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Disturbances in Male Fertility pp Cite as. The testis diffuse Prostatahyperplasie on the dorsal wall of the embryo within a condensation of mesoderm termed the gonadal ridge derived from the intermediate cell mass. The gonadal ridge in man first becomes a discernible structure by the 5th-6th week of gestation and provides the precursors for Sertoli and Leydig cells and diffuse Prostatahyperplasie the connective tissue stroma of the testis Witschi The germ cell component is provided by the migration of primordial germ cells from the yolk sac to the developing gonad at approximately the 6th week of gestation.

The arrival of the primordial diffuse Prostatahyperplasie cells is followed by a period of mitotic cell division and a general reorganization of the gonad into a series of seminiferous cords and intercordai tissue.

This stage of testicular differentiation is clearly dependent on a Y chromosome diffuse Prostatahyperplasie contains the genome for testis differentiation and results in the production of a diffuse Prostatahyperplasie protein on the surface of cells in the male. This substance is recognizable by immunological techniques such as the H-Y antigen and is thought to determine the formation of seminiferous cords Ohno Unable to display preview.

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