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Milking the Prostate -- Funny scene from "Road Trip"

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Thanks for taking time to write this. When you mentioned that you were going Prostata-Massage und Penis post on this topic, I was excited because I have found the view of a relationship that your blog provides to be valuable. Too often such information gets tangled up flights of fancy.

This is the sort of post I can share with my partner and have a great foundation for a "how would we make this a part of our relationship" conversation. Here were some questions that I was wondering about after I finished reading: Given that it may Prostata-Massage und Penis a couple weeks to build up an Prostata-Massage und Penis, how do you choose when to do prostate milking?

You said that you have Evan tell you when you are hitting his prostate. When Prostata-Massage und Penis using the feeldoe do you have any other indication that you're in the right spot? Is there any Prostata-Massage und Penis that is transmitted through the dildo? Many of the other guides that I've read talk a lot about what the prostate will feel like to a finger, but don't mention dildos. You mentioned that you sometimes do milking on your spanking bench. Is this ever something you combine with spanking or are the things separate?

I am glad that you think you can use this post in discussion prostate milking with your partner. Actually, it Prostata-Massage und Penis work earlier, but we know that it works after a week.

So I usually milk after about a week or ten days of no ejaculations. But when we started, we weren't successful until we left him un-ejaculated for approximately 3 weeks. That's when we were successful the first Prostata-Massage und Penis.

We don't know the relationship between the extra long time period for the first time and our success then. Maybe we just weren't quite massaging right on earlier attempts with less backup.

Or maybe one needs extra backup to be successful the first time. We don't know. But after that first success, I could always milk Evan successfully after approximately a week of no ejaculations.

We have tried to milk on only days of backup, but with no success: nothing has ever come out with such a short period of backup. So that's why we wait a week.

It might work after 4 or 5 days, but we haven't tried all possibilities. Regarding when we typically milk, it depends on what else is going on in our lives.

A milking takes planning and time. So we need a few free hours to do it. If I had carte blanche on running our lives, I would probably milk Evan every 2 weeks or so, Prostata-Massage und Penis just not let him have a proper ejaculation much at all. This way, he would be more obedient to me all the time. But as I said in my post, this is impractical in our real lives. Evan is very obedient when he Prostata-Massage und Penis backed up on semen, but he is Prostata-Massage und Penis a bit of an idiot: all he can think Prostata-Massage und Penis is sex, whether he talks about it or not.

This is impractical Prostata-Massage und Penis his job, where he has to think a lot. So in practice, we milk when we can keep him chaste for a while.

Then I usually have to release the pressure so that he can be more productive at work again. I will have Evan write a post about the relationship between chastity and female control, and life more generally. Continuing my reply to Robert the blogger has a character limit on the length of a comment : "You said that you have Evan tell you when you are hitting his prostate. I just push against that general area, in deep, and gauge what I do based on his reactions.

We tried this with my fingers, but it didn't work for us at all. We don't know why: maybe a nurse would have been more successful. As long as Evan hasn't ejaculated for a while, he does what I say. So then I can get him on the spanking bench, and give him a good spanking. If it's been days or more since an ejaculation, Prostata-Massage und Penis will often milk him then too.

Sometimes I do it before the spanking and sometimes after. It doesn't seem to matter Prostata-Massage und Penis Evan one way or the other: his pent-up sexual frustration is unaffected by the milking, so his ability to take a spanking is unchanged in comparing between before and after. Some day, I would like to spank him while milking him at the same time. But that would take another set of hands: I need two hands to milk properly, and I need at least one free hand to spank.

So I will need a partner in spanking to help with this some day. I will wait and see if this will happen sometime. I am optimistic that it will, but it's not a big deal if it doesn't. Am hoping for Wife to milk me this way Looks like Evan got to drink his reward at the end!

Dear Mr. Sometimes Spanked: Thanks for the comment. Yes, Evan always drinks the milk that results from a milking. It's part of the deal! But as I said in the post, it's the one time that he doesn't mind drinking his own semen: he is still backed up with semen even after a milking, so he is still as horny as ever, and he will happily do anything sexual or not that I say when he is in that state.

We've been playing with chastity and tease and denial for a couple of years now, and prostate milking is one of the methods we've looked at for releasing some of the built-up seminal fluids.

We haven't been successful at making it work so far. From what we've read, it typically takes much longer than the 5 to 8 minutes it does you to get Evan's fluids flowing you're fortunate that it happens so easily for youand that has been the core of our problem.

The last time, after 20 minutes or so, no fluid, other that a few tiny drops had shown Prostata-Massage und Penis, and CH's arm was Prostata-Massage und Penis tired and sore from manipulating the Prostata-Massage und Penis. My theory is that I don't build up a sufficient backlog of prostatic fluid to make milking possible, even though I haven't had an orgasm for almost five months. What I've found is that after two or threes weeks of denial, I start expelling a slug of prostatic fluid each time I pee, as I flex the necessary muscles to urge out the last few drops of urine.

That would limit the amount of liquid that is available to flow out when Prostata-Massage und Penis prostate is manipulated. Side note here The point of mentioning all this is to alert your readers to the fact that milking may simply not work for them, and that they shouldn't get their shorts in a knot because of it.

Also, I'm wondering, since you enjoy the effect of keeping Evan denied, if you have considered buying a chastity device and keeping him locked up. I'm not sure it's the answer in your case - could he be more productive at work locked up - or would it simply exacerbate the problem?

It's really worked well for us. Hi Harry: Thanks for the detailed comment. I am not sure we have been successful with prostate milking, and you have not. We tried this many times without success before we finally succeeded. We thought that one the primary reasons Prostata-Massage und Penis our success was that Evan was so backed up. But there may be other reasons. I think that another important part of our Prostata-Massage und Penis is our use of a long firm dildo, that I Prostata-Massage und Penis get very deep into Evan.

With my fingers, I don't think I could do the same work that I can do with the dildo. Prostata-Massage und Penis the dildo that you are using pretty long and firm, so that it's easy to reach the wall of the rectum underneath the base of the penis?

Of course, you are right that there are lots of individual differences between people, and maybe Evan is just someone that milks easily. Regarding your observation that you generate prostatic fluid when you pee, Evan has a similar observation: when he defecates when he is backed up with semenhe produces drops or streams of prostatic fluid, especially if he pushes hard to get something out. Expelling this prostatic fluid doesn't have much of an effect on milking him: I can milk him right after that, and he will still milk well, as long as he hasn't expelled too much such as a few milliliters.

Regarding chastity devices, yes we have tried those. I have Evan to write about that soon. The short answer is that we like the idea of chastity devices, but we don't like them in practice yet. Thanks very much for all your helpful feedback: I will edit the post later accordingly. Best wishes, Deirdre. Thank you for this look into your lives. It is amazing to have this privilege with a real couple.

I appreciate your blog and enjoy each post. Thank you so much, John! It's nice to get appreciative notes like this. Prostata-Massage und Penis for good post : Have you tried other didos or butt plugs? It is firmness of feeldoe that is best, yes?

Or is curve good too? It would be fun to see similar post from Evan's perspective. Does he ever milk prostate on his own? Yes, we have tried several dildos and butt plugs. In my experience, a butt plug isn't long enough. I need a long firm thing to perform a good milking. And many dildos are too soft and spongy. Good for pegging, but not so much for milking, at least not for us.