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Prostatakrebs und Prostatavergrößerung: schonende Diagnose- und Behandlungsmethoden in Heidelberg

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The registered name Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe the medicament is Iscador. It is produced from different types of mistletoe Viscum album. The Society for Cancer Research does not Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe material gain. The charitable nature of Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe work is recognised by exemption from tax. Editing: Corina M. Donations directly to the Verein für Krebsforschung are accepted as personal or bank cheque.

To order further issues of our Report or address change please contact: Verein für Krebsforschung Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe. Colette Pradelle: Anthroposophic medicine in France: a stony path. In other words we revised the view of therapy days, so that they can also be regarded as an Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe rehabilitation programme.

Among other things this necessitated centralized therapy planning. Following extensive planning, and in line with regulations laid Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe by the cantonal pharmacy department, our pharmacy underwent a conversion involving modern upgrading and expansion — which we, and above all the patients, are very pleased with.

The former is in line with specifications outlined at www. The palliative care ward was opened in Septemberand many patients have been able to benefit from this specialized form of high quality Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe.

Iwer Helwig has withdrawn from this role in order to devote himself fully to his tasks as manager of the Verein für Krebsforschung. On the acute oncology ward, major changes have arisen due to the fact that, under new DRG regulations, in-patients no longer receive treatment Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe a period of 2—3 weeks, but only for between 7 and 10 days.

This has led to restructuring of therapy procedures in order to maintain the quality of our therapeutic provision. Some of the therapies initiated on the ward can then be continued on an out-patient basis. A further change at the Lukas Klinik to improve Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe care is the appointment of Nadja Lichtsteiner as Care Manager.

After patients have had their initial consultation, she meets them to plan their in-patient stay, and informs them of all further stages in their hospitalization. An assessment is also carried out, and applicable therapies are planned in a way that can best optimize Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe spent on the ward.

The Care Manager also concerns herself with our patients both during and after their stay on the ward. She supports ward physicians with patient coding and healthcare funding issues.

It was also necessary for us to expand our Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe provision, since there is an increasing requirement for intensified Iscador therapy. In combination with infusions, additional treatments such as compresses, massage, eurythmy therapy etc.

Increasing demand has meant that medical consultations have also increased markedly, so that last Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe it was possible to treat a much greater overall number of patients in the clinic.

Yet despite Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe efforts it was not possible to ensure that the clinic was always full last year, Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe this gave rise to a funding deficit. This Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe also exacerbated by the fact that none of the anthroposophic therapies — intrinsic Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe our therapy provision — were funded or remunerated. After evaluation of all options, this pronounced and threatening deficit situation at the Lukas Klinik has led the board of the Verein für Krebsforschung and the directors of the clinic to take a decision to reduce staff numbers at the Lukas Klinik commensurate with actual in-patient numbers.

Further changes in future will be unavoidable. In every instance, we wish to ensure that all onward treatment Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe are maintained, so that the renowned quality of our patient care continues to be available. We wish to continue to offer all our patients the full programme of beneficial therapies in future.

It is likely to take years before funding becomes available from health insurers or the Swiss cantonal authorities, and for this reason we intend to establish an anthroposophic therapy fund so that all therapies can continue to be available to Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe patients.

We thank you very warmly in advance for your generous support. In other words: for fifty years we have Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe supporting Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe with cancer, and successfully providing mistletoe therapy. At the same time we send our warm thoughts to all those — in the local region, in Switzerland and throughout the world Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe who are affected by Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe directly or indirectly.

The Lukas Klinik Day was a great success. The Lukas Klinik Day will take place in September, offering wide-ranging engagement with anthroposophic oncology to all who are interested. We invite you to attend our official anniversary celebrations on 13 September.

Three panel discussions at the premises of the Mitte company in Basel, Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe the summer and autumn, will put these celebrations in context. Here too the emphasis will be on anthroposophic oncology — from the perspective of patients and physicians, and with a Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe examination of Swiss health policy.

Frau Silke Helwig — a physician who has worked at the Lukas Klinik for many years — is commemorating this Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe of anthroposophic oncology and founder of the Lukas Klinik in a biography. Another Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe will be linking up with professionals at other oncology centres in the region. This will include the revival of an old tradition: this year, for the first time after many years, a conference on cancer Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe be held for physicians.

This Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe involve sharing our well-founded expertise in anthroposophic oncology and mistletoe therapy with other specialists and developing it further together.

As a gift to the district of Arlesheim and local people, we have developed the idea of a mistletoe nature trail. Donations will be needed to realize this project, and we have posted an appeal on our website, with an account number for Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe.

We aim to inaugurate this project Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe the Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe celebrations.

This year too, of course, our Lukas Klinik aktuell newsletter will be published twice. We focus on the human being rather than on the disease or external factors.

We do everything we can to give comprehensive care to cancer patients and their families, and to keep developing anthroposophic oncology.

Please note the dates; you are cordially invited to join the celebrations! Rita Leroi made the statement above in relation to her work on Iscador, but it can be understood far more broadly — as became clear to me in preparing her biographical portrait in celebration of the th anniversary of her birth, and the 50th birthday of the Lukas Klinik.

Frau Dr. Rita Leroi became director of the Lukas Klinik from the date of its founding, and continued in this role until her death 25 Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe later. By then, it is possible that karmic tasks have been fulfilled with the help of the higher hierarchies cf.

The life challenges approaching us from the stream of the past can find their resolution so that new freedom arises to create new destiny — which now comes towards us from the future. Big questions need answering, and a new affirmation and acceptance of what has so far been; at the same time we may need to take leave of, or conclude, our previous experiences, and take hold of things in an entirely new way.

Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe was at this age that Frau Dr. Rita Leroi was Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe to become director of the Lukas Klinik. It also meant Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe cultivating all that had been of value in the past: useful skills for the as yet unknown challenges Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe her from the future.

She was fortified and sustained by her trust in the wisdom of destiny, and strengthened continually by the direct relationship with anthroposophy she developed right into the most personal aspects of her life.

She stayed true to the path she had chosen through the most turbulent times and in the face of all adversity, Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe a higher aim. Exactly a quarter Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe her life — 25 years — was spent in pursuing Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe goals.

The numerous discussions I had, and testimonies I Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe when preparing my biographical portrait of Rita Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe to celebrate the th anniversary of her birth, and the Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe anniversary of the founding of the Lukas Klinik, showed me the many diverse impulses that people absorbed through her and her work. These impulses — seeds — which took root and developed in the life and work of all these people were exemplary in nature yet took unique form in each instance.

The article from Pakistan which follows is just one small example of this. The interview with Bernd Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe offers further signs of this.

For me personally, writing this book was a rich and rewarding experience, and refreshed my sources of inspiration for the future. I am very grateful. Silke Helwig Medical director of psycho-oncology, Lukas Klinik. Born in Dusseldorf, in the star sign Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe, as second child in the family, Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe Catholic upbringing was influential on him, as were several changes of location in his childhood — the last of which, when he was 13, saw his arrival in Paderborn, Westfalia.

He thinks of this as home, and of himself as a Rheinlander. Himstedt, what led you to your chosen profession? After Abitur [school-leaving exams] I felt the Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe lay open before me and I might do anything. There was no clear priority initially about a choice of career: medicine, philology, law?

In working there with extremely needy people I found pleasure and satisfaction. For this reason I did not pursue studies more removed from human concerns, but decided to become a doctor.

Becoming a physician was a tough obligation. To balance this a little I also studied history and Latin in the first few terms. After my preclinical studies in Dusseldorf I moved to Berlin: new professional opportunities, the big city, politically exciting times in Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe in Berlin I was able to do something I had set as a goal of my studies — to spend time abroad. Thus I spent the most influential year of my medical studies in northern England, close to the Scottish border.

Yes, in England I found an immediacy of purpose. At that time medical studies in England were more practice-oriented than in Germany, and there was much more contact with patients. In the mornings I was on the ward, involved in patient care, and in the afternoons we studied Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe. Where did you do your clinical traineeship? Initially in Paderborn, in internal medicine, then later in a hospice in England. During my preclinical studies I already had contact with people working at the first German palliative care ward in Cologne.

Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe England I could take part in the full life of a hospice. I also worked for two and a half months as a clinical trainee in China. Besides this I Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe many Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe as nursing auxiliary in various hospitals in Germany. Do you have ideals or exemplary figures that you turn to as a physician? Albert Schweitzer and Frau Dr. Leroi, for instance, are great physicians who impressed me: people who devoted themselves utterly to their profession.

The biographies of such people kept me going through hard times in my studies. In actual personal contact I only had a few isolated experiences of colleagues whom I wished to emulate. But unfortunately no one truly exemplary. Do you have inner precepts or guiding principles Prostatakrebs Rezidivprophylaxe your work? Yes, I have experienced powerful things that have remained with me — experiences with patients in existential situations.