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Chronic Prostatitis (Prostate Inflammation) - Causes, Treatment & Symptoms

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Upgrade coming: Click Here. Propecia and Prostatitis? Tags: finasteride propecia prostatitis side tablets. SadHatter New Member. I took propecia finasteride Harnröhren instillations Prostatitis male pattern baldness from January until Aprilso just over three years. I was taking 1mg per day, as prescribed by a hair loss clinic in London.

At the time I started taking the Propecia, I was 28 years old. The grains were like jelly. I did a lot of online research and found that this can be quite normal, but to me there were no doubts that the tablets had caused this since I had never had it before in 28 years and it started within a week of taking them.

Aside from that, I was not too aware of any other side effects from the tablets. I did get abdominal pain from every time to time but did not associate it with the Propecia and Harnröhren instillations Prostatitis still not sure if it is even linked.

My hair grew back very thick, I was extremely happy with the hair results. However, Harnröhren instillations Prostatitis began dating a new girlfriend, and then got engaged, Harnröhren instillations Prostatitis I had noticed by now February time a decrease in my libido. I was not having any difficulty in getting an erection, but my sex drive and desire for sex was far less than before I had been taking the tablets. However, that said, I was not 18 anymore and was a year-old man!

After she did a lot of research online about the tablets, she pleaded with me to stop taking them, which I agreed to. I subsequently did not take a Propecia tablet from around April until exactly a month ago today October It was more of an Harnröhren instillations Prostatitis for me as it Harnröhren instillations Prostatitis not look normal!

I think maybe that played a huge part in putting me off having sex at times! It never hurt or anything like that. I have been noticing that my hair has been gradually thinning again, which has made me extremely depressed. However, I know what her reaction would be.

She worries about Harnröhren instillations Prostatitis health and if she ever got pregnant that it could affect the baby. For the first three weeks I was fine, no side effects. However, a week ago I started getting pain in my testicles especially my left one and it was even going into my pelvis, down my leg and into my buttocks!

I also started getting some lower abdominal pain and discomfort, aching and a bloated type feeling. Sometimes, the need to urinate was very urgent and sudden and I would be rushing to the toilet! Occasionally there was Harnröhren instillations Prostatitis stinging sensation after I urinated, but not during.

I was also getting headaches daily. In essence, I was struggling massively to concentrate and had absolutely no energy whatsoever. Not an ache, but a stinging sensation like when you have a urine infection. I went to my local GP and I did a urine sample which came back as normal no urine infection. I explained I had been taking Propecia, and basically everything I have written in this post. She did not seem to know much about Finasteride Propecia. I left. She said, in the meantime, to stop taking the Propecia tablets for a couple of weeks, finish the anti-biotics and see if I feel better.

If I do, I could try taking the Propecia again and if I get the side effects again, I will know Harnröhren instillations Prostatitis it is the tablets. Do you think it is even prostatitis? Could stop taking the Propecia altogether again and watch my hair disappear aged 32, or take it but suffer potential side effects.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place! Thanks everyone. Secretlybatman Established Member. I'm not sure about you dude but i got a stinging after masturbating even before taking propecia maybe 1 out of id get a hot stinging feeling. I'm not entirely sure this isn't completely normal what you're describing. Wolf Pack Moderator My Regimen. I don't think that prostatitis would have shown in the urine sample, it was a urine test to look for a water infection My sleep has actually been awful as well since being back on Propecia.

So what would you guys suggest? Some abdominal pain maybe. Google 'my finasteride story so far' and read the thread by desmond. You ll get answer for some of your sides there. I can see how lumpy semen may lead Harnröhren instillations Prostatitis prostatitis.

Forgive the over simplification, but if the pipes aren't flowing well like they are suppose to, you can have a backup which can allow Harnröhren instillations Prostatitis to grow. All your other symptoms can be linked to an infection in your body. I once had a sinus infection after a bout of allergies and I thought I was going to die. When you have an infection, your body prioritizes and you don't feel like yourself. My suggestion to you is clean up your diet. Eliminate yeast and sugars and start eating foods that sanitize your body like raw garlic, raw red union, mustard with from real seeds, coconut, and so on.

Eating fermented food is also important to replaced the good bacteria and keep you digestion in order. With a good diet and foods that are known to boost the bodies immune system, you will be less likely to develop an infection while on finasteride.

How Harnröhren instillations Prostatitis would you leave it guys before starting the Propecia again? I have very similar happening to me. I started fun 1mg in june and quit it in Harnröhren instillations Prostatitis Watery semen turned thick again after a while but for the last couple of months i have been having difficulty emptying my bladder. Recently i have been waking up in the middle of the night to urinate which is giving me broken sleep.

Had the blood and urine testsall came back clear as well and doctors Harnröhren instillations Prostatitis to be so thick they cant even think of prostatitis Is there a cure for this? Well I stopped taking the Propecia for a few days and have taken 1mg per day again for the last three days and the testicle pain Harnröhren instillations Prostatitis returned, Harnröhren instillations Prostatitis with the light headed ness and abdominal pain.

My left testicle aches quite a lot and goes into my groin and lower abdomen. I never had these symptoms before in three years of taking Propecia previously. I don't understand it. What should I do?! Anyone have any ideas? If I stop taking the Harnröhren instillations Prostatitis I will more than likely go bald which I can't face but I seem to be struggling at present with the tablets Usually happens early on though.

I would Harnröhren instillations Prostatitis it - though again people may say otherwise. Your body is basically saying it doesn't want it yet you persist - it Harnröhren instillations Prostatitis make things worse. Try Minoxidil. If I took a Propecia tablet every other day, I. Would the side effects be less if not taking every day? I feel completely stuck between a rock and a hard place right now Take it and have side effects or don't take it and go bald!

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