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In some cases, an elevated PSA is temporary and not a sign of a health problem at all. This means that a PSA test alone cannot rule out or diagnose prostate cancer but can identify whether a man is at higher risk of having or developing the disease. During this examination, a doctor inserts a finger into the rectum to check the prostate for abnormalities.

Together, if these two tests suggest prostate cancer, then the doctor will arrange for a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis. PSA levels rise with age and other factors. Men with high PSA levels should follow up with a doctor, but should not assume they have cancer. Health conditions, lifestyle factors, and testing inconsistencies Volk BPH all lead to high PSA test results. A doctor can explain which factors are most relevant to each person, and whether delaying testing or planning additional tests might help determine the cause of the high PSA test results.

A person's PSA levels tend to increase slowly with age. Men over 50 years should talk to their doctor about their risk of developing prostate cancer and the benefits and risks of PSA screening. Not all sources agree on whether to routinely test PSA levels in men over 70, as some data suggest that it does not improve Volk BPH survival rates and may result in over-diagnosis and over-treatment.

Therefore, it is important that individuals discuss screening options with a doctor based on their family Volk BPH personal medical history.

Prostatitis is inflammation of the prostate, sometimes due to a bacterial infection. Men with prostatitis may have elevated PSA numbers. Prostatitis can also be a chronic problem. Men with prostatitis may have trouble urinating, experience pain when Volk BPH, develop a feverfeel pressure in the rectum, have difficulties ejaculating, and notice changes Volk BPH sexual function.

BPH is a common condition in older men. BPH does not increase the risk of prostate cancer, but the symptoms can be similar Volk BPH prostate cancer. Men with BPH Volk BPH experience irritation while urinating. Medical procedures on the prostate can elevate PSA levels. A recent prostate exam, having a urinary catheter, or inserting a scope into the urethra can cause false Volk BPH on the PSA test. For the most accurate results, a person should wait a few weeks following a medical procedure before undergoing the PSA test.

Men with a UTI may experience pain during urination, blood in the urine, or an Volk BPH to urinate. In most cases, a simple urine test can accurately diagnose a UTI. Running and doing other forms of vigorous exercise a day or two before a PSA test may result in a false positive. A person should ask their doctor about exercise recommendations before scheduling a PSA test. Men planning a PSA test should avoid masturbating or sexual activity for days before the test.

Men who have scheduled a PSA test should tell their doctors about any prostate symptoms they experience. Changes in ejaculation or urination often point to a problem with the prostate. Rectal pain, abdominal pressure, fever, and Volk BPH of Volk BPH infection may also indicate a prostate issue. These symptoms are the same as or similar to many other prostate issues, including prostatitis and BPH. Men who have symptoms of a prostate problem will usually require additional Volk BPH, such as urine screenings for a UTI or a digital Volk BPH exam Volk BPH test for prostate abnormalities.

Prostate cancer may cause no symptoms in the early stages. High PSA levels can be a source of immense anxietyparticularly in men who have to wait several weeks for a follow-up appointment with their doctors. This is why most guidelines recommend that men and their doctors carefully Volk BPH the risks and benefits of PSA screening.

Research increasingly suggests that the development of prostate cancer may be normal in older men. While regular preventative health checks Volk BPH be beneficial, some men may choose to avoid the PSA test, depending on their age and other risk factors. Men should know that detecting prostate cancer early does not necessarily reduce the Volk BPH of dying from the disease. When a Volk BPH has a high PSA but no lumps in the prostate, a doctor might redo the test, recommend continuing to monitor Volk BPH levels, or recheck the prostate in a few months.

Men should discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each strategy with a doctor. The PSA is a sensitive test that can commonly produce false positives. While this helps it to Volk BPH most cases of cancer, this also means the test can cause much anxiety in men who do not have cancer. Article last reviewed by Wed 27 September All references are available in the References tab. Brawley, O. Are there many false positives on the PSA test?

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Table of contents What are PSA levels? Volk BPH to know about Volk BPH cancer? A high PSA level may not always indicate prostate cancer. Men over 50 should talk with a healthcare professional about Volk BPH prostate cancer risk.