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Introduction Prostatakrebs Gleason 8 Objectives This study evaluates the long term survival following radical prostatectomy RRP for non-metastatic Gleason prostate adenocarcinoma. Patients with metastatic disease, other modalities of treatment, with more than one primary cancer were excluded. Data was analyzed for demographics, stage at presentation, treatment modality and overall OS and cancer specific survival.

Results 75, patients were identified. The mean age was PLND for these patients does not seem to increase survival significantly. Patients that required adjuvant radiotherapy had a significantly poorer survival when compared to patients that did not require adjuvant radiation. I have followed your other thread and noticed your positive mindset pre surgery. I believe you know well about your status and the risks of the treatment.

You surely know that most doctors would not recommend surgery to a patient with Gleason 8, voluminous cancer 13 positive out of 14 corespositive DRE, and high PSA histology. However, against the odds you decided for the radical prostatectomy and I admire your endeavor.

The risks that most doctors talk about do not regard cure but the possibilities that the therapy may not be effective or sufficient to treat a patient with certain particulars. Prostatakrebs Gleason 8 your case, this would relate to the possibilities in future for recurrences, which would need further treatment, and therefore more risks for the side effects. The study you printed above just takes that as a conclusion. In other words, if the patient status shows possibilities to existing extra capsular extensions pre surgery then a Gleason 8 to 10 guy may expect poorly results.

I read before in this forum, the stories of many Gs9 survivours that did successful surgeries. They had chosen the treatment thinking in having it as a sequential. Surgery would debulk the bigger tumour the gland and additional adjuvant radiation would cover extra prostatic extensions in the bed of the prostate and at the close lymphatic nodes. All weapons in one goal. We all aim cure when choosing a treatment, but nobody can assure us such a result. In that regard I think we all should give credit to the quality of living and discuss with our physicians if possible about the details before going to knife.

Their approach to the procedure may be different and it may lead Prostatakrebs Gleason 8 lesser complications. For instance, a neoadjuvant radical prostatectomy RP with decisive adjuvant RT can exclude cutting or less cutting at the sphincter to be radiated latter so that the chances of incontinence are diminished.

This would be a long step for quality living over treatment. The local Urologist who did the biopsy did suggest radiation along with Lupron, even before he recieved the ct and bone scan results. The more I looked at other options Prostatakrebs Gleason 8 decided to get a second opinion from a larger hospital group. A Radiation Oncolgist, who has his own radiation company, agreed with the CC Urologist and told me Prostatakrebs Gleason 8 I were his father he would advise me to have surgery.

So, I am not sure where you found your support for your comment below? One reason I wanted to go with surgery was that if radiation failed surgery was not possible. You have been around this disease for a long time and I do respect all you have to say and your experiences.

However, against the odds you decided for the radical prostatectomy and I admire your endeavor". I have been reading where there is a lot of support in the Uroglogic community to separate the 8's from the 's group. My thinking is that if the 8's were separated out, their results would not have so poor. As an aside, I still intend to have a consult at the Mayo Clinic to see what they Prostatakrebs Gleason 8.

The surgeon told us that his prostate would be adverserly affected with radiation and my friend would have problems with urinating long term. The radiation oncologist told us that the prostate after radiation would atrophy and shrink in size. Contrary statements. Because of his heart condition, instead of surgery, my friend decided to have radiation. At first there was short term swelling of the prostate, and my friend had to use a catheter. After the initial time, the prostate, in fact, did shrink in size, and he is doing fine.

My friend was not prescribed Avodart as Prostatakrebs Gleason 8 had been which shrinks the prostate. You would be a candidate for a combination hormone treatment and radiation. You would still require hormone and radiation treatment. I wish you the best. Good luck. Please take my above comment as informative only. Surgery is an option and it has been Prostatakrebs Gleason 8 successfully by many guys in this forum. Radiation would have been another option and nobody could tell you which one would have a better result.

We have to follow our instinct and set in the one we most feel comfortable with. Our choice is the best and we should trust it. In your case surgery will also treat the existing urinary voiding problem, which is a matter of concern too. I think that you are reasoning well and that your treatment will be successful. In regards to a future salvage treatment radiationnobody can tell now if such becomes necessary. But I think that one should have in mind the possibilities of such a need if our case does not assure to Prostatakrebs Gleason 8 organ confined OC.

Urologists around the world use predictive statistics of their own or input the data of their patients into the famous Partin Tables provided at the site of Johns Hopkins. Though, the scores are low for OC that would not mean a negative result. My comment is just informative and precautious. Please note that I am not a doctor. You should gather evidences to the best you can and advance with something you feel confident. So you had radical prostatectomy and things have been Prostatakrebs Gleason 8 pretty well.

You feel good, and your PSA remains undetectable. It's been several years now; are you out of the woods? If you do not experience recurrence for several years, your likelihood of survival for 10 more years is Prostatakrebs Gleason 8. So, men contemplating surgery or those who have already Prostatakrebs Gleason 8 surgery may wonder, What is my chance of surviving from prostate cancer if I have not had PSA recurrence for several years after surgery?

Han and Brady epidemiologist Bruce Trock, Prostatakrebs Gleason 8. They divided men into three risk groups: low, intermediate, and high. Then they calculated what they Prostatakrebs Gleason 8 the Conditional Survival probability — the likelihood of survival for 10 additional years. They found that men in the low- and intermediate-risk groups had a very Prostatakrebs Gleason 8 probability — at least 96 percent — of not dying from a return of prostate cancer at 10 years, "regardless of the time duration without recurrence," says Han.

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Hi Bob, I have followed your other thread and noticed your positive mindset pre surgery. I wish you the best outcome. QoL Was Considered. Hi VGama, Thank you for your reply. Your Prostatakrebs Gleason 8 is the best and Prostatakrebs Gleason 8 should trust it. Hi Bob, Please take my above comment as informative only.

Best wishes and luck in your journey. Thank You. VGama and Hopeful thanks for your information and best wishes! PET trial for Gleason scores above 8. PET Trial. VascodaGama Posts: Joined: Nov Mar 12, - am Credit for QoL should weigh too Hi Bob, I have followed your other Prostatakrebs Gleason 8 and noticed your positive mindset pre surgery. Bob Log in or register to post comments.

Posts: Joined: Apr Mar 12, - pm. Good luck Log in or register to post comments. Mar 13, Prostatakrebs Gleason 8 am Your choice is the best and Prostatakrebs Gleason 8 should trust it Hi Bob, Please take my above comment as informative only.