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I used large doses of saw palmetto with little help. I have used BioVibe for two weeks, and after three days my condition has totally changed. I have had nights without getting up once, and at worst, twice a night. Thank you. This Clover von Prostatitis a remarkable product.

It's not often that you read testimonies like the one above when it comes to reducing swollen prostate size and relieving those nagging symptoms. Of course some of the time this lack of success is caused by poor quality herbal formulations that just don't work. However, the truth of the matter is that most swollen prostate formulations and BPH medicines don't work well because they are barking up the wrong tree. They are causing an action in your body that may help you have just moderate improvement at best.

On the whole, they do not address the underlying issues that causes BPH and a swollen prostate. Here's why. Most natural prostate remedies feature Clover von Prostatitis such as saw palmetto, beta sitosterol, pygeum africanum, pumpkin seeds and vitamin B6.

These vitamins and herbs reduce DHT dihydrotestosterone levels in your body. Basically, reducing DHT levels is the fundamental action taken by all prostate formulations and medicines. Unfortunately, they've got it all wrong. While it is possible to see some improvement using these herbs and drugs, there Clover von Prostatitis some good research showing that they fundamentally are taking the wrong action.

If you have an enlarged or swollen prostate causing symptoms ranging from getting up too often at night to urinate, to decreased urine flow, to pain and discomfort, you are not alone. An enlarged prostate, described medically as benign prostatic hyperplasia BPHis so common it seems to be a natural part of aging.

Until recently we felt that the lack of effectiveness of the typical solutions Clover von Prostatitis a result of them just not doing their job well. But new information had lead us to realize that this lack of effectiveness is caused by the fact that these herbs and medicines aren't targeting the real causes of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

According to this research, the major cause of a swollen prostate is not excess DHT. So reducing DHT levels, which is what the herbal formulators and your doctor are trying to do, works poorly. We used to believe the same thing. The thinking goes like this: After about age 40, more of an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase is produced by men. This enzyme converts testosterone, which we Clover von Prostatitis would like to have as we age, to dihydrotestosterone Clover von Prostatitis DHT. As men age, DHT levels tend to rise because of this increased enzyme production.

The argument goes that this increase elevates DHT levels which then causes the prostate to increase in size. Thus these higher DHT levels are one of the major causes of enlarged prostates.

Unfortunately, this way of thinking is just not correct. The majority of men suffering from enlarged prostates do not have their BPH issues solved by taking herbal formulas featuring Saw Palmetto, Beta Sitosterol, Pygeum Africanum, pumpkin Clover von Prostatitis and other herbs -- all of them block the formation of DHT or inhibit its binding to cell receptors in Clover von Prostatitis prostate. And it's not because they don't work Clover von Prostatitis -- as we once thought.

It's because they do the wrong thing by focusing on reducing DHT levels. It's not that Clover von Prostatitis DHT levels can't help. It can. But the action is, on the whole, ineffective. Worse still, reducing DHT levels will compromise your virility and sex drive. After all, there must be a reason that every male Clover von Prostatitis producing more DHT after age You need more! Unfortunately, virtually every prostate formula on the market features herbs Clover von Prostatitis reduce DHT production.

As do Avodart and Proscar. In fact, as the prescription meds do an even a better job of shutting down DHT production, using them kills your sex drive even more than the supplements do. Spending money on supplements and medicines that don't do a good job of doing much of anything other than Clover von Prostatitis your sex drive is not what you want to be spending your money on. The other way some pharmaceutical drugs work is to try and increase urine flow with beta Clover von Prostatitis that relax the muscles, thus helping to improve flow in some cases.

This Clover von Prostatitis nothing to correct the Clover von Prostatitis issues causing a swollen prostate. In addition to DHT reducing herbs and vitamins, natural prostate formulas often include some antioxidants, some anti-inflammatory herbs, maybe minerals shown to be important to Clover von Prostatitis health, even herbs that fight infections.

Another issue. The formulas Clover von Prostatitis investigated contain rather poor infection fighters. Unfortunately, aside from infections, these aren't the major, or correct, issues that need to be dealt with when the prostate is formed. So, for the majority of men, the medicines and the Clover von Prostatitis herbal formulas work poorly. And unfortunately, as a side effect of reducing DHT, bring down your sex drive.

It may seem strange to you that most everyone, at least in the USA, is doing the same wrong thing. But it takes a while for change to Clover von Prostatitis, even where there is…. It's not that you can't get some improvement by reducing DHT levels. There is plenty of research showing that you can. But doing so prevents you from dealing with the the actual cause of BPH hormonally, which is entirely in another direction. In addition, these herbal remedies and all medications fail to deal with a second major issue that may be the underlying cause about a quarter of the time.

And do a poor job on dealing with the infection issue too. Here's the truth about what causes most cases of BPH or a swollen prostate -- Clover von Prostatitis prostates not swollen because of cancer. The development of cancer in the prostate may be actually related to these causes, but the solution must also include knocking out the cancer.

Most likely the main cause Clover von Prostatitis your prostate swelling and implicated when cancer is involved. Clover von Prostatitis 2: Infections. Not as likely the cause of your swollen prostate, Clover von Prostatitis certainly possible.

Cause 3: Backflow of concentrated testosterone into the prostate. And of course, the more of these causes that effect you, the worse your swollen prostate will be, and the harder to get rid of it.

Let's go over each of these in turn. You won't be able to eliminate your swollen prostate symptoms if you aren't dealing with the right issues. Cause 1: Hormones. It will change the way you think about DHT -- and get you on the right track -- when using our suggested remedy, to both stopping those trips to the bathroom and improving your sex drive too. Ori further describes DHT as Ten times stronger, Hofmekler writes. According to Buhner, DHT shows ten times the androgen receptor uptake of testosterone but significantly, unlike testosterone, DHT isn't converted into estrogen.

Even better, DHT actually blocks the Clover von Prostatitis enzyme which converts testosterone into estrogens. Thus, in addition to being stronger than testosterone, DHT is a potent aromatase inhibitor. According to Jonathan Wright, M. Maximize Your Vitality And Potency the balance of DHT and 4-androstenedione [the precursor of both testosterone and estrogen] should be In France, DHT creams are often prescribed to men with enlarged prostates.

Therapeutic DHT can improve the androgen-to-estrogen ratio--without the risk of converting to unwanted estrogens. In other words, in cases of enlarged prostate, estrogen is the likely culprit. Here's Ori Hofmekler on the same topic:. Yet men with prostate issues are typically prescribed medications to block DHT and testosterone under the notion that this will adequately address prostate issues. Not only it this ineffective, it's a Clover von Prostatitis method of turning a man into a eunuch.

In his book, Buhner cites several clinical trials showing DHT supplementation doesn't contribute to prostate enlargement. In one clinical trial, subjects applied a topical gel containing 70 milligrams of DHT but follow-up Prostatic-Specific Antigen PSA test numbers, a common blood test for Clover von Prostatitis disease, did not increase.

Furthermore, test subjects actually developed stronger urine streams, a clinical sign of prostate shrinkage. In addition to its role in prostate health, DHT is an incredible mood Clover von Prostatitis and nervine [has a beneficial effect on the nervous system].

Buhner claims that DHT is more important for brain health than even testosterone. In short, optimal DHT levels amount to a better sex life, better mood, and better progress with your strength Clover von Prostatitis conditioning program. Further, studies show DHT helps regulate cholesterol levels and improves body composition.

They are used because of the mistaken belief except in France it seems that excessive DHT is the problem while in fact low DHT levels and excessive estrogen are the culprit when hormonal issues cause BPH.

Now why, you may ask, if this is true, is everyone including your doctor, telling you excessive DHT levels is the problem. Primarily this is because there has been a lot of research showing that you can reduce the symptoms of a swollen prostate by reducing DHT levels.

It's a little effective, but not greatly effective. This research drives the sales of all those herbal formulas and medicines that reduce Clover von Prostatitis levels. Even though if you examine this issue more deeply, what becomes clear is that you can Clover von Prostatitis more effectively with a swollen prostate if you increase DHT levels and balance out all sex hormone levels.

However, for manufacturers, it is much easier to sell something that everyone else is selling than it is to Clover von Prostatitis against the trend -- even if going against the trend will produce much better results. And why doesn't your doctor have this information? To put it simply, the drug companies haven't come up with a drug that increases DHT while balancing the hormones in general.

So your doctor doesn't know about it. It's Clover von Prostatitis this; there is a huge market for anti-acid drugs.