in May [1] [2] that aims to accurately describe the personality of a dog irrespective of whether it is a working, pet or breeding dog.

The assessment takes BPH Hund 10 30 — 45 minutes and has 7 parts, with an optional 8 th. Dogs of any breed including mixed breeds are able to participate, as long as they are over the age of 1 year, vaccinated and ID-marked. However, the handler of the dog must belong to either the SKK or an associated breed club. The BPH differs from hunting or obedience tests as the handler's skill has little bearing on the outcome, and the dog's untrained responses are examined.

The assessment has been designed such that the same behavioural trait is measured in different scenarios. Throughout the assessment, dogs are to be wearing either a harness or flat collarand handlers are to use a 1. Treats or toys may not be used during the assessment unless as needed for the step, or if there is an emergency. Other than the handler, there are three people on the course: the organiser, test leader instructorand BPH Hund 10. The organiser has been authorised by the SKK to BPH Hund 10 the BPH, and is responsible for the implementation of the assessment.

The test leader tells the handler exactly what to do throughout the steps, and the observer records the dog's response at each stage. The assessment is automatically stopped if a dog does not return to a neutral, non-stressed state of mind after a step. It is possible for an owner to cancel the assessment at anytime for any reason, but it must be at least 6 weeks before a dog can retake BPH Hund 10 assessment.

The test BPH Hund 10 approaches the dog and handler while the dog is on lead and next to the handler. It is important that BPH Hund 10 test leader is unfamiliar with the dog and has not greeted the dog before the test.

Furthermore, the test leader should not be wearing headgear that obscures the face, including sunglasses.

BPH Hund 10 dog plays with both a familiar toy and standardised object with the handler and test leader. The standardised object is a cow milking liner and is provided by the organiser, but the familiar toy should be brought by the owner.

Treats a type familiar to the dog and a type standardised are placed in open cans and cans with loosely secured lids. The food interest, willingness to get the treats, and if the dog seeks help from the handler, are all observed, as BPH Hund 10 as the dog's persistence in solving a problem.

While the dog is walking with its owner, a half-silhouette of a person is quickly raised 3 metres from the dog. If the dog is still uncertain, the BPH Hund 10 progresses to other phases, such as the handler and test leader squatting down next to the cut-out and encouraging the dog.

Once the dog has made 'contact', the handler is instructed to pat and praise the dog. The handler and dog walk towards a metal drum containing chains. It is rotated, creating a loud noise for 3 seconds; at this point, the handler drops the dog's leash. Similar to BPH Hund 10 4 'Surprise'the dog must totally overcome its fear indicated by 'contact' with the drum. If it is still uncertain, the step progresses to other phases until the dog has returned to a calm state. A person wearing a large coat, wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses approaches the dog in a serious, potentially threatening manner, stopping and clapping their hands in 5 second intervals.

When they are around metres from the dog, they turn around and assume a less-threatening posture. The dog is then released to investigate the person, and when 'contact' has been observed, the handler should praise the dog. The dog and handler walk across a length of a new, unknown surface. The standard surface is a 3 metre long by 1 metre wide plastic roof sheet. It is set up between two fences so that the dog cannot avoid walking on the roof sheet, and so that it moves noisily when stepped on.

A BPH Hund 10 is shot 50 metres BPH Hund 10 from the dog and handler; once while the dog and handler are walking, and again while they are stationary. The dog's reaction to the shots, such as whether BPH Hund 10 evokes a positive anticipation or uncertainty, are observed. This step is optional. The results include a BPH Hund 10 sheet, summary graph, and a subjective summary from the observer.

The score sheet describes the behaviour of the dog in each of the 7 or 8, if chosen steps. Scoring is done on a series of scales indicating the intensity and duration of a behaviour the dog showed, from 'Not at all' 0 to 'Very much' 4.

The summary graph provided consists of a radar chart which plots the behaviour traits of the dog alongside its breed average. The subjective summary of the dog's behaviour and personality BPH Hund 10 provided verbally immediately after the assessment by the observer. After weeks, [3] a dog's results will be uploaded and published on Avelsdataa publicly free to access website.

When Swedish-born dogs of a breed have completed a BPH assessment, the data is aggregated into an individual breed analysis and sent to the breed club, with tips on how to use the information.

At dogs, a more detailed analysis is created, including an examination on the effectiveness of the BPH on measuring everyday behaviours of dogs. A breeder can receive an unlimited number of BPH breeder diplomas, but a dog can only be recognised once in each one. It has been criticised that the price of the BPH can vary considerably depending on the organisation the test is done through; thus discouraging some owners or breeders to take the assessment.

However, the results from ongoing research into the heritability of traits measured in the BPH suggest that the BPH is as useful for breeding purposes as the Dog Mentality Assessment. From Infogalactic: the planetary knowledge core. Jump to: navigationsearch. This dog has progressed to the final phase, where the handler and test leader are assisting the dog in overcoming its fear. The individual dog's results BPH Hund 10 comparable against the breed's average. BPH Jämtland in svenska.

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