Prostanorm in Novosibirsk

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Hilfe im Kampf gegen Prostatakrebs

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field in development of an agent of vegetable origin used for improvement of the functional state and prophylaxis of organic alterations in cardiovascular system, in particular, atherosclerosis. The biologically active supplement used for prophylaxis of cardiovascular diseases, in particular, atherosclerosis comprises clover dry extract, haw-thorn flowers powder, ascorbic and nicotinic acids, and accessory substances taken in the definite ratio.

The biologically active supplement is made prostanorm in Novosibirsk the form of tablet or capsule. No adverse responses observed in intake of the supplement. In patients with ischemic heart disease prostanorm in Novosibirsk cholesterolemia the improvement of the state is noted on the background of conventional therapy: the moderate reducing the arterial pressure value in its elevation, improved in the state of health, enhanced working capacity, reduced retrosternal pains, ear noise, vertigo, headache.

Agent promotes to effective stimulation of erythroidal and granulocytic hemopoiesis stems in cytostatic myelodepression. Invention is used for correction of disorders arising in blood system in administration of cytostatic preparations. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method for preparing the preparation comprising prostanorm in Novosibirsk acid water-soluble salts and additionally added protein-containing product and vegetable raw, the source of triterpenic acids taken in the following ratio of components, wt.

Invention provides simplifying the process and the complex processing waste in lumber industry. SUBSTANCE: the present innovation deals with manufacturing cosmetic composition that contains solubilized cumic alcohol of a certain formula, glucose, ascorbic acid or compound prostanorm in Novosibirsk is split in skin up to glucose or ascorbic acid and a cosmetically acceptable carrier.

Components should be taken at a certain quantitative ratio. The suggested composition improves expression of transglutaminase-1 and ceramides in skin cells and enhances absorption of glucose and ascorbic acid by cells.

SUBSTANCE: invention represents new saponin mixtures used for inhibition of initiation and activation of mammalian epithelial cell in pre-malignant or malignant state, for stimulation of apoptosis of mammalian malignant cell, prophylaxis of prostanorm in Novosibirsk proliferation of mammalian epithelial cell, for treatment of inflammatory and regulation of angiogenesis prostanorm in Novosibirsk mammal.

These mixtures are isolated form plants of species Acacia victoriae. Also, invention relates to methods for their applying. These compounds can comprise triterpene component, such as acacic or oleanolic acid to which oligosaccharides and monoterpenoid components are joined.

Mixtures and compounds elicit properties associated with regulation of apoptosis and cytotoxicity of cells and strong anti-tumor effect with respect to different tumor cells. Method for preparing extract based on walnuts involves grinding walnuts at milkwax stage of ripeness taken with pericarps, drying prostanorm in Novosibirsk air-dry state, mixing with wild rose fruits ground and dried to air-dry state and taken in the definite prostanorm in Novosibirsk of components followed by treatment with aviation kerosene and stirring at room temperature.

Method provides preparing extract with the higher content of biologically valuable substances and to increase the assortment of vegetable supplements. Method provides the possibility for year-round manufacturing the hollow horse-mint Monarda oily extract eliciting with the high antibacterial and expressed anti-fungal activity. The hepatoprotective agent representing extract prepared from biomass of Maackia amurensis Rupr. The hepatoprotective agent promotes to effective treatment of chronic hepatitis.

The preparation is administrated prostanorm in Novosibirsk patient by oral route. The preparation promotes to the effective treatment of viral hepatitis C. Invention can be used in treatment of viral hepatitis C. Invention proposes the preparation eliciting immunomodulating effect and comprising aqueous-alcoholic extracts of the following plants, mas.

Also, invention proposes the prostanorm in Novosibirsk comprising condensed or an aqueous-alcoholic extract prostanorm in Novosibirsk above said plants and a filling agent. The preparation can be prostanorm in Novosibirsk as tablet or capsule. The preparation normalizes the blood free radicals content and provides elevating level of T-suppressors with the simultaneous reducing amount of T-helpers in blood of patients in treatment of acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of breathing organs.

Patent registration. The method of obtaining funds with anticoagulant activity. The invention relates to medicine, in particular to gastroenterologie, and for patients with peptic ulcer exacerbation. The invention relates to medicine, namely drugs clinical nutrition. The invention relates to medicine, specifically to the pharmaceutical industry, namely to receive funds with preventive and restorative property. The invention relates to medicine, in particular to children of Coloproctology, and for the treatment of postoperative encopresis have fecal incontinence in children operated on for atresia of anus and rectum.

The invention relates to food industry, namely to the development of biologically active compounds that can be used as food additives. The invention relates to medicine, namely to create herbal medicines and can be used for treatment of prostatitis, urethritis and other urogenital diseases.

The invention relates to drugs prostanorm in Novosibirsk plant origin, intended for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the urinary system, complicated by the accelerated ejaculation. FIELD: medicine, cardiology, phytotherapy, pharmacy. FIELD: medicine, hematology.

FIELD: organic chemistry, chemical technology, agriculture. FIELD: beauty products manufacturing. FIELD: organic chemistry, natural compounds, medicine, oncology. FIELD: pharmaceutical industry and technology, pharmacy. FIELD: medicine. FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutical industry. FIELD: medicine, virology, pharmaceutical industry, pharmacy. FIELD: medicine, phytotherapy, pharmacy. Privacy policy.