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The new collection is a culmination of years of excavation, captured for the first time on wax and sure to inspire. Sure Shot Drum Series is a must for your dj palette. Mehr anzeigen Zum Artikel. Composed by 6 instrumental tracks and 8 tracks tools, each track is inspired in the classic tracks of the turntable worldwide that converts this record an indispensable piece for the fanatics.

The cover is an art vitaprost kaufen in Tver the well-known graffiti artist Mast. Masterized in Productions House. All tracks signed by Dj T-kut. This comes with a new limited version presented in orange colour to enjoy in both ways of this wonderful LP. The A side at 83bpm and the B side at bpm. A new standard has been set. Zum Artikel. A deep cut non skip 7" DJ scratch tool by Ritchie Ruftone, with one side at bpm and the flip-side at 83bpm.

Die beiden 7"-Teile nun auf einer 12". Genre: Hip Hop, Organic Grooves. Pure ultra-pitch deep cut non skip DJ scratch tool on vinyl by Ritchie Ruftone. This one of a kind 9-piece set is a unique collection of inch custom die cut records which fit together to form a large art piece by famed artist Doug1 Morning Breath Inc.

The compilation of sounds were collected by the Galactic Skratch Federation, which is similar to the Grammy committee here on Gaia Earth. This is the most extensive vinyl hunt in history! Each piece is limited to copies only! An ultra-pitch non skip DJ scratch tool with new content on vinyl by Ritchie Ruftone, with one side at 83bpm and the flip side at bpm.

Digital download also included. Weighing in at gms. Dj T-Kut y Dj Player proudly present a essential tool for beginner and advanced deejay players.

You can practice skratch endless. Great release for the veteran guys in the house. Vitaprost kaufen in Tver mysterious Dj from Kunming, Vitaprost kaufen in Tver is back at it again with another top-notch release! Each side has 10 tracks of vocal samples, configured for skip-proof scratching, just drop the needle and cut away!

Every track is aligned with the next, so you can easily jump from one track to the other and never miss a beat. Side A is configured at Side B is configured at The original press had This record is perfect for practice in the studio or for live performances - as it's skip-proof you don't have to worry about the needle flying away if you're playing on a wobbly table. And if you're battling other DJs make sure you reach for this vitaprost kaufen in Tver It's full of original vocal samples you can use to decimate your opponent!

All The Breaks 2 is another incredible addition to your sound library. LP Original Play With. You can practice skratches endless. The 7th release on 45 Live Records obviously had to be by Aeon Seven with his 2nd recording for the label. Whether it be a blistering turntablist DJ set, an expertly crafted mixtape, an eye-popping video animation or indeed some beautifully arranged and produced dancefloor cuts, as we have right here on this new release. The strings add extra urgency and mood to complete his fantastic 2nd release for 45 Live.

BLACK 7 inch original vinyl. With the all new 'fresh' sound, once again a deep cut non skip 7" DJ scratch tool by Ritchie Ruftone, with one side at bpm and the flip-side at bpm. Weighing in at 40gms. Limited edition vinyl! Both sides also contain skipless skratch samples. Mafia Cuts Pro". The Dope On Plastic series presents a collection of hip-hop and funk influenced instrumental beats from studios far and wide, showcasing some of Earth's finest beat makers. Dope On Plastic 4 strikes a knockout punch right off the kicker with the beautiful flipped jazz rhythms of "World 2 Day" by Green Boodah.

Head-nod guru Adlib Swayze rolls through correct with the beautifully off-kilt instrumental track "Still Real". Minneapolis-based DJ and producer A-Scratch has been digging for the finest in scratch sounds for over 20 years. Vocal samples and effects stripped from hundreds of childrens records! Obscure beatbox drum-sounds! Unused classic and recent acapella phrases to use in battle!

Paul Nice delivers Volume 14 in his "Drum Library" series. Vitaprost kaufen in Tver fourteenth volume in the expansive drum loop series. All just raw drum loops here - no synthetics! Lifted from some of the rarest vinyl available then cleaned and looped nicely, this is great for your sampler and jugglers alike. Only one copy per customer!

Warehouse vitaprost kaufen in Tver of original pressing instrumentals from Looptroop's "Fort Europa"! Release: US — Original. Here's what you've been waiting for: A battle record without "boring, redundant, looped beats;" "Only scratch sounds and phrases on both sides. Not for the weak-wristed, punk. Release: FR — Original. Each side has the same layout of 7 skratch loops to give you a simple format that encourages free creative flow with minimal thinking required when looking for samples.

There are 4 vocal acapella loops, vitaprost kaufen in Tver drum loop and a locked groove synth tone on each side. All loops are skip-proof and arranged at With a shorter run time due to the Skratchlord circular etching appearing on both sides of this record, selecting the deadliest loops was a crucial step in the vitaprost kaufen in Tver process. Working with the Etchlord Leighton Harris at The Vinyl Factory allowed us to line the image up so that the letters match the audio location.

An etched Skratchlord vitaprost kaufen in Tver map vitaprost kaufen in Tver cue point marker all at once around the outer edge, with 10 samurai warriors positioned as cue points on the inner edge.

Aggressive and raw is the undisputed vibe of The Skratchlords record. With exquisite production skills, DJ TIgerstyle vitaprost kaufen in Tver back the true essence of earlier Battle Break records to the new! Arranged at bpm and pressed at This volume contains 1 beat, 1 locked grove, and 6 skipless scratches pressed onto a vitaprost kaufen in Tver two colour transparent vinyl with a picture cover. A non skip beat juggle and scratch drumming tool on vinyl by Ritchie Ruftone.

LP EU Reissue. Forty Five is the soundtrack of a life. This volume contains 9 skipless scratches and 1 scratch sentence pressed onto a splattered two colour transparent vinyl with a picture cover. Limited edition pink vinyl! Limited edition Black 12 inch vinyl. An ultra-pitch deep cut non skip DJ scratch tool on vinyl by Ritchie Ruftone, with one side at bpm and the flip side at bpm. Extra stickers plus digital download also included.

Paul Nice delivers Volume 15 in his "Drum Library" series. The fifteenth volume in the expansive drum loop series. Release: US — Reissue. All The Breaks 3 vitaprost kaufen in Tver yet another incredible addition to your sound library. Another set of vitaprost kaufen in Tver breaks, handpicked by DJ Paul Nice vitaprost kaufen in Tver The 7th volume in the expansive drum loop series.

Mr Paul Nice is known as one of the best world premier break diggers - and here's the proof. Nicely picked by Paul. The cover features artwork made from an original illustration from Ricky Also!

For DJ's only. The first skratch tool by a member of Oslo Flow, the underground legends from Norway with a reputation for skillful, fast-paced cuts and outstanding style.