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Максигра - показания к применению

Massage für Prostatitis

The mood of the men, his full life, soanyway, depending on the condition of the prostate and vitaprost Tablette 100 mg system. And if not everything is in order, there are problems and inconveniences, misunderstandings and quarrels in the family But many men are too embarrassed to discuss their health with male urologist.

But the doctor properly diagnose, prescribe medications to help restore disturbed functions of the genitourinary system. There are among these drugs and Vitaprost. MirSovetov characterize this medication and tell you when and how it is used.

General information about the preparation Vitaprost ascribed to the group of medicinesmeans that the call bioregulatory peptides. In its structure there is a substance called "Samprost" this is an extract of the prostatewhose mechanism of action is different from the effect of drugs on the body that are based on herbal ingredients.

Natural components Vitaprost a positive effect vitaprost Tablette 100 mg the prostate gland of men with its various pathologies and reduce the clinical manifestations of disease. Engaged Vitaprost release pharmaceutical company "Nizhpharm", she is a member of the famous holding "Stada" Germany. In Vitaprost Tablette 100 mg two dosage forms: The tablets are enteric-coatedshell having a light-blue color and a certain number of inclusions.

Inside is the active substance in powder form "Samprost" vitaprost Tablette 100 mg from this vitaprost Tablette 100 mg bull prostate cells. The dose of the active substance mg. The production uses the following excipients: saccharose, cellulose, calcium stearate, lactose, crospovidone. The shell is made of silicon dioxide, from acrylic, titanium dioxide, sodium carbonate, coloring compounds, talc, triethyl citrate, sodium lauryl sulfate.

The package contains 30, 20 or 10 tablets. Rectal suppositories - have torpedoshape and slightly yellowish or grayish-brown hue. One suppository contains 50 mg of the same "Samprosta" and Witepsol this adjuvant, hard fat. The package of 5 or 10 suppositories.

If the package has the inscription "Vitaprost forte", it means that the active ingredient vitaprost Tablette 100 mg each mg suppository, and everything else - a base for suppositories. If the package is written "Vitaprost Plus", it means that in addition to the candle prostate extract has an antibiotic lomefloxacin hydrochloride at a dosage of mg.

Action Vitaprost Tablet form Vitaprost appointeddoctors in the treatment of patients vitaprost Tablette 100 mg acute and chronic diseases of the prostate. This means that the tablets Vitaprost can help not only chronic prostatitis and benign hyperplasia sprouting and prostate cancerAcute prostatitis. If prostatitis caused by infection, in addition to the recommendations listed in Vitaprost be more antimicrobials.

Specialist resolves itself, in which complex treatment the patient needs. Another scourge of modern society - is impotence or so-called erectile dysfunction. Vitaprost a positive effect on sexual function and males can improve sex life and feeling of men.

There is evidence that this medication can help to change the situation at male infertility Because it contributes to the improvement of spermatogenesis. This tool is also prescribed aftersurgery on the abdomen to restore the function of the urinary organs, caused by violation of the outflow of urine. Now vitaprost Tablette 100 mg procedure actively replace Vitaprost reception. Suppositories Vitaprost vitaprost Tablette 100 mg by doctors for chronic prostatitis before and after prostate surgery as a measure of prevention of exacerbations vitaprost Tablette 100 mg inflammation.

In chronic prostatitis also taken on a tablet twice a day, but the course lasts a little less than - 10 days. To prevent the development of acute exacerbations of chronic prostatitis, urologists recommend twice a year to take Vitaprost within a month on a tablet twice a day. Suppositories Vitaprost Tablette 100 mg intended for administrationinto the rectum - one suppository once per day. But it is necessary to introduce a candle only after an independent bowel movement or after an enema, and following this procedure, the act of defecation.

After the suppository is entered, you have 30 minutes to lie down on his stomach. And so for the past ten days. A similar method of application and suppositories"Vitaprost forte. More suppositories, these can be assigned at overactive bladder, then administered daily for one suppository for 20 days.

Suppositories "Vitaprost Plus" introducedthe same way. Treatment on average lasts as long as the secret of the prostate is not completely free from bacteria, it usually takes about 30 days. Are there any contraindications and vitaprost Tablette 100 mg effects? All of these formulations can not beuse individual intolerance or hypersensitivity to those ingredients that are listed in the formulation. In general medication passes without adverse effects, and only in rare cases can cause allergic reactions.

Admission Vitaprost helps to restore andnormalization functions, the body assigned to the prostate gland, eliminating stagnant phenomena, edema, as well as improve the blood supply to the prostate. Of course, only one remedy for such problems do not, then you need more to make adjustments to the image of a man's life. Diseases treatment by traditional remedies at home. Application Vitaprost medicine. Tags vitaprost impotence male disease men's vitaprost Tablette 100 mg prostate prostate urology.

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