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A nice little Funfetti Pastel Layer Cake which is easy to make and since I am reducing sugar lately… with less sugar than I would normally bake. Not only good for my health but for everyone wahllos Soda Prostatabehandlung. Some of you might have noticed that I am trying to avoid sugar as much as possible lately. I made a vegan and sugar-free apple cake the other day with was reaaaally wahllos Soda Prostatabehandlung — you should check it out.

This little fella here is not sugar-free but made with quite a bit less sugar than similar cakes I made. If you want to reduce the amount of sugar in such a cake, it is always a good idea to go for the buttercream. The one I love and use most of the time for cakes and cupcakes is Swiss meringue buttercream — it is so creamy and delicious. Well, for a cake like this one here I would normally use about grams of sugar in that buttercream. Not today Satan!

OK… you wahllos Soda Prostatabehandlung have to add the cornstarch to the carbohydrate amount, but all in all still a lot less than the other buttercream. I can still only eat a tiny piece, but at least I can do that without feeling completely bad about it. I have several cake boxes at home but this one is by far the tallest and can easily fit layered cakes like mine… even bigger ones ; Tall bundt cakes should be also fine for emilio since the lid has a hight of about 13cm where the handle is to about 18cm max.

If you are baking more often like me and have to transport the wahllos Soda Prostatabehandlung, it is definitely a good idea to have a cake box like that. Wahllos Soda Prostatabehandlung on that one — you can wahllos Soda Prostatabehandlung store knife, wahllos Soda Prostatabehandlung etc. In summer you can use that space for a cold pack to prevent your buttercream from melting away. The box was actually a bit big for my Funfetti Pastel Cake — I could have easily also stored some cupcakes in there too.

But the next big cake is already in the making and needs to get to the office nice and safe the next day. First of all — stick to the recipe and bake the cake layers in three separate tins. This works best. If you do it all in one, you have to adapt the baking time and the result is probably not as wahllos Soda Prostatabehandlung as if you would have baked it in those three tins… as I told you :P.

If you own cake strips — use them! They are so good when it comes to baking layer cakes. The bake is much more even and almost no dome in the middle. If you have no clue what I am talking about — google it ; You can also use wet kitchen paper around the cake tin — same effect but not reusable.

If you use sprinkles — no matter if it is dough or buttercream — work gentle and fast. You can make the cake layers as well as the buttercream a wahllos Soda Prostatabehandlung in advance.

Wrap the cakes well and leave them on the counter — the buttercream should be stored in the fridge. To assemble the cake just whisk the cream once more and you can start finishing the cake.

The sprinkles should go into the buttercream right before assembling. For the colored dabs you can use the back of a small spoon. Start at one point with a small amount of buttercream and drag it in one direction so you get that kind of splash effect. You have to decide in what direction you want them to go wahllos Soda Prostatabehandlung stay with that direction all over the cake or it will just wahllos Soda Prostatabehandlung chaotic.

I hope you like that little pastel cake. If you are a more colorful person, you can use some more intense colors of course. Start with the buttercream by making a pudding. Add the cornstarch and sugar to a small bowl and mix with some of the milk until the cornstarch has dissolved completely. Add the rest of the milk and vanilla extract to a small pot and bring to a boil stir constantly.

As soon as the milk starts to bubble, add the cornstarch mixture and mix in until the pudding starts to thicken. Take off the heat, cover with a piece of plastic wrap wahllos Soda Prostatabehandlung let cool down completely. Line or grease three 6 inches 15cm springform tins and set aside. Add the butter and sugar to a large bowl and mix until light and fluffy. Add the egg whites and vanilla extract and mix until fluffy and pale.

Add the milk and sour cream and mix until well combined. Mix the flour with baking powder, baking soda, and salt and add to the large bowl — mix until just combined. Add the rainbow sprinkles and fold in — try not to move them too much or the color will bleed out a lot.

Divide between the three baking tins and bake for minutes or until a skewer inserted into the center comes out clean. Take out of the oven, let cool down a bit in the tins, then remove and let cool wahllos Soda Prostatabehandlung on a wire rack. As soon as the pudding has cooled enough and wahllos Soda Prostatabehandlung cakes are cooled, you can finish the buttercream.

Add the cooled pudding gradually with a spoon while mixing constantly until you get a nice and smooth buttercream. Place the first cake layer on a serving plate and spread half of that sprinkle buttercream on top.

Place the second cake layer on top. Spread the remaining sprinkle buttercream on that wahllos Soda Prostatabehandlung and finish with the third cake. Make sure everything is even and straight and place the cake for minutes in the fridge. As soon as the cake has cooled enough if the edges are wahllos Soda Prostatabehandlung cut wahllos Soda Prostatabehandlung straight coat the whole cake with a thin layer crumb coat of the white buttercream.

Place the cake once more in the fridge for minutes, then coat completely with a thick layer of buttercream — make sure to keep some for the decorations. Smooth out the top and edges and place the cake back in the fridge for another minutes. Color the remaining buttercream in the colors you want and add a bit randomly on the top and sides of the cake — smooth out again so you get some soft colors all around.

Use a small spatula or the back of a small spoon and spread dots of color all over the cake. Let the finished cake cool some more before serving. Drei 15cm 6 inches Springformen mit Backpapier auslegen oder leicht einfetten und zur Seite stellen. Milch und Schmand dazugeben und gut verrühren. Aus dem Ofen nehmen, in den Formen etwas abkühlen lassen, dann vorsichtig herauslösen und auf einem Kuchengitter komplett auskühlen lassen.

Sobald der Pudding und die Kuchen abgekühlt sind, kann man mit der Buttercreme weitermachen. Den abgekühlten Pudding löffelweise zur Schüssel dazugeben und jeweils gut unterrühren, bis eine cremige Buttercreme entsteht. Die erste Kuchenschicht auf eine Servierplatte legen, mit der Hälfte der Zuckerperlencreme bestreichen und dann wahllos Soda Prostatabehandlung zweite Kuchenschicht auflegen.

Die Torte jetzt für Minuten in den Kühlschrank stellen. Sobald die Torte gut durchgekühlt ist, aus dem Kühlschrank holen und ggf. Die Torte dann rundum mit Buttercreme einstreichen — die Oberfläche sollte möglichst glatt werden. Lasst etwas Creme übrig für die Dekoration.

Die Torte sollte noch einmal Minuten in den Kühlschrank bevor es weitergeht. Den Rest der Buttercreme aufteilen und nach Belieben einfärben. Vor dem Servieren noch einmal gut durchkühlen. Craving more? Keep in touch on FacebookTwitter wahllos Soda Prostatabehandlung, Instagram and Pinterest for new post updates and more.

You can also contact me with any questions or inquiries! Delicious little layered cake with sprinkles inside and pastel-colored buttercream on the outside. That is why I have to declare this here in Germany as Advertising. All I wrote in this article is still based on my own opinion and has not been affected by anybody :. Your email address will not be published.

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English Deutsch 1. Für die Buttercreme als erstes einen Pudding zubereiten. Dafür die Speisestärke mit dem Zucker in einer kleinen Schüssel vermischen. Von der Milch etwas in die Schüssel geben und so lange verrühren, bis sich die Stärke komplett aufgelöst hat. Die restliche Milch wahllos Soda Prostatabehandlung dem Vanille Extrakt in einen kleinen Topf geben und unter ständigem Rühren zum Kochen bringen.

Die Stärkemischung einrühren weiter rühren, bis die Mischung andickt. Vom Herd nehmen und mit einem Stück Klarsichtfolie abdecken — die Folie sollte dabei direkt auf dem Pudding aufliegen, damit sich keine Haut bildet. Komplett abkühlen lassen. Description Delicious little layered cake with sprinkles inside and pastel-colored buttercream on the outside. Scale 1x 2x 3x Ingredients For the batter:.

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