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Patch 9. Schedule for Worlds. Best esports games in history. Live Discussion Archive. Comment Faces. Client not working? Rekkles spammimg mages in Soloq. Currently Rekkles has played 9 Syndra games in row. He has also played lot of Karma games and some Neeko. His last 30 games he has only played 3 games of regular adc. It Prostatavolumenmessung auf uzi that Rekkles has found his way to church of Uma Jan and is becoming a true bot laner. Uzi been playing some YAS in fact. Uzi actually played some Syndra when he played mid lane for his team.

He had 2 wins and 3 losses though but he wasn't that bad. Riot Prostatavolumenmessung auf uzi nerfed it exclusively Prostatavolumenmessung auf uzi of Rekkles and didnt even try hiding it.

For China, the website itself provides player search. The fact that Rekkles is practising mages makes me wonder if the meta we see at EU Masters is legit and if that's the meta we are going to see at Worlds.

It definitely could be, supposedly G2 was scrumming eu masters teams at one point, so the Metas between those teams and the lec teams might be very similar rn and what we can expect at worlds from EU and maybe NA. Th3Antonio said in a spanish show that they were scriming the best team in europe so it is pretty much confirmed. Doesn't it overall favor G2 if the meta does become mages bot lane? I cant really see any other ADC player being able to play mages at the same Prostatavolumenmessung auf uzi as Perkz since he's been playing them for years; I could be completely and utterly wrong though so please let me know if I'm just being a pleb.

Prostatavolumenmessung auf uzi is not going to be at Worlds this year, but Viper will be playing for Griffin and therefore sharing a group with Perkz. Should be spicy. There is a good chance Group A will see a completely different meta than the rest of the tournament.

On a serious note it's quite sad he isn't going this year when he was Prostatavolumenmessung auf uzi the best ADC in korea and Prostatavolumenmessung auf uzi in the world. Maybe now that Prostatavolumenmessung auf uzi is retired, he can have a consistently good midlaner on his team. I'd say that, for pros, even if they aren't going to whip out mage picks at bot, it's still a good thing that they practice it a lot. It lets them know, firsthand, the strengths and weaknesses of these champs in bot.

Also it can scare some other teams and force them to ban potentially weird picks to avoid having to deal with it. It's pretty much a win-win in any scenario. Sneaky is better at playing mages than DL but Prostatavolumenmessung auf uzi no way is he going to be able to stand up to Perkz when they play. Prostatavolumenmessung auf uzi wouldn't be surprised if he plays Ezreal in at least one of their games just to play safe and for him to get a good mixed build off.

Not saying Viper isn't good because he is, just that winning with Vlad in bot isn't indicative of much. Syndra, Heimer, Ekko, Karma and then a few viable ADC xayah, Ezreal, some lategame monsters vayne, kaisa and maybe some caitlyn autopush turret plates.

Not that i agree or disagree, but MikyxD said on stream something like 'any ranged Prostatavolumenmessung auf uzi counters Morgana, i will just dodge her Q' if he indeed has this mentality Swain does not care about Morgana black shield Prostatavolumenmessung auf uzi Cait outside of her Combo that i would imagine is not that easy to use in a Professional game people dont actually get hit by random trapsdont have the burst damage to kill him Can hold lane from a distance after tear, so support can roam rather confidently as midgame crests.

Ball has decent AoE value. Not just useful for minion clear but also in Prostatavolumenmessung auf uzi where there are two champion targets bot. Another thing to consider about this world's is that there will likely be two separate reads on the meta.

We might run into a situation where nobody figures out the 'true meta' for a little while which is quite exciting imo. Prostatavolumenmessung auf uzi last few international competitions the west has come up with a lot of Prostatavolumenmessung auf uzi Froggen's lux, Licorice's Prostatavolumenmessung auf uzi, Perkz Syndra, Hjarnandinger, etc. Not to mention Bwipo was already playing it and was excelling at it since he used to Prostatavolumenmessung auf uzi a viktor top onetrick.

At least in group stage. Once we go into bo5 series the team vs. Its nice that botlane is finally not stuck on same degenerate meta with only one viable champion type. Worlds will be so much more Prostatavolumenmessung auf uzi when we see more diverse comps and people with pocket picks. Marksmen are being picked in EUM too, it's just that teams don't always have a marksman and when they do they're not always bot. Syndra bot and trist mid are pretty popular for instance.

In that scenario I think the players would just swap lanes. Reckless would go trist mid, and Nemesis would go syndra bot. Generally solo laners don't have the same level of synergy with the support player that the Marksman player does.

Yea, Rekkles and Hyli make content together, they dance together, they sleep together. They finish each others sentences and sandwiches. Nemesis doesn't have that kind of synergy so it makes more sense to just give him the Trist. Can Rekkles solo lane though? Plus there's the whole Prostatavolumenmessung auf uzi with Hylissang too that's not that important because Hyli is roaming all the time haha.

Hyli roams Prostatavolumenmessung auf uzi all the time leaving bot solo, and rekless plays solo a lot of the time by Prostatavolumenmessung auf uzi. Of any team aside from G2 and Griffin, they have the best chance to pull it off. Tin foil hat time : this is an elaborate bait to make other teams think the meta will be mages bot.

I watched Prostatavolumenmessung auf uzi play heimer on his stream. It was honestly terrible. Couldn't properly aim W on single targets ever, bad turret placement, etc. He's definitely still learning the champ. It would make sense to Prostatavolumenmessung auf uzi people with soloq spam on a known acct while practicing your intended picks on unknown acct.

Yes, but it's useful to have picks that draw bans and picks you intend to surprise your opponents with. Rekkles may well play Prostatavolumenmessung auf uzi, but he also might want to draw a Syndra ban before he slaps them in the face with the Kennen.

He's done that on stream for basically the entire summer split the few times he streamedhe said at some point that all adc are stage ready except Draven so he wants to focus on on enlarging his champion pool, since winning draft through flexibility is what he mainly attributes G2's success Prostatavolumenmessung auf uzi iirc. Makes sense. Idk what the th game on Ezreal or Xayah will give you over acquiring decent mastery on alternative botlane picks.

Even if you wont end up playing them you will know how they work so you can face them if they are picked by the enemy team. G2 won 2 titles with a Syndra pick in the 5th game. I fear not the man who has practiced 10, kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10, times. Nice catchphrase but you reach the point of diminishing returns if any returns at all at some point. Fun fact is that Bruce Lee was extremely diverse as a martial artist.

I assume his reasoning for the above phrase was that he just wanted to discourage beginners from trying fancy stuff without even knowing the basics. I think Prostatavolumenmessung auf uzi just wanted to emphasize the importance of mastery. It's like saying what does Prostatavolumenmessung auf uzi weapon in the world help you when you can't use any Prostatavolumenmessung auf uzi them properly. On the other hand wtf do I know. Rekkles often used solo queue as a way to help master champions.

He doesn't usually bring out new picks quickly unless he has a certain number of SoloQ games under his belt first. Based on his own standards, I don't know if he will be confident enough to bring out Syndra and Neeko.

Helps with roles too, Prostatavolumenmessung auf uzi everyone should get experienced at jungle with multiple champions just so they understand exactly how junglers play and how to play around them.

I think he would otherwise its pointless to practice them for lets say next year And as they said in the worlds show for the draw eu may have the best botlaners that way Not best adcs but Prostatavolumenmessung auf uzi the best botlaners cuz lets face it unless viper comes back on mages none of the korean or chinese players actually is gonna play Prostatavolumenmessung auf uzi and it could be what makes the difference for european teams Except splyce they doomed.

Playing a champ helps you to know his weakness tho'. Perkz said syndra botlane is freewin because no adc knows how to play against her. So even if he won't be playing her he will have a better grasp of matchups against her while he plays adc. People seem to miss this part.

Most people focus on what their champ does and how strong it is when is the power spike etc. While thats pretty important to know while playing a champion its as Prostatavolumenmessung auf uzi to know what the enemy champion does and i dont mean like what syndra Q E combo do. But when is she strong how much damage does she have now can Prostatavolumenmessung auf uzi afford to all in her and what are ur chances.

As a Irelia main it's so easy for me to play against her cuz i know how to control her. Yeah as an enchanter support main, I try to practise all the ads and the supports i dont normally play. Good to get an idea of the cooldowns and damage they can do, also range etc. Something all roles should do, Prostatavolumenmessung auf uzi you hate a champ or find it hard to play vs, play a few games with that Prostatavolumenmessung auf uzi.

I can't play thresh or play against him, so it doesn't really help either way for me, lol. Thresh is all about powerspikes and punishing poor positioning.