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Politics is racial husbandry. There's no moral equivalency between blowing up cities and burning Jew produced child porn. One is good; the other is grand-scale evil. Communism is the slavery of mankind to the Jews. Nazism is the German slave revolt against communism and the Jews. There is a unity between domestic and foreign policy. This congruence makes Hitler such a standout figure. If you don't like communism, you are sent to the gulag, starved, or beaten to death.

Even if you do like being a useful idiot, they dispose of useful idiots because you're not a Jew. Marx-Jew started communism.

The Jews want to establish dominion over the earth, including the non-Jew, which they do not regard as human, but rather human-like slaves for Jews, mere cattle. Jews do not regard us or your family as human. Our mass murder is not a holocaust to them; that's why there is no concern for the millions killed by Jews under communism.

Jews were the first modern terrorists. Islam is a Jewish sect for the greater Semites. Israel was founded by terrorists and had terrorists for prime ministers; one of which was there in Dallas, and he was eventually assassinated by a Vitaprost Preise in Tambov All of them loved war, made war, and killed millions of people.

They appointed hundreds of judges, made hundreds of laws, made thousands of decisions, and imposed countless taxes and frauds for our enslavement. Jews divide groups and tip the balance to control the whole; on the Supreme Court, one Vitaprost Preise in Tambov can control the whole in a tie. George Bush let neo-con Jews run his administration and start his Jew war to "save Israel. The "Allies" Jews use starvation as a war tactic to control Germany and starve Ukraine.

Jews are deadly because the Jew-English state is power-mad, callous, and murderous. The "Rothchild-Jews" supposedly have a lot of influence there.

The English would know the specifics. If the Rothchilds are anything like our Federal Reserve, they have the power. Whoever controls the food supply controls the people. This is why Jews like to get vitaprost Preise in Tambov into debt so they lose their farms and drive vitaprost Preise in Tambov from the land. See the Enclosure Movement. It's why the Jews built the gulags, concentration camps, and drove the kulaks from the land.

Hitler's living space was meant to assure German food supplies with Ukraine, so Germany would never be held hostage by genocidal Jewish leadership of US and England. Ukraine and Germany are allies: one produces bread, the other BMWs.

Peace on earth. Given all these facts, the Jews were a clear and present danger to the German people. They were treasonous, murderous, communist-seeking slavery fanatics, who used starvation against them as an act of war; killed millions in Russia and Ukraine, and wanted to do the same in Germany.

Hitler didn't play footsie with the Jews. Jews were a clear and present danger to the German people and they had every right to round them up and throw them out before it was too late. Germans just wanted to be left alone. Germans didn't go to the Jews.

The Jews went to them. Unlike US soldiers who vitaprost Preise in Tambov Iraq, Jews bring their women and children along for the invasion and race war. That's the risk they care to take. They want to hide behind their women and children and debase and starve ours. By vitaprost Preise in Tambov, Jews had a communist revolution in Russia and wanted to spread its slavery globally.

Their next target was Germany. They were fomenting its collapse with strikes and defeatism, war-time revolutionary activity to vitaprost Preise in Tambov Germany's war effort. Stab 1. By creating discord between the Kaiser and the military, Jews isolated the Kaiser to break the military chain of command.

The Kaiser lost control and abdicated. A Jew wrote the new Constitution for the Weimar Republic. Jew-funded, and thereby, Jew-lead political parties were all over the new government. England's special vitaprost Preise in Tambov with America began with the Balfour Declaration. Soon, Jews launched their "war to make the world safe for Jews," which was called the war to "make the world safe for democracy.

Stab 3. Jews controlled the Peace Conference! How could that happen? By war's end, the allies were financially exhausted. They owed billions to Jew bankers. The Jews wanted to get paid. They wanted reparations out of Germany. How could it work?

If you don't know the Jews are doing this, if you don't know they organize and network to enslave the world, you won't be able to resist.

That's why Jews need to control the mass media and education to control politics and the politics of war. Jew power rests on our ignorance. The peace was so awful and set so many booby-traps to war that Germans would never be safe and Germany would vitaprost Preise in Tambov be reunited vitaprost Preise in Tambov war. Hitler could get the cheese out of some of the traps, but not all.

Bavaria is akin to the US South. Imagine the US South going communist overnight. When Hitler spoke of a thousand-year Reich, he wasn't crazy. Only the ignorant of history could fail to see the possibility. You don't want to burn in hell with the Christian-Zionists do you? Stop supporting Israel:.

De-Brainwashing the Masses Posted by admin on February 26, If you don't know Hitler's side of the story, you know you're brain-washed. If you don't care to know his side of the story, you prefer brain-washing. The brainwashed will be crushed between the honest men and the Jews.

Wake up before it's too late. You don't want to be the last fool standing in no-man's land. Plato urge us to stay out of the cave. We are divine gods on this planet.

We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our vitaprost Preise in Tambov, other races are vitaprost Preise in Tambov and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves. Posted by MaikelL on Jul 12th, Posted by ray ban sale on Sep 25th, Posted by cheap ray bans on Oct 3rd, Posted by oarezeq on Oct 22nd, Posted by cheap nhl jerseys for women on Nov 11th, Posted by RobertoHierY on Mar 5th, Posted by achat bague cartier homme replique on Apr vitaprost Preise in Tambov, Posted by cartier love bracelet men imitation on Apr 27th, Posted by where can i buy similar rolex mens all black watch on May 12th, Posted by hermes birkin 42 bags imitation for women on May 13th, Posted by how much is a discount cartier love bangle pink gold on May 25th, Posted by how much does discount cartier love bangle stainless steel on May 26th, Posted by rolex day date acier on May 27th, Posted by archyiigol on Jun 18th,