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Tantric massage — description — what Prostata-Massage erotische Videos and how is it done? Tantric massage is often confused with erotic massage. Many people also provide erotic services under cover of Tantra. That is why it is so important for us to Prostata-Massage erotische Videos our customer know what they can expect and choose the services they need.

Tantric Prostata-Massage erotische Videos is Prostata-Massage erotische Videos deep practice of working with physical and energetic bodies. Awakens vital forces by activating personal potential. Tantric massage, through a respectful touch, activatesShakti energy in order to use it as a fuel for the transformation and awakening of the body, heart and Prostata-Massage erotische Videos.

The Anahata Tantra Temple is a place for those who desire to feel more, bliss, peace and love in their lives. We have created this place for love of the beauty of the human body, for the passion to work with sensual, tender, healing and full of presence touch.

We run the Temple in a friendly, family atmosphere, care about your comfort and safety, we respect all your boundaries and would like to make the experience of tantric massage an unforgettable experience for you.

We also offer healing sessions, primarily through body work which allow you to unblock yourself for the fullness of life and sexuality. We want to introduce people into the world of high-vibration sexuality combined with the heart, open to the true feeling of the body and emotions as well as Prostata-Massage erotische Videos ecstatic experience.

We wish people who come to us to open up to their potential, power and simply become happy in their daily lives. Through tantric massage workshops for couples we want to support couples in building a deep connection between them based on true closeness and passion. Each of us is a sexual being, therefore we should be able to fully enjoy our sexual energy, which is ubiquitous and life-giving. We deeply respect sexual energy and the human body.

We want to continually expand our awareness and support others on the path to conscious life, which also includes conscious sexuality. We dream of the world full of love, mutual trust, in which people are aware, brave, walk the path of heart, express their authenticity, express their Prostata-Massage erotische Videos, are deeply connected with nature and feel the unity with all beings. Tantric massagethrough a respectful touch, activates Shakti energy in order to use it as fuel for transformation and awakening Prostata-Massage erotische Videos the body, heart and mind.

The Anahata Tantra Temple is a place for those who desire to feel more bliss, peace and love in their lives. It is a very…. The concept of sexual energy in the modern world is limited to the sexual act,…. Many people ask us what is the difference between tantric and erotic massage. So we…. What is Tantric massage?

Tantric massage is a deeply relaxing and healing bodywork. Nowadays we are…. This is why: Our massage therapists work in pareo so as Prostata-Massage erotische Videos to distract the client's attention towards the erotic massage. During the massage there is no sexual intercourse. The client is the host, allowing the sexual energy to grow and include ever-increasing energy centers.

Therefore, we request not to touch the massage therapists During the massage we do not provide sexual services, there is no place for sex, including oral sex. About the Anahata Tantra Temple The Anahata Tantra Temple is a place for those who desire to feel more bliss, peace and love in their lives.